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Caught With Her Fingers In The Stash

16 June
Duration: 15:25

Mother walks into the room to see her thieving daughter with her hands in her handbag. To make matters worse Alex swears at her Mother when challenged. To sort her foul mouth Alex is handed a warm damp bar of soap. She tells Alex that she can wash her own mouth out and to make a real effort. Reluctantly Alex puts the bar in her mouth and starts to clean it. As encouragement Mummy brandishes a martinet which she flicks across her bottom to motivate her. Unimpressed with Alex’s attempts Mummy takes over then leaves her standing with a mouth full of squishy soap and lather while she fetched a tawdry. Llittle hands found stealing require a red hot strapping. A good few on each hand should teach her a lesson. A few extra with the martinet add that extra bit of punishment so it won’t happen again.

Brown Gets A Good View Of The Desk

14 June
Duration: 13:38

Miss had had enough of lazy, dawdling pupils. Average grades were down and the School’s reputation at risk. She wasn’t prepared to put up with even the slightest deviation from her chosen course, work, work, work and absolutely no slacking whatsoever. Once Miss had got herself into this mode, then heaven forbid anyone who came up short. Poor Brown! He wasn’t slow, he wasn’t a genius but he was caught out and in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of being given some lines or being put in detention, he was hauled in front of an angry Headmistress for a spanking and a mean no-nonsense caning.

Porno Prank

12 June
Duration: 10:27

Alex’s Mother had been away in America. Whilst away, Alex though it would be funny to replace all the photographs in the house with pornography. Unfortunately for Alex her Grandmother had come round to check on the house and thought her daughter had developed some rather disgusting interests. A humiliated Miss Hastings did not find the joke funny, but was determined to have the last laugh. Alex was forced to bend over whilst she got her first taste of The Martinet. No warm up, straight in cold, her Mother whipped her daughter's backside 18 times whilst Alex remained on her tiptoes. After the 18th stroke, Alex was placed over her Mother's knee on the high spanking chair for a painful spanking over her already tender little bottom. Now crimson red, her Mother lashed the martinet across her daughter's bare bottom a further 12 times before letting her up.

A Warning Caning

9 June
Duration: 7:11

Allen, having been severely caned and made to wear humiliating short trousers, failed to stand when Miss Hastings-Gore entered the detention room. She checked his set work but found none. “I’m going to give you a warning” she told him “a warning caning” then made him bend over the rail with plenty of room for her to swing. Swing she did and swing hard. It was agony and before he could stop himself he uttered “Oh, shit!”. He’d suffer for that. She’d give him a rapid six. That’s a horrible experience, the burning in your arse just builds and builds and to make matters worse she wasn’t holding back. With a cane quite capable of biting through the protection of his shorts she whipped it across his seat six times in a flurry of hard strokes. Set back to work, his arse was on fire.

Red Like A Jezebel

7 June
Duration: 5:56

With Stage One of her punishment completed, Alex was called back into Miss Hasting's study with her hands still on fire from the merciless tawsing she had just received. Miss Hastings was feeling in a rather sadistic mood and poor Alex was going to get it across buttocks and thighs. As the Headmistress lifted Evans skirt, she revealed the skimpiest pair of bright red non regulation knickers…Oh Alex! Miss Hastings confiscated her knickers and made her change into a white regulation pair as well as adding a extra strokes to both the thighs and buttocks. She whipped a four tailed tawse hard across the girl's bottom before welting her thighs with the vicious little thing. By the time Miss Hastings was finished, young Alex's bottom was as red as her original underwear!

Present Your Nasty Thieving Hands

5 June
Duration: 8:58

Alex Evans was called into Miss Hastings study for being out of bounds and sneaking around the senior common room. She had been caught by one of the prefects, Alisha Williams. As if she wasn't in enough trouble she had also been caught swearing, something Miss Hastings certainly won't ever tolerate! Alex's' attitude towards Miss Hastings during her scolding soon left her in further trouble with the headmistress. As oppose to receiving 6 on each hand with the strap, she was now going to receive nine! “Step back and get yourself into position, one hand under the other” commanded Miss Hastings as she drew back the strap. With each swipe across her palm Alex winced in agony. The burn from each stroke travelled all the way up her arm! Miss Hastings wasn't finished yet! There was still the matter of swearing to be dealt with...

Like Mother Like Daughter?

2 June
Duration: 6:29

Alex rolls into the lounge to find a bloke she didn’t recognise. Never backwards at coming forward, she quickly introduced herself as Alex, and complimented him on his appearance, learning that he was Mother’s new beau. He might be a bit old for her, but being her Mother’s ‘property’ made him more interesting game. Flirting outrageously, she had popped her pert bottom onto his knee whilst admiring his chest through his partially opened shirt. What a position to be caught in by her Mother who was almost apoplectic with rage. See Alex writhe in shame when she is hauled across her mother’s knee for a spanking that had her kicking and struggling for freedom. The boyfriend was unashamedly looking on, enjoying the view. Imagine his face when he was informed he was to get the same!

Unlucky For Some

31 May
Duration: 9:31

Alan was being retested on the topic of Asian Capital cities...the brainless boy was completely useless! Miss Hastings certainly wasn't impressed with his lack of effort and complete disregard for her time. She had him bend over his own desk as she selected a vicious senior cane to thrash his arse with. For every wrong answer he gave she forcefully whipped the cane across his shorts making him yelp with every stroke. 'It's not fair!' he complained. Ignoring his cries she left 13 livid lines across his sorry backside...unlucky for some!

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind !

29 May
Duration: 11:03

Miss Hastings wondered why the poached salmon salad she had left for Alex was still there in the fridge, untouched. She bustled in to find Alex laid idly in PJs on the settee surrounded by an array of fast-food containers. Now Miss Hastings believed in the adage, a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and seeing what she regarded as disgusting garbage (the food as well as the containers), made her see red. Alex responded with her usual back-chat ignoring her mother's attempts to get her up and active by requesting her mother fuck off and leave her to sleep. If that wasn't bad enough, it seemed Alex had also brought in a box of 12 cans of booze and there weren't many left. Mother was having none of it. Alex soon became contrite after she had been spanked, hairbrushed and slapped, she thought things couldn't get worse but didn't figure on the carpet beater. Her sore bottom was trashed furiously. To add insult to injury her booze was confiscated !

Truanting... A Very Serious Matter

26 May
Duration: 10:31

Leigh and Evans were in trouble and they were in the dirt right up to their necks. They had decided to skip school and trawl round town attempting to get into pubs and bars. They’d ditched uniforms in an attempt to pass for 21 year olds. Fortune did not smile. They were spotted and reported. Standing in front of a furious Head both attempted puerile excuses. Thought it was non-uniform day - thought they had a free period. Pathetic! Miss read them the riot act about safety then set about her rendition of divide and conquer by instigating help from each of them while punishing the other. See them forced over the desk one at a time, while the other held the legs up at waist height horizontally, wheelbarrow fashion as they were both strapped and caned in this manner. Embarrassing.

Black's Plea For Help

24 May
Duration: 9:07

Once more Black was in front of the Head. The silly man never learned from his mistakes. The daft sod was even stupid enough to ask Miss Hastings to help him out ! He’d been previously paddled, but as well as having a thick skin he also had a thick skull which clearly means the message hadn’t got through. Harsher measures were therefore called for. Miss Hastings began the proceedings with a harsh spanking on his bare bottom followed which he was told to lay on his stomach where Miss hastings opted for a very liberal dose of the prison strap followed by the cane resulting in numerous cries of pain from Black. Although slow, he managed a spluttering apology and a woeful agreement to pull his socks up and engage his brain in future.

Sting Like A Bee

22 May
Duration: 15:18

Miss Hastings was furious with her daughter for not tidying her room. Alex had decided to go to the cinema instead. Mother had clearly reached the end of her tether with the little brat. Whilst reluctantly tidying her bedroom, she found a packet of cigarettes. Alex jumped straight on the defence and gave her mother a whole load of sass and attitude calling her “A Fucking Bitch”!…”Oh You’ve gone too far this time lady!” snarled her Mother as she quickly turned Alex over her knee for a hard and fast bare bottom spanking. Alex begged her mother to stop but she was far from finished. Laying Alex on the sofa,she lifted her daughter's legs into the diaper position and took the flyswat to her bottom and legs for two minutes on each side. The sensation felt like a thousand wasp stings! The Little Madam was certainly brought back to heel after that dose of punishment.

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