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Open Wide

21 April
Duration: 11:16

Uncle Jimmy was making a habit of grassing up his niece to her Mother. He claimed he wanted the best for her. Alex was sick of him so flicked him the bird and called him an asshole. Miss Hastings was far from impressed and furthermore took great offence at Alex assaulting her ears with such filthy language. Washing Alex’s mouth out hadn't quite worked in the past so her Mother decided to up the ante, so to speak. After soaking a bar of Carbolic Soap in a bowl, Mother scraped the top of the softened bar off with a spoon and maniacally shovelled it into Alex’s mouth twice before launching into a long rambling lecture. Alex had to hold the soggy mixture in her mouth whilst she gagged. As if that wasn't bad enough, Alex had to endure 2 minutes of the Flyswat to her bare bottom and thighs. Hopping from foot to foot attempting to scream Alex tried her best to keep the mixture of soap in her mouth...

The Final Deterrent

19 April
Duration: 7:07

Peter Allen was still answering back to the Headmistress and she was really going to break him this time, secured to the caning bench with stout leather straps. 3 canes, a minimum of 6 strokes with each. “Make this the final deterrent” she told him and took the first cane to his gym shorts. Complaining that this wasn’t fair earned the lad 2 extra bites of the rod, then she began, making every stroke count. His breathing became laboured with the pain as he took the six with extras for complaining. He earned additional strokes with the second cane, too. Slow responses gave her the chance to start again after 2 with the third cane and now he was struggling to endure the beating “Not fair” got him a 3-stroke bonus and she left him on display, a spreading stain on the seat of his shorts.

Clingfilm Beating

17 April
Duration: 5:51

Whilst her mother was away, Alex had played a series of naughty pranks on her her. One of these included wrapping her Mother's entire car in 800 meters on clingfilm. After cutting the mess off her car, Mother was late for work and hadn't noticed she had a flat tyre. The tyre was ruined, but not as much as Alex was about to be. “I’ll make sure you are well and truly sorry lady”, said Miss Hastings. She wrapped her daughter in clingfilm and savagely beat her with the bath brush, determined to have the last laugh. Alex couldn't move, only cry out in agony with every whack. Her hands were tied so she couldn't even rub her sorry red raw backside at the end of her punishment.

Atkinson Learns The Cost Of Bribery

14 April
Duration: 9:00

Atkinson and Evans were in a private tutorial. Neither had made much of an effort, although comparably Evans was head and shoulders in the lead in correct answers. Miss decided to punish Evans first for her failure to reach the required standard. An OTK spanking on her pert bottom was initiated. As Alex's knickers were not regulation, they were, to her embarrassment, and to Atkinson's absolute joy, taken off and confiscated. Atkinson's delight turned to dismay when Evans was ordered to cane him. He'd attempted to bribe the Headmistress with cheap chocolates, so in return he was awarded six strokes over shorts, six over pants and six on the bare as practice for Evans as future Headgirl. Watch him squirm in shame with his pants pulled down, especially when told to report back at 4pm for more of the same. Serve him right, ... Miss has more discerning taste in chocolate and he shouldn't have given himself away by drooling down his white shirt!

No More Warnings For Rolley

12 April
Duration: 4:07

Rolley was in trouble. Miss was sick of warning him. He was ordered into the gymnasium, resplendent in smart school uniform, read his rights and told in a strict, no nonsense manner, to bend over the horse. Evans was summoned as witness to the discipline and was no fan of Rolley. It is clear to see on her pretty face that she is going to enjoy the situation as she kept running her tongue over her dry lips, wetting them with anticipation. Rolley's shorts were pulled down, followed by his pristine y-fronts, revealing a pale pink flushed bottom that had already received some attention. Miss lifted and bent a swishy cane causing Evans to smile and her eyes to light up. Rolley cringed, he waited, his bottom thrust out in expectancy, he knew his plight was only seconds away. Miss raised her arm, there was to be no further procrastination, the cane whipped through the air, down with a sharp crack, as it hit his bare bottom ..... He cringed, then spluttered ...' Number 1'.

Daddy's Porn
10 April
Duration: 7:00

Miss Hastings was enjoying one of her favourite magazines. Every so often Alex, sprawled over the sofa, would giggle from some distracting noise on the phone she was looking at, a sort of familiar sound, though Miss couldn't quite place it. Seeing how sneaky Alex was being, she jumped up and tried to look what was going on. Alex was quick, but after almost wrestling her, Mummy got a glimpse of what was going on, spanking porn films! Disgusting! Alex demurely reacted by saying it was Daddy's phone. When Daddy's number was dialled he answered, making it clear Alex was lieing. The game was up! Mummy was furious. Not only was her daughter a liar but she was watching girls and boys getting physically chastised. See just how much Alex enjoyed it when her mother not only spanked her, in several positions, including the diaper and the wheelbarrow, but dragged her round unceremoniously and hairbrushed her in a round-the-world spanking extravaganza.

School Groundsman Switched
8 April
Duration: 8:15

The School Groundsman was told to report to the Headmistress. She awaited him in her study with a bundle of long, straight, whippy switches on her desk, cut from a very overgrown hedge that he hadn’t bothered to trim. Concerned that she might scratch her car she was going to make sure it didn’t happen again in the only way she knew how. Severely. Ignoring his flimsy excuses he had to bend over her desk and she took a thin, whippy rod to the seat of his corduroys which offered little relief from its bite. A bit broke off the first so she took another and carried on, lashing him several times, hard, with each supple shoot. The final ones were too heavy and ‘thuddy’ and she missed the ‘whip’ of the cane so she fetched one. A thin one that left nasty weals. Finally, she sent him on his way.

A Hand Caning For Alex

5 April
Duration: 5:53

Alex made sure Miss Hardcastle wasn’t in her study and went in. The Headmistress’s handbag was open on her chair and Alex saw a £20 note on the top. She was just about to pocket it when she was taken by surprise and tried to stuff the note back in the handbag. Miss Hardcastle knew exactly what was going on and she was very angry and disappointed with the girl. Such a beautiful, clever girl but just a common thief. “What happens to thieves?” she asked Alex. “They get their hands caned, Miss” replied Alex. Assuring the girl that her hands would be so, so sore she made her assume the position, hands presented one above the other and caned them hard. God! They hurt! Six agonising welts on each palm and the promise of being made an example of later.

Savagely Caned For Cheating

3 April
Duration: 8:40

Miss Hardcastle had kept one boy back at the end of class because it was clear to her that he had cheated in his maths homework. It was far neater than usual and far better than her expectations of the boy but much of it was clearly another boy’s work and, rather foolishly, in his handwriting. “I can’t stand cheats” she told him. She made him stand and move to her ‘caning rail’ which he had to bend over. “You may very well look worried” she told him then, taking a cane with real ‘bite’ she proceeded to lay savage stripes across his tight school shorts that offered scant protection against a caning from this teacher. Six times she lashed the cane on his shorts then changed the cane to deliver another six scorchers. She was still furious and gave him a rapid, relentless additional six.

Not Too Old For Spanking

31 March
Duration: 8:39

Alex’s Mother was tidying her daughter’s bedroom when she found a half-empty bottle of wine in the bed. Alex was soon roused from dozing on the sofa and challenged about it but claimed she had only been smelling it. She was straight over Mother’s knee and took a long, hard spanking. “I’m too old for a spanking” she protested but her little knickers came down for a lot more of the same. A hard slippering was to follow on her delightful red rear. Alex rubbed her well-tanned arse but had to lie on the sofa, legs up for a serious strapping that took her breath away. Mother was really angry, made more so by Alex grinning. She said she grinned when she was nervous and she should be nervous as the strap cracked across her bottom until Mother was satisfied.

Private Session
29 March
Duration: 13:54

Filmed just with a camera phone for this private session, Martin later agreed it could be shown online, so here goes...
Martin Atkins wasn’t usually in trouble. He wasn’t perfect but mainly kept under the teachers’ radar. Not this time, no! He’d really excelled himself. Thinking to show off to some of the Upper VIth boys, and prove he wasn’t a “posh boy”, it was for that ridiculous reason he thought he’d draw a rude picture in the paintwork of some old banger. From one banger to another he was to find out, after getting his collar felt, that the old car was actually a beloved well-restored classic belonging to none other than Miss Hastings. Boy was she furious. As well as having to due numerous duties to work off the cost of the hand-finished restoration, he was sentenced to 60 strokes of the punishment slipper, the infamous Jimsoll. No warm up, full effort. Have that you vandal!

Wrong Colour Means Sore Arse !
27 March
Duration: 2:47

Lady Havergill was very particular when it came to redecorating the house as her decorator was about to find out. Pleased with himself that he had finished the kitchen his euphoria evaporated when she announced that he had used the wrong colour. ‘Close’ was not good enough. She had brought a heavy straight punishment cane and intended to use it to its full, agonising potential. She made him drop his trousers and underpants and lean against the ladder, bottom out while she thrashed his arse with the savage cane. “You are wilful, lazy and stupid” she barked, to which he added “with a very sore bottom.” She certainly agreed on that and continued laying the cane on hard. She speeded up near the end which was agony. He got up before the last stroke but had to bend again. Tomorrow he’d be working with a burning bottom.

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