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A Spanking Promise
11 July
Duration: 7:14

Black is feeling very smug and excited. He is always getting into trouble on purpose because, secretly, he loves getting a spanking from Miss. Walking into the library he approaches Miss and tells he that she promised him a spanking, even though he hadn't done anything wrong of late. Miss, of course, loves dishing out punishment anyway, so this was always going to be mutually beneficial. Telling him to take his jeans off he bends over her knee for an endless round of otk spanking and you can see they're both thoroughly enjoying themselves; the endorphins running riot. Miss is has definitely been put in a really good mood for the day...

A Lesson To The Class
7 July
Duration: 20:49

Miss Hastings, the Headmistress, addresses the whole school assembled in the gym after school. Such gatherings can only mean the serious matter of punishment for one individual who needs to be humiliated in front of them all in order to mend their ways as well as acting as a deterrent to the rest of the school. Today it is Turner who is brought up before the class. He is ordered to bend over the horse as Miss delivers a severe thrashing with the cane. When finished, he is ordered to stand in front of the wall, but his ordeal is over just yet. His dignity is lowered when he is made to drop his trousers in front of everyone for another bout of the cane. Still she hadn't finished with him. Now bent over the high horse another dozen strokes follow. Hopefully this experience will make him follow school rules and regulations...

Do Not Defy Me
3 July
Duration: 8:07

Allen and Riviera had been up to their usual tricks and were now in the Headmistress' office with hands on heads against the wall. Miss warned them they were both in serious trouble and told them not to move an inch while she went to pick up a package from reception. Of course, as soon as she was out of the door, they ignored the instruction and found a previously confiscated magazine to pore over. Both were so engrossed in the mag that they didn't hear Miss return. She was furious and demanded to know what they were doing. On discovering the magazine and seeing its contents she decided to turn that content into reality. With spanking chair at hand, both were made to bend over in turn while she spanked strapped and caned the bottoms of these reprobates until they were visibly sore...

Italian Takes 112 Strokes !
29 June
Duration: 21:14

My Italian sub keeps coming back for more... and this time he wants to break his record of strokes received. We started out going for the Hardcastle 100 challenge and, first up, was the prison strap, which was given with great gusto and force. After 40 of those, we moved onto the cane, and for this, I brought out a newly acquired one and what better time than to break it in. 36 strokes of the cane later, we take a break, principally so his shredded backside could be cleaned up, before going on to deliver the remaining 24 harsh strokes to complete the Hundred. But we weren't finished there. Another 12 harsh strokes would beat his previous best but it will be a while before he can take an airplane ride back home! Are you up for the 100 challenge?

Telephone Call From School
25 June
Duration: 6:39

While Riviera was in his room supposedly doing his homework, his Mother was trying to take a well-earned rest when she takes a call from school. It would appear her Son had been caught red-handed stealing the answers to an upcoming Maths exam with the sole purpose of selling them to his class mates, as well as others in his year group, for money. As Mother listened to the news, she became angry as well as embarassed. By the end of the call his Mother was furious with her son’s latest antics and decided not to wait until his Father came home, She barked at her Son to come over to her. His ears were positively ringing by the time she finished reprimanding him and and set upon punishing Steven with the use of her slipper. And she wasn't finished either; there was also an additional punishment using his Father’s belt. Stealing will not be tolerated !

Certified For Punishment
20 June
Duration: 11:20

Black has been sent to see Prison Officer Hastings for the serious offence of assault on another prison inmate and has been certified by the prison doctor as being medically fit to take punishment. Officer Hastings takes her job very seriously and sees punishment as a proven method of rehabilitation as well as demonstrating that breaking prison rules and regulations will be severely dealt with as a lesson to all. He is made to strip down before being tightly strapped to the punishment bench to restrict any movement from the inmate. His punishment is 12 harsh lashes of the cane and he would feel every single one! And by the time she has finished he definitely won't be able to sit down for at least a week...

Now You'll Get Something To Cry About (2)
17 June
Duration: 33:25

We pick up with Miss Lancer warning Fiona that she is there, on behalf of her Father, to continue with the correction in her behaviour. Bending her over the table with her knickers down, Miss Lancer begins a very harsh spanking on her bare bottom. Daddy walks in and helps by holding her down while Miss Lancer continues. When finished, Daddy tells Fiona to remove her skirt and, with knickers still down, she is over the table again for a caning. Six of the best and she should feel lucky it wasn't more, but for wriggling there are plenty more to come... Miss Lancer announces she has bought Fiona a present... a special uniform for when she stays with her over the summer. Fiona puts it on, but they decide the skirt is too long, so Miss Lancer cuts it down with a pair of scissors which becomes so short it shows off her knickers, so that everyone will know she is wearing regulation knickers! Daddy and Miss Lancer finish off with a caning to ensure the lesson has hit home.

Now You'll Get Something To Cry About
13 June
Duration: 29:16

8:15am and Fiona is dressing for school in summer uniform when in walks Daddy who scolds her for not wearing proper uniform for the last day of school. He tells her to change, but she ignores him and goes to school without changing. 4.15 comes and Fiona is now home quickly trying to change, but Daddy catches her and is not moved by her excuses. For her defiance, he puts her over his knee for a harsh spanking. Later that evening, Miss Lancer, a special guest, arrives. Chatting about Fiona's earlier disobedience, Fiona is called down to greet her. She is cheeky and petulant and is sent away to make coffee while they discuss what to do with her. Daddy puts Fiona over her knee for another spanking and invites Miss Lancer to deliver an even harsher spanking. With knickers down Daddy fetches a slipper which he delivers over the dining table. Miss Lancer also delivers a bout of the slipper too....will she now behave like a young lady should?

Pitiful Pascale Punished
9 June
Duration: 19:46

Pascale is hauled before the deputy Headmistress to answer for the various school rules and regulations he has flouted. His standards have dropped and so will his trousers! The Deputy doesn't hang around and, in true school tradition, has Pascale over her knee for a thorough relentless otk hand spanking where she barely takes air... and that is just for lateness! Over a 100 later she moves on to absences and that, in her opinion, deserves a harsh tawsing and strapping. Up next is bad behaviour and for that comes the paddle. His cheeks are now red and bruised, but she isn't going to stop there. Next is the plimsoll followed by another dose of the paddle. Is she over-reacting? She doesn't care and is thoroughly enjoying herself. The poor boy has taken everything thrown at him, yet she can't resist another harsh strapping. The boy won't be able to sit for a week!

My Cakes Are Burnt !
5 June
Duration: 6:26

Leigh and his best friend Black are sat on the sofa chewing the cud when in storms Leigh's wife announcing that her cakes are burnt to a crisp. One of them was meant to be watching over them while she worked hard cleaning the house. But being bone idle they didn't once think to check. How was she expected to clean and bake at the same time she barked at them, but the nonchelant replies to simply bake some more made her blood boil ! She was raging and would make them pay. Despite a little backchat, they knew it was no good arguing with her, as she forced them both to bend over the couch as she walloped them, then bent each one of them over the room table in turn and beat the living daylights out of them with her slipper...

Gym Skirt Spankings (2)
1 June
Duration: 12:24

To finish off her earlier punishment, Laura the cheeky pupil, is given a test. She does quite well, but Miss Hastings is just a little suspicious. Has she cheated? She's not sure, but she won't take any chances and has laura bent over her desk. Yanking down her knickers, she spanks and slippers her, then orders her to go to the gym. There, Laura undresses expecting Miss to come with a gym kit. Laura protests at the ugly vest she is being asked to wear saying it was dirty. Laura refuses to wear it, but fears what is to come. Over the knee goes Laura again for another dose of hard hand spanking, but Laura continues her cheekiness. Now with vest on, Laura is made to exercise by touching her toes and on that final bend she is is spanked and paddled then made to skip, her braless boobs bouncing heavily. Miss finishes off with a table tennis bat before she is told to change back into uniform...

Gym Skirt Spankings
28 May
Duration: 18:27

Miss Hastings is on the prowl for an errant pupil who should be in her class and finds her in the gym apparantly playing with herself whilst reading a magazine. The startled pupil says she was just comparing her breasts which is why she is semi-undressed, but Miss is having none of it. An inspection of her uniform finds she isn't wearing socks or regulation knickers. Laura protests they are in the wash and for that she gets an otk spanking. And for being cheeky Miss goes off to look in lost property and returns with socks and a regulation knickers for her to put on. Now dressed again, Miss has Laura follow her into her classroom for another spanking and slippering for her cheekiness...the tears afterwards had that smile wiped away. And for admitting to playing strip poker earlier in the day another slippering on the bare over the stool. Has Laura learnt anything?

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