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Overstepped The Mark...Yet Again !
16 October
Duration: 6:19

The party had been going quite well. The music was good, the guests had a cordial and all in all everyone seemed to be having fun. Black rolled in with his usual hang-dog expression, the sort that would turn cream sour. It was supposed to be a party and Cowell saw her chance. Feigning helpfulness, she approached Miss Hastings and suggested that Black was spoiling the party for everyone present. Was it fair? Was it right? One person bringing a dampener on the jolly proceedings? Certainly not. Miss Hastings told him to take off his trousers then climb onto the box. He lumbered up on to it and his pants were lowered right to his knees. This was going to be a long, slow, measured caning that although wouldn’t make Black smile, would certainly brighten up the proceedings for everyone else.

Slater Crosses The Line
13 October
Duration: 10:52

Miss Hastings has been called in to school on her early afternoon finish. She had been having a cup of tea and was in her ‘civvies’ of loose blouse and very tight trousers. Slater had stepped beyond the line and needed not a mere teacher to hand out lines or a thrashing, but the Headmistress herself. Without preamble, she orders Slater to bend over and touch his toes, she knows there will be no flesh to protect him as the flesh is pulled taught by the bend. She delivers six vicious stingers with full effort, ordering him to keep his position. He is then told to take down his trousers and once more to take position as she resumes her position behind him, all the while swishing the bendy thin cane. She opens her legs in a stance guaranteed to deliver the best and whips the cane through the air to connect with his nates encased in pristine white underpants.

A Willing Volunteer
11 October
Duration: 4:18

After school at the party, it seems Slater had drawn the short straw, or had he .... Everyone was in hugh spirits especially Miss Hastings who for a change had imbibed in a drop of the falling-down stuff. Deciding that Evans would benefit from a demonstration of her caning technique if she was to succeed in being a good prefect or even a headgirl. Evans had the intelligence, she just needed some focus and who knows, if she could use her inner meanness she may even become a teacher. Slater was told he was a ‘volunteer’ and instructed to lift himself onto the boxhorse and lay face down on it. While Cowell watched the proceedings like a circling vulture, Miss Hastings demonstrated her caning skills overarm and young Evans did a pretty impressive effort. Lucky or not Slater?

Failed Studies Earn Red Cheeks
9 October
Duration: 7:46

Gold was a very bright boy but recently he had become distracted and mostly the cause of that lack of interest in his studies was down to his fervent interest in Alex Evans. For the 3rd week running he had failed in his maths test getting pathetic scores that made even Evans herself look intelligent. He was sent to Miss Hastings who was clearly annoyed that she wasn’t getting the results the fee paying parents expected. There was to be no let up for the lad. After having his shorts taken he is spanked enthusiastically before being hairbrushed, whacked hard several times with a nicely carved antique butter pat before being bent over for the size 11 black jimsoll plimsoll. Red cheeks all round for Goldie.

Riviera's Last Stand

6 October
Duration: 8:49

Riviera was football captain at Westgate. As Headteacher of a fee paying school, Miss Hastings knew that her pupils' parents expected success both academically and in sports. It was about time someone paid for Westgate’s recent slump and she knew exactly who that would be and what an utter example she would make of him. Evans, usually bone idle, appeared full of helpful energy. She seemed keen to help in any way possible in punishing Riviera (possibly because he had turned her dubious sexual advances down) and volunteered enthusiastically. Miss Hastings decided a strapping of some magnitude was in order and once bent over the boxhorse his bottom was thrashed with Miss at one side and Evans on the other. A seriously strong onslaught was delivered up and down the backs of his thighs with strap and tawse, until his legs were a mixture of black, blue and purple...

More Miss? Oh Yes!

2 October
Duration: 14:12

Alan was in front of Headmistress Hastings-Gore to be punished. Smoking (4 offences), cheating (she said he’d get a good ‘mark’ for that) and missing classes. Miss Birch recommended a caning of at least 4 dozen strokes with as many extras as the Head saw fit, given in rapid dozens to really stop him regaining composure. Furthermore he’d been looking up the skirts of senior girls. Only a serious punishment would do. Stretched right over her desk, shorts tight across his buttocks she lined up for the first 12. He complained so that became 14. They were accurate, very hard and furiously fast. Very soon she launched into the second dozen, then the third to his bleats and gasps. Lining up for the final 12 he asked “More, Miss?” “Oh yes” she replied, scarcely able to hide her anticipation. It would be on the bare next time.

Plastic Pipe Makes Its Mark
29 September
Duration: 5:48

Aunty Judy checked to see if her handyman had cleared and decorated one of the bedrooms at Sodem Hall but found him idling. A good horsewhipping would wake him up but, from painful experience, he had hidden her whip. And all her other implements. He was smirking in a very infuriating way. She considered making him fetch a stick from the garden but decided it would be too brittle for the sort of thrashing she had in mind. Luckily the plumber had left an offcut of plastic central heating pipe on the windowsill. There wasn’t time to get his overalls off so she laid it on extra heavy, determined to centrally heat his bottom. It was short and light but made a savage weapon and he was yelping and rubbing his tortured bottom. Now she wore the smirk and he set about getting some work done in fear of more of the same.

Distractions Deserve Punishment

27 September
Duration: 7:52

Riviera is the football captain. He has been keeping the entertainment going by his heroic efforts in goal while nincompoops of every kind tried to fire a goal past him at the after school party. Miss Hastings is disappointed that Westgate has no silverware this year apart from the Morris dancing trophy won by Gazza, Alex and Goldie. She calls Riviera in and asks him the reason for the team’s failure suggesting perhaps Evans and Cowell were in the forefront of his mind. She has his training pants pulled down and gives him a proper good hiding before dismissing him.

A Searing Striped Bottom For Sexism

25 September
Duration: 8:50

The Headmistress had received dozens of complaints about a teacher who seemed to like spanking and caning girls’ bottoms. Only the pretty ones with the pertest bottoms. Not one of the boys had been disciplined and a study of their work showed no justification for his treatment of the girls and their “lovely little bottoms” as she put it. Settling her own lovely bottom on a stool she put him over her knee and roasted his backside with her well-toughened hand, each spank on his taut trouser bottom reverberating through the school. He’d slippered girls so got a hard dose of the heavy punishment plimsoll before she laid stripes across his bottom with searing strokes with a nasty cane. “There’s no sexism in this school” she told him, clearly pleased with the way he was rubbing his cuts tenderly as he left.

Belted For Being Stupid

22 September
Duration: 7:52

Mrs. Black is having a reasonable day until that goat of a husband strolls in to spoil it. He shuffled around looking awkward and she senses all is not well. “It’s like this” he begins, “you know that order we put in for bricks for the patio? Well somehow a couple of noughts got added to the order ....” he trailed off pathetically. Even worse, he didn’t realise his mistake, until he’d watched the load delivered and dumped. Mrs. Black was almost apoplectic with fury. She leaps up from her seat and bends him over the dining room table undoing his trousers after pulling off his belt. She drags his underwear down and spanks his skinny bottom with as much effort as she can muster then breathing heavily with the effort proceeds to give him a hearty dose of the belt before sending him outside to begin the arduous task of shovelling up the bricks.

Arse Tanned Until Blue

20 September
Duration: 9:13

At an afterschool get together people were in high spirits... well most of them. Of course there were exceptions. Evans had been treated to a little authority to see if that would help mend her sometime wayward ways. She had never liked Black who hadn’t shown any interest in her slinky body and decided to get even. After reporting his idle efforts to Miss, she was invited to assist in his disciplining. Wearing her most ingratiating expression and forging a look of sincerity she explained her disappointment in Black and after dragging his trousers down made a huge effort with the strap she took from the desk. Black had hardly drawn breath before Miss Hastings stood up and walked round menacingly hiding something behind her back. Poor Black, this did not bode well! He was shoved over and Miss raised her hand to reveal a nasty hard rubber strap. Mercy? There wasn’t a drop in sight!

So Very Very Sore
18 September
Duration: 9:29

Peter was late home from school and pretended he’d just been looking for a different way home but Aunt Judy had heard that he’d been seen up Wood Street and Queen Street knocking on doors and running away. It reflected badly on his Aunt, letting him run around making a show of himself and embarrassing her. Sloppy discipline, she said. “Not sloppy with the slipper, Aunty” he replied. She demanded he toe the line 100% and he’d get a bottom so sore, so very, very sore. Stretched over the dining table she tanned him with 2 wooden kitchen spoons then she went and got the carpet beater and made sure there was no dust in his shorts so brutally did she beat his backside. After a coffee he took another six and what a six they were. He then had to beat all the rugs.

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