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A Question You Can Answer
22 March
Duration: 9:44

Edwina … poor Edwina! Or rather Edwina … lazy, good for nothing Edwina! 2 out of 20 in a European History Test!! Well here’s a question for you Edwina that even a lazy girl like you might be able to answer. What happens when you get summonsed to the headmistress’ office and she pulls out a tawse from her desk side drawer? Go on, screw your face up and think girl! That’s right. You get strapped on the hands hard enough to bleat out exquisite gasps of pain. Oh what’s happened to that cocksure, arrogant expression, Edwina? That’s right again! It’s been replaced with a look of genuine fear as ‘Miss’ decides to strap both the palms of your hands and the bare bum cheeks of your bottom.

You Cheeky Lazy Sod
20 March
Duration: 2:40

Mother is absolutely sick of her lazy, good-for-nothing son. Take today, for example. Into his bedroom she goes. The room is a pig sty, the bed is unmade, there is a disgusting picture of a near naked girl on his wall. And all he seems to do all day is lounge around treating her like some sort of slave. In he strolls, whilst she is making the bed and immediately goes to fetch himself a can of beer, no doubt just to sit on the sofa and switch on the TV. Well, the cheeky bugger is going to be taught a lesson. She tells him to remove his slippers. Confused he does so, but then she tells him to bend over and starts whacking him hard. His underpants come down and she leathers into him. His creams of agony tell her she might actually be getting through to him, but somehow she doubts it...

You Need To Learn Sincerity
16 March
Duration: 13:06

Brown is caught by Miss DuBois. She does what every one of the school’s esteemed teachers should do. She frogmarches him to the heads office for a telling off. Arrogant and full of himself as always he is made to apologise with his hands on head to Miss DuBois. Hardly the most sincere of apologies, the headmistress feels that he needs the full armoury of her disciplinary cupboard. That will give him something to think about. It certainly gives her something to think about as she inspects the developing welts on his bare bum cheeks.

A Painful Incentive To Slim
14 March
Duration: 6:14

Lady Havergill arrived home with a present for her husband, a designer belt. He tried it on but it was hopelessly small and wouldn’t meet. “It will fit” she assured him, making him undo his belt and lower his trousers before bending right over the dining room table. “I’ll show you” and proceeded to strap his backside brutally, forehand, backhand but all savagely hard. If this is what it would take to stop him stuffing food in his ‘cakehole’ and lose some weight he’d get a good belting at bedtime every night until the belt would fit and this introductory beating didn’t even count. On and on she swung the dreaded object. He gasped and winced and grimaced but he knew from bitter experience he would have to take whatever she gave him. And another good thrashing tonight on his tender bottom.

The Bus Driver Is To Blame
12 March
Duration: 11:11

What can one do with Evans? Late and dishevelled. And the reason? Apparently the bus driver (get this) has been ‘missing stops’, as you do. Yeah, well neither we nor the Headmistress was born yesterday and so as Evans has come in on the fly what better way to address her recurrent lateness than to use a fly-swatter. Hands on desk, marbles to ensure hands don’t move and 5 minutes of constant swatting on bum cheeks that give the game away. That’s right because we can see the well-worn path of previous punishments still on those globes which attract so much attention around the school. Perhaps now she might get the earlier bus; but then again, what’s the chance of that happening with an idle girl like Evans?

The New Regime
9 March
Duration: 11:25

Mrs Black has had more than enough of her idle good for nothing husband and declares that there are to be changes. His new regime will start with an alarm set for 5.30. On finishing his ablutions and walking the dog, he is to run her a bath with her favourite scent. He will make her breakfast and do his best to send her off to work in a good mood. When she returns, whether he has misbehaved or not, he is to go over her knee for a prolonged seriously hard spanking and this new method of discipline is to continue seven days a week until Mrs Black considers his behaviour has improved and improved for some time. As he doesn’t appear to appreciate the error of his ways, she spanks him harder and longer then removes her own house slippers and gives him six strong strokes before lecturing him and finishing off with a further flurry of six fast ones.

Strokes At The Stroke Of Five
6 March
Duration: 10:18

Black is summoned into the gym and made to face the wall under the clock. He knew he was in serious trouble, Miss was coldly glaring at him and reminding him that his punishment was to start on the stroke of Five and seemed to be having great enthusiasm in rubbing this tense waiting time in. He is informed that he is to be spanked then caned across his pants before his pants will be taken down and six full on cane strokes delivered to his rear. Miss spanks him then orders him to remove his shoes and trousers and bend over the trestle. The time has arrived. There is to be no absolution or last minute reprieve. She delivers six slow hard cane strokes then takes down his pants, and places a back protector across his rear - oh dear! Black senses the danger. Six slow and methodically delivered strokes, welting his backside are applied. No let up, no mercy!

A Piece Of Art
4 March
Duration: 8:04

In the Georgian period, society ladies used to hold balls for a living and being a renaissance lady, mistress upholds traditions by hosting afternoon events for herself and her daughter’s pleasure. Take this afternoon; both our heroines could go to the art gallery but instead welcome Black who, let’s face it, is a piece of art himself, for a live performance in their living room. Daughter adopts that same pose she would at a major gallery opening, hand on chin, wine glass to lips and a contemplative air while she studies the squirming, writhing and grimacing act of Black. While Black is positioned perfectly for mistress to get to work and paint on that pathetic canvas he calls an arse, she goes through her entire range of brushes. That includes three sets of canes and with every stroke applies heart and soul to the task in a way that Picasso would have approved of.

Learn or Be Punished
2 March
Duration: 19:14

These two reprobates are back in detention once again, just one day later, and both seem intent on making regular appearances; anyone would think they love to be punished! Well, they were in school to learn and learn they will. Miss gives them a simple test, but they even fail at that thinking the whole thing highly amusing. If punishment is what they want then that's what they'll get.. Out they both come and Miss starts with the cane, but that clearly isn't enough. It's time for some harsher treatment, so Allen's shorts are down and Evan's skirt is raised as miss applied a variety of techniques and impliments to get her message home.....and Evans gets extra for wearing those flimsy green panties...again!

Crib Sheet As Long As A Cane
28 February
Duration: 17:21

The job of a stern headmistress is never actually done. You can lead by example, stress the importance of the good name of Westgate school all you want but unless the snivelling runts don’t do as their told you may as well speak Swahili. Fortunately, mistress is, like a lioness sitting astride a defeated gazelle, on top of her game, a position she particularly enjoys when dealing with that good for nothing xxxx. He’s got a crib sheet as long as one of mistress’ canes: he’s been caught smoking, been reported for disrespecting teachers and having done all sorts it is only fair that she gets to do all sorts to his backside. Striding in those sexy high heels of hers, she orders him over the desk, pants down for 12 of the hottest stingers seen this side of Christendom. Pants up, red-striped bottom put away, order restored. A typical day in the life of our favourite headmistress.

I Warned You About Gambling
26 February
Duration: 11:02

When Mrs. Black comes home she is shocked by the state of the lounge. There’s an aroma of cigars and old alcohol and if that’s not quite bad enough, there’s clear evidence that Black has been gambling, something he’d been previously warned about. You’d think there couldn’t be worse, but ... there appeared evidence that he’d actually been cheating too! There were cards with no numbers or suits and some rather strange dice that went up to 18 Furious at her cheating slob of a husband had made her home into some kind of gambling den, she gives way to a tirade and throws him over her knee and the table for a thoroughly deserved good hiding. Then turning the tables she decides to use the many-sided dice in a game of throwing a pair to decide the number of strokes he is to get with his belt.

Boot Polisher Battered
23 February
Duration: 11:26

Black was meant to be polishing his wife’s riding boots so she could go horse riding with her snobby friends. He’d found an old underwear catalogue, nothing too risqué but definitely some nice pairs of jollies for him to lear at as he certainly wasn’t getting anything from his wife. He flicks idly through for a while then realised he better make a start before the dragon got home. Even though he hadn’t actually got the polish out Black pretends, on her arrival home, that he’s been buffing and polishing for hours. The dragon is spitting fire, she’s furious. She decides to show him exactly what a bit of effort can do. His trousers and pants down she applies all her effort and enthusiasm into giving him an almighty spanking with all the enthusiasm of a winning jockey in the final furlong. As an additional bonus, the brush he was supposed to be polishing the boots with, is harshly applied to his skinny arse.

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