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Slow & Deliberate

17 November
Duration: 5:38

Melanie and Alex were in deep trouble and were sent to the gym for a caning. Melanie was first to bend over the horse for a skirt up thrashing and Miss Hastings didn’t hold back. It was too late for apologies. She lashed the cane hard and deliberately, in no rush to get it over with. “Slow and deliberate” she said with relish, “no need to rush things” and took time to appreciate the damage her new rod was causing. “Ah, lovely” she remarked. Then Alex had to bend over the horse for the cane. She didn’t half jump with each slash of the rattan, her firm young bottom bouncing delightfully. Now Melanie was subjected to the cane on the bare as Alex rubbed her throbbing bottom to the sound of severe cane strokes and intakes of breath. Slow and deliberate always works.

Janitor's Bottom Scorched

15 November
Duration: 10:38

The Headmistress called the janitor and berated him for slipshod work. Graffiti, broken toilets, canes not maintained, nor her beloved spanking high chair polished. That probably upset her most. She sat on the chair in her short, tight dress and high heels but he had no time to appreciate the glorious sight as he was over that delightful lap for a less than delightful spanking and she spanks HARD, With great deliberation she selected a tawse, a wickedly painful 3-tail and swung it sadistically, relishing the agony as his knees buckled and he cried out in pain. Underpants down the thrashing was even more intense. He had to stand up to rub the furnace that used to be his backside and was horrified to learn that there was one more 3-fingered stripe to be burned across his bottom cheeks. His work will improve after that.

Prison Strap For Alex

13 November
Duration: 4:48

Alex had been punished very severely for cheating by the Headmistress in her study but had to spend the day in dread of a prison strapping after school on the gym horse. It was rare for a girl to be so seriously flogged but this was her second offense and there wouldn’t be a third. Lying flat on the horse with cushions pushing her bottom up, Miss Hastings took the terrifying leather strap and cracked it down a few times on the girl’s vulnerably raised behind and these wouldn’t even count. Satisfied that she had ‘got her eye in’ the strapping began. Four fierce lashes of the broad black leather vertically down, hard. They hurt. Knickers down the girl, barely able to count, took four more, then even her flimsy panties were down for the final four that left her sobbing uncontrollably.

I Don't Like Cheats

10 November
Duration: 10:33

Alex had scored 29 out of 30 in a geography test, identifying capital cities. Miss Hastings suspected foul play and gave her a quick 12-question test in her study. “I don’t like cheats” she told the girl, adding that each wrong answer would earn her three strokes of the cane. Alex didn’t do very well. She only got one right. She claimed she was no good under pressure and that she hadn’t slept well and was having a bad day. “It’s about to get worse” retorted Miss Hastings, picking up a cane. Bent over a desk, skirt up, Miss Hastings began to deliver three strokes for each wrong answer, pausing to cross them off her list which extended Alex’s agony. Her voice was getting more and more shaky as she fought back the tears. “A sore little bottom” said Miss Hastings, unsympathetically.

Your Belt, Your Bottom

8 November
Duration: 8:24

Stephanie’s nephew could not quit smoking and would hang out the spare bedroom window for a furtive smoke when she wasn’t about. When he heard her come home he ditched the cigarette and sprayed air freshener before she reached the bedroom. Naturally suspicious, she soon found the packet and then discovered his porn stash. “I’m going to make an example of you” she told him, sat on the bed and made him drop his trousers. She didn’t half lay into his bare backside with her very experienced, well-seasoned spanking hand and then the hairbrush. With his bottom now glowing red she demanded his trouser belt, made him lie face down on the bed and leathered him to the accompaniment of his agonised sounds. “Your belt, your bottom” she told him without a hint of sympathy for his pain, “your very sore looking bottom”

A Touch Of The Sadist

6 November
Duration: 10:45

The agency teacher, Mr Blundell, introduced himself to the class and stabbed his cane at the periodic table, steadying himself against the wall. Joking about ‘stinky sulphur’ and ‘arse-nic’ he was obviously drunk. The Headmistress entered and very quickly detected alcohol. He admitted to a tipple last night and a headache this morning. She almost ceremonially removed his robe, his symbol of authority and had him remove his trousers. Over her knee his underpants followed. She threatened to report him to the agency if he did not comply. He remonstrated to no avail that pupils were not physically punished at her school but the Headmistress simply reminded him that he was not a pupil and proceeded to tan his backside red before making him write a letter of resignation. “A touch of the sadist in you, Head” he said, arse throbbing.

Atkinson Gets An Eyeful

3 November
Duration: 16:10

Atkinson and Alex Evans were in detention. Atkinson received a spanking which made Alex laugh so she had her skirt lifted and her bottom warmed too. Miss Hastings decided to set them a general knowledge test. Failure would result in a sore bottom. At every opportunity Alex was swigging cider from a can in her desk but Miss hadn’t noticed. She started the test, ten multiple-choice questions then exchange answers to mark them. Alex got a perfect score but Atkinson fell short of Miss Hastings’ standard and was out front for a bare-bottom spanking. Then she caught Alex with the cider. “Just apple juice” she claimed. She got a good spanking, skirt up, right in front of Atkinson and then the cane swished across her tempting derriere. She got a bare-bottom spanking over her burning cane stripes too. What an eyeful for Atkinson!

Alan Gets His Come-Uppance

1 November
Duration: 10:24

Alan was summoned to Miss Hastings yet again. She had given him over three dozen with the cane already today and had decided it was about time he got his come-uppance. His behaviour, in her opinion, started at poor and spiralled downwards. She would deal with him and deal with him properly. Ordered to lower his shorts a hesitation earned him two extra strokes. Bent over her desk she announced a good strapping before she caned him. She smiled broadly at his obvious agony under the very harsh leathering. He rubbed his tortured arse after that, I assure you. His underpants had to come down and she laid into his backside with gusto (and was clearly deriving great pleasure in doing so). He had to take a full dozen and his arse was torn and bleeding by the time she was finished.

Carruthers In Very Deep Water

29 October
Duration: 7:37

The gym Mistress noticed broken clothes hooks in the changing room and had not found the culprit. Every boy would be thrashed. Next was Slater. He would not admit to it or say who did it although he obviously knew. Reaching for the heavy punishment plimsoll she bent him and said she would give him “six with feeling.” My word, he certainly felt them. She gave him another chance to say who did it and, more terrified of the severe beating than what the sixth formers would do to him he blamed Carruthers. She would deal with Carruthers but as Slater was involved it wasn’t over for him yet. She would make more of an effort this time and his shorts came down. Such a tanning, such pathetic snivelling noises. “Carruthers is in very, very deep water” she said as he was dismissed.

The Flyswat Makes Alex Yell

27 October
Duration: 12:57

Alex didn’t want to go to school today. Her Mother had made her wear an outfit that exposed her legs. Worse still, the reason was that the school would see her red legs from a very long session with the flyswat. Get one, try it. It stings more than you could believe. “You’re always spanking me” complained Alex “I don’t want the flyswat.” But a spanking she got before bending over the back of a chair for a quick-fire burst of the swat on her magnificent right buttock. “Quite a glow already” commented her Mother before applying the same dose to her equally shapely left buttock. She was getting rather vocal by now but Mother had an even more wicked trick. Leg up, Alex had her thighs swatted, inside and out until she yelled. A hug from Mummy then off to school.

A Suitable Candidate

25 October
Duration: 11:00

Stephanie had to hire a tele-sales person and ushered a candidate into her office. She gave him an aptitude test to be completed in three minutes. She sat on the desk and studied his replies, laughed at his answers and announced that he hadn’t scored well enough to be considered. He pleaded for a chance and said he would do anything. “Anything?” she asked, her imagination running riot. She tested his resolve by strapping his hands as he knelt submissively before her. He complained but she assured him he had agreed to it. Emboldened, she bent him over the desk, dropped his trousers and underpants and lashed the tawse across his backside, then whipped a cane across his reddening cheeks. “Delicious” she decided. She told her boss she had found a new employee who would need one-to-one tuition. Once a week. Happy lady.

We've Only Just Begun

23 October
Duration: 32:41

This was a ‘fun’ session, more so for Miss Hastings than him and really just a series of excuses to beat him. What red-blooded male wouldn’t want to be spanked by a lady so absolutely beautiful, so impeccably dressed and in such a playful mood? Lucky boy. She played guessing games and quizzes, the only certainty being that she would beat him and she was clearly impatient to do so. “Get on with it” she said with a smirk “I really need to beat you.” He squirmed as she spanked him across her knee, though he had a good view of her sexy pink heels and sexier ankles. He was rather noisy. “We’ve only just begun” she quoted from that Carpenters’ song. He got a lot more spankings and yelped under her hard hand. A firm tawsing finished a very enjoyable session.

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