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A Beating To End All Beatings
15 January
Duration: 14:54

Why is it that all the Alex's in this school are such horrible misbehaved girls? This one in particular has been more than troublesome. She had crossed the line so often that it was time to end it once and for all. Her Form Teacher and Headteacher, Miss Hastings, had held a secret meeting and had decided on a drastic course of action....the beating to end all beatings, because clearly the other beatings hadn't worked. Bent over the desk, Miss hastings raises the girl's skirt and begings a harsh hand spanking. Down come her hose for some more followed by the paddle, then tawse. Her Form Teacher then wades in. By now her cheeks are red and hot. More follows. Now with her panties down the cane beckons as each take it in turn to lash the poor girl until the blood flows. But will it be enough?

Caught With Alcohol
12 January
Duration: 9:37

Black should have known better and disposed of the evidence, but he didn't and his two cans of beer had been found. He'd been warned several times about drinking in school grounds and now he would pay the price. If Miss had her way he'd get a full on flogging, as the threat of a spanking never really gets through to him. How about a vintage leather crop? With Black bent over the desk, she gives him a hard whack with it...to his total surprise. He didn't like that one bit. Well, he was going to get a lot more of that with a flourish of hand spanking and slippering in between. Thinking it was finally over, the punishment continued relentlessly with the plimsoll. Perhaps, she suggested, he take up drinking tea in future...

A Long Hard Strapping On The Bed
10 January
Duration: 4:06

Peter should have been doing chores while Aunty was having a bath but he was lying on her bed reading. She came in and wasn’t very impressed but was disarmingly pleased with herself. Peter thought he was in for another spanking but she promised she wouldn’t lay a hand on him then, with a broad smile, produced a heavy belt. She had decided to give him 12 over his pyjamas and 12 more on his bare and bottom and set about laying it on. Neither Peter nor Aunty were counting so she gave him some extras. Then down came his pyjamas and she set about him even harder for the last twelve. He didn’t forget to count this time. Happy with her work she sent him to make her a cup of tea while she went back to bed.

Like A Chimps Tea Party
8 January
Duration: 10:04

Mum liked to entertain and had invited a few choice guests round to ostensibly find out all the local gossip and who was “doing” who. She went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and wrap the sandwiches only to return to the lounge to find Alex and Black stuffing their silly faces with a certain after dinner mint. Mother has an abhorrence for bad table manners and to see her daughter not only putting several mints in at once, but to have to witness her sniggering and chatting whilst shooting dark chocolate and mint globules all over the place. Absolutely appalled, Mother cancels the luncheon and sets about making the disgusting pigs pay. For stealing mints a furious hand strapping on the offending palms and for finding it funny, a spanking and slippering whilst bent over the table.

Getting Some Caning Practice In
5 January
Duration: 10:19

Mum decided that her daughter, Alex, needed to get some more practice in the art of caning and so coralled two volunteers for the task. And neither of them were complaining, once they saw Alex in her sexy blue dress and Mother in her wine coloured dress. Eagerly, they set about positioning themselves on the vault in turn. First up and Mother and Daughter coordinated their strokes across a nice white arse, which of course didn't stay that way for long. Up next was Black and, this time, Alex was left to do the caning on her own where she delivered some stinging whacks across his buttocks which triggered the desired response, judging from the moans and looks on Black's face. Without doubt Alex is definitely ready to deliver a lot more....

Miss Is Going To Enjoy This
2 January
Duration: 8:27

Whilst the Staff New Year's Party was in full flow, the Headmistress had decided the noise outside would provide the perfect cover for what she had planned in advance. The Head Girl had previously warned Black that he was to receive the ultimate punishment and now he was back at school at this pre-arranged meeting. He was expecting a strapping, because he'd had so many before, but he wasn't expecting what was presented to him...the reformatory strap! Miss carefully set up her desk so he could lay face down and, with a glint in her eye, she really laid into him with all her might to deliver stroke after stroke. The agony on his face was clearly palpable, but she was not going to let up. After all...this was her favourite punishment tool...

Rummaging Can Bring You Trouble
31 December
Duration: 7:24

The Headteacher was away at a school conference and Black decided he would take the opportunity to have a rummage around the office. The school bully, Alex Evans, also had the same bright idea, but when she entered the Headmistress' room found Black had beaten her to it. She confronted him and demanded to know what he'd found. Nothing yet, came the reply, but Alex wasn't convinced. She seached his pockets, but needed a closer inspection, so decided on a strip search instead. Still finding nothing she would beat him up anyway. How dare he search without her. After all, she was the top dog (or bitch in her case). She spanked, caned, strapped and beat his sorry arse for the wimp that he was before telling him to get so she could do her own search...

More Than One Use For A Carpet Beater
28 December
Duration: 11:17

Mum was at her wits end constantly trying to make ends meet while her lazy hubby did sweet Fanny Adams. Alex was always up to something and it was never helpful or good. The time had come to really assert herself and put the pair of them back on track. They were summoned to the lounge to find a wooden chair placed suspiciously on its own in the middle of the room and they would soon learn its purpose. Mum dressed them down then made them take turns to receive a no nonsense Spanking before applying a plastic hairbrush with a vigour that belied her years. Hoping that was enough and feeling sore and chastened, they were disappointed when Mum got up and ordered each to clutch the chair seat whilst she belted them. Then the piece de resistance... a severe six each with the old carpet beater. They wouldn’t be sitting down for some time....

Down A Slippery Slope
24 December
Duration: 8:58

Knowing his fondness for fraternising with the girls, the Headmistress used the school end of term party, knowing he would be there, as the perfect excuse to haul the school captain in front of her following a disappointing term where the school sports teams hadn't achieved anything in competition. She put it down to his total lack of enthusiasm where he seemed far more interested in his holidays abroad. Well, she was having none of it. The school had standards to maintain and if his legs couldn't work properly, then she would take out her frustration and anger on them. Picking up the strap, she set about leathering every part of his legs and thighs. Not satisfied, she moved on to the tawse and repeated her beating before making him bend over the desk for a thrashing with the cane...

Bah! Humbug
20 December
Duration: 9:15

The end of term school party is in full swing but, as usual, there are some pupils who just haven't hit the grade. Black is just one of them and his grades are appalling. Thinking that he might be given leniency, well it is the time for Xmas cheer after all, he was sorely mistaken. Bah! Humbug. Miss had lined up a special present for the wretch and waited on her assistant to bring it in... none other than the prison strap! Ordered to lay on her desk, trousers off (which her assistant duly obliged in), he received a relentless barrage of strikes across his bare buttocks and his screams of agony were so loud they could be heard reverberating around the school ! By the end his bottom was very sore, but if he thought that was the end he was told in no uncertain terms there would be more... three times a day!

Exchange Student Gets The Blame
17 December
Duration: 6:56

Alex can be really devious at times. She had bought two cans of alcohol and offers Deena, the school exchange student, one but hadn't banked on her not being a drinker, so she refuses. Knowing how her Mother hates her drinking, she goes to fetch one of the cans, but slips the other into the pocket of the exchange student's coat pocket to hide it...just in case. Mother arrives home unexpectedly and Alex rushes to hide the can, but isn't quick enough. Alex blames it on Deena saying she made her drink it. Mother is suspiscious, but Alex directs her to Deena's coat pocket, hoping it deflect her Mother's ire. Well, who was she to believe? Best they both suffer. She makes them bend over chairs, spanking them both hard and follows it up with the good dose of the slipper and then a ruler. Now it's straight to bed without supper and more punishment to come...

I Heard What You Said
15 December
Duration: 9:45

Black was in the Headmistress' office supposedly looking for a book when in walks Evans asking what he's doing. Evans can be quite the stirrer and had deliberately left the intercom on so all could be heard in the corridor outside. So when she asked Black what he thought of Miss Hardcastle he started to blab about being the victim of her canings. Unbeknown to him the Head was in the corridor listening in and when she appeared she confronted him. Since he was always being caned she instructed Evans to spank him instead. Over her knee he went for a thrashing on the bare. Afterwards Miss decided that a good caning was still needed. But which cane? Hmmm, maybe try a few of them to see which has the most effect. Perhaps in future he'll learn to keep his mouth shut!

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