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Headmistress Tans Teacher's Bottom

20 August
Duration: 9:15

Miss Hastings-Gore caught one of her teachers furtively replacing two books on one of the library shelves. Not only had he not signed them out but she had needed them for course work and was most annoyed. He was foolishly flippant. “Don’t get lippy with me” she warned. If it had been a pupil he supposed she would have punished them. “Yes, over my knee for the hiding of their life” she replied, “I’m going to do the same to you.” With the threat of dismissal it was Hobson’s Choice and over her knee he went, her hand cracking loudly on the tight denim seat of his jeans until it was aching. Bending him over a chair, like her pupils, she fetched a long wooden paddle and set about his rear with enthusiasm and loud impacts, then finished his humiliation with six firm strokes with the heavy plimsoll.

The Final Deterrent

17 August
Duration: 13:15

Young Peter Allen of the Upper VIth was a serial offender. The Head had considered all sorts of retribution from detention, lines, extra duties, wearing the uniform of a junior plus various applications of CP. Allen was showing no signs of mending his ways so something a tad stronger was to be warranted. After deliberation, it was decided that he be awarded twenty four strokes of the cane, all delivered full force on his bare bottom. Because of the continuous flaunting of school rules and regulations, the caning would be extremely severe and given on his bared buttocks. The double-level caning bench was dragged out and positioned in the gym in such a situation as to allow Ma’am to be able to swing to the full. Allen had to grit his teeth, take deep breaths and count the strokes. They were furiously applied resulting in his testy voice pleading that he was sorry and he’d never do it again!

A Sorry Sight

15 August
Duration: 5:13

Miss Hastings had been alerted to the rather promiscuous dress sense of one of her student teachers. Unlike the boys in her school she was far from amused. She summoned the tart to her study for a lecture and then a hard lesson on how to dress like a lady. Bent over the desk, her short skirt was lifted for a cracking spanking before a dose of the paddle. The dirty bitch then endured a severe strapping. You'd think she was enjoying it by the sound of her moans. A couple of warning strokes of the junior cane followed by a blistering spanking on a sore bottom, Miss hastings went on her way confident that the dirty cow had learnt her lesson.

A Flying Start

13 August
Duration: 12:41

Miss Hastings entered the gym room only to find Evans slacking off and preening herself on the box horse. Unfortunately for Alex, Miss Hastings had discovered she had intentionally set the fire alarm off and intended to punish her severely. Bending Evans over the box horse, a rather energetic Hastings took her favourite size 11 Jimsol, removed her shoes and got off to a flying start swiping it across Evans pert bottom 6 times. The following nine were completed with a run up by Miss Hastings which nearly knocked Evans into next week. That was just the warm up! Evans was forced to bend over and present her bottom for the cane. Her knickers were dragged down before Miss painted her bottom with six perfect stripes.

Concentrate On Your Work Atkinson !

10 August
Duration: 9:15

Miss was surprised to find Atkinson in for a 1-2-1 Detention. Atkinson blamed it on those damned teenage hormones. He’d kept things under control until the sleek Miss Williams had come to school and now it seemed he’d totally lost the plot. He’d been in the top 20% in maths and yet when Miss Hastings set his work, he just couldn’t engage his brain. Miss wasn’t having it. The classroom was for studying not for fantasising and Miss was going to make him pay! She pulled down his neatly pressed shorts and was surprised that he’d disregarded the school rules about white underwear- goodness knows why, so dragged down his pants and gave him a bare bottom paddling to make him nearly sing. Unusually she gave him another chance to focus on his work then tipped him over a school desk and whacked him vigorously to drive out his impure thoughts. Mmm wonder if it worked ...

The Judicial

8 August
Duration: 6:53

The Wardress in army issue uniform led the prisoner into the hall. Miss Croft the Officer who would be carrying out the sentence stepped forward to greet the wretch before bending him over the double-level bench once his shoes and trousers had been removed. He was coldly secured to the bench, his sentence would be carried out to the full whether he cried, wept or pleaded. Miss Croft intended the recipient to receive his total at full force. There was to be no mercy. Watch Miss Croft take her position behind him as she raises her cane and delivers the whole sentence whilst the Wardress count the slowly deliberately delivered strokes. At the Correction Centre, there was never any negotiation.

Caned For Being Slovenly

6 August
Duration: 9:39

McDonald-Tewitt (aka Gazza) was up to his knees in it. He’d been called to the Head’s office and in his usual preamble, had rolled up late and untidy. Although he had his “civvies” on they were nearly as untidy as the unkempt uniform he generally wore during school hours. As it was post exams, the pupils had been allowed to wear their day clothes but with typical contempt for his school, Gazza strolled in with shirt front and tails out, zip down and tie askew. Miss Hastings was having none of it and pulled down his trousers to give him a crackingly hard spanking, then not satisfied with his attitude flexed a whippy cane and proceeded to show him the error of his ways. Bottom marks Gazza!

Cigarettes - In School !!

3 August
Duration: 7:35

Good grief! If one was put on a sort of probation, given extra duties and shamed whilst being put into junior uniform, then you’d think that the obvious choice would be to keep your head down, work hard and stay out of trouble. For a bright lad, Peter Allen was a slow learner. He was summoned again to appear before the teacher, she’d heard the rumour that some of the senior boys had been smoking. When searched Allen was found to be one of the culprits, although in his defence, he pleaded that the cigarette packet (in the same pocket as an old lighter) had not actually been opened and it was his mother’s! His minty breath did nothing to deflect the guilt and as Miss simply hated cigarettes with a vengeance, she hustled in some junior pupils to witness his hard caning with him draped over the bannister facing them as he received it.

Black Falls For It

1 August
Duration: 10:36

Mother’s boyfriend was round. Alex knew he’d been watching her and, preening like a secretary bird, she’d strutted her stuff right in front of him. She could tell by the way he kept licking his lips that he was hot for her. She wriggled and wiggles her shapely bottom before him, pausing to stroke it suggestively. Alex thought he was a creep, but that little matter wouldn’t come between her and having a little fun at his expense. She asked if he thought her pretty and if he liked her lush buttocks. Perhaps he’d like her to spank him? Black was overcome, he’d love to, completely forgetting his position he eagerly agreed. Alex spanked him hard. Now the nasty girl phoned her mother and ratted on him. She was round like a shot and hauled him over her knee for a sound beating whilst Alex watched on, smiling wryly. He should have known better!

Allen Doesn’t Follow Instructions

30 July
Duration: 7:10

For various misdeeds, Peter Allen, Upper VIth had been forced to wear junior uniform and given menial tasks to do in his spare time to keep him focused. He was summoned to one of the classrooms and dressed down. Not only had he not completed his designated chores, namely cleaning the carpet and tidying the classroom, but he hadn’t even got his school tie on! He had the audacity to mutter something about “fairness” but Miss was having absolutely none of it. She wanted work, not back chat and he had not been given permission to attend his duties in anything less than full junior school uniform. It seemed something a little drastic was called for and a thick heavy paddle was produced to whack his backside. As clearly that wouldn’t be enough, he was caned hard over his sore bruised bottom before being instructed to complete his chores.

Stolen Booze Gets Punishment

27 July
Duration: 9:34

Miss Hastings had conducted a locker search and was thoroughly disappointed to find that a bottle of Jagermeister had been found in Alex’s locker. Alcohol was banned in the school (obviously the decanted sherry and gin in the Head’s study were exempt from this rule) and was a caning offence. Selecting a suitable cane Miss Hastings instructs Alex to bend over with her bottom bared. Then a slow but well laid on 18 strokes, starting mid bottom and working slowly down to top of legs and then back up to avoid overlapping strokes whilst providing an impressive set of marks. She was given the warning that moving out of position, reaching back, foul language, failing to count accurately and clearly would result in extra strokes.

Back In Shorts

24 July
Duration: 10:46

Allen was so embarrassed. He’d been denied his VIth form privileges and been forced to wear junior uniform. Junior uniform whilst on school property and unfortunately for him, he was a boarder. If walking through the corridor to the study wasn’t humiliating enough, Miss wasn’t backwards in telling him in no uncertain terms, exactly what she thought about him, none of it complementary. She happily rubbed his predicament in seemingly gloating at his shame and unease. Still, mentally being stripped down wasn’t satisfactory enough, after verbally stripping off another layer of his pride, she announced that she was going to ruler him then give him six with a junior cane (as that was how he appeared after all in shorts), across his bare bottom. Kindly Miss decided to wish him luck by enthusiastically applying number 7, lucky for some apparently.

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