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Slater Skips Sports Day
30 September
Duration: 11:38

The first week back at school during the Covid pandemic and Slater is already in detention. Despite feigning a love for PE and sports, it turns out Slater had logged himself in for Sports day but then skipped the whole thing and had been spotted in the park, congregating with others, which was against all guidance! For that he needed to be punished. Told to touch his toes he is brutally slippered on his bare bottom and told to sit down for some tests. He was good at this but also smug. The 3 months off had clearly affected him and he need to be brought down a peg or two. Now bent over a desk he is rulered, caned and spanked until his sorry bottom was red raw, but just for good measure Miss had him over the banister for a quick strapping!

A Brutal Caning
26 September
Duration: 10:39

"Prepare yourself, this is going to hurt". The opening lines to the beginning of a brutal caning session with an unruly pupil. The boy tyries to show restrainst but the the whites of his knuckles bearing down on the spanking banch, to which he is strapped tightly, bear witness to the pain and suffering he is enduring, as do the grunts of pain coming with every harsh stroke. After 36 strokes, the heavy artillary comes out. Soon the senior cane is bearing down as the red liquid oozes out of his bare bottom. Still, she carries on regardless until she finally reaches her goal of 50; his backside totally destroyed!

Zoe Caught Stealing
21 September
Duration: 27:48

Zoe arrives at school and goes to see the school teacher with a note from her father. She has been caught pilfering a quality pen from the teacher. Zoe tried to wriggle out of it, but it doesn't wash. She also claims she's done her homework but Miss isn't convinced. First up a she needs to be disciplined for stealing, so it's over Miss' knee for a good hand spanking. Next she is tested on her homework, which she fails miserably. Soon she is over her desk for another spanking followed up by an otk spanking on her bare bottom. Miss discovers that her failed homework was down to Zoe going to a party instead of studying. Made to touch her toes, she is slippered. Another test and Zoe knows she is not going to get away without more punishment. She can see Miss is in the mood for it and submits to more slipperings and canings...

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
17 September
Duration: 20:17

Turner is once again in front of the Headmistress and he knew very well why he was there. Miss hastings was flabbergasted. She was tired of handing out lectures to unruly pupils and in Turner's case words were clearly insufficient. There was no point; only action would suffice. Before he knew it, he was over her desk for a severe caning. Believing his punishment was finally over there as a surprise in store waiting for him... he was to go in front of the class to receive the ultimate humiliation... a caning in front of his class! Now there, Miss explains to the class what happens when someone really pushes their luck. Turner is made to bend over the horse, trousers down, for a walloping. She really laid into him and when finished he is made to stand in front of the wall before she starts on part two with another bout of the cane...

Up The Creek
13 September
Duration: 9:11

The exchange Headmistress had settled into the post and was looking forward to asserting her authority. When she discovered that Robert had stolen a copy of a history test from her desk and sold copies to his classmates she had her opportunity. She called for him and, of course, he denied all knowledge of the matter. When she told him that David Turner and two others had admitted buying the test from him she told him “I think that’s what they refer to as up the creek without a paddle.” He was more concerned they’d ‘grassed him up’. She entered his punishment in the book, removed her jacket and bent him, bare-bottomed, over her desk. Selecting a brutally thick cane she told him to count the strokes and laid the savage rod across his buttocks hard a dozen remorseless times before dismissing him.

Punished In Detention Class
9 September
Duration: 8:27

If there is one thing you can credit Hudson with, it's his persistence... persistently naughty that is! And Miss hastings had had enough. It was time to teach him a lesson and the best lesson is one of humiliation to bring him down a peg or two, especially when done in front of the whole class. Put on the spanking bench he is first securely strapped in... no wiggle room to try and lesson the impact of the strokes she is about to administer. Paddles and canes will be used and there will be no warm up either! Miss Hastings goes straight for the kill with paddle in hand. The yelps from Hudson are clearly audible so she knows she's starting to get through to him. But the cane should seal the lesson and for that she delivers seering strokes across his bare bottom, his cheeks turning redder with every strike...

A Sense Of Deja Vu
5 September
Duration: 5:42

Despite getting a severe thrashing earlier in the school term for being the laziest janitor she had ever employed, there was no discernible improvement in either his work ethic or attitude and so she sent for him. Appearing all sheepish, he stood before the Headmistress, resigned to his fate. They had been here before, a deja vu moment, and she was tearing a strip off him but stopped herself. Clearly, words would have no meaning to him, only action. She didn't even want to see his face, so she made him bend over while she paddled him stroke after harsh stroke. One day, this will get through to him! Admonishing him once again, there would be a lot more of this unless he improved...

Faster Than The Speed Of Light
30 August
Duration: 7:04

Riviera was called to the Headmistress' office to collect the cup for winning the cross-country run, or so he thought. On entering her room, he started smiling as Miss congratulated him on his amazing time until he sensed an air of sarcasm. Damn, it looks like his attempt to cheat on the race had been found out. Miss continued the sarcasm, but he knew things were going to take a turn for the worse when she slapped his legs He was in for it now. Cheating another pupil out of their glory was inexcusable and he needed to be punished. Bent over a desk, his short trousers yanked down, his bare bottom and legs were strapped mercilessly. Sensing final relief when asked to stand up, Miss strapped his legs again for good measure...

A Vulgar Mouth Soaped
26 August
Duration: 9:16

The Headmistress caught Alisha giving ‘the fingers’ to a pupil. It was the last straw. She marched Alisha into her study. “Where have you picked up such disgusting habits?” she demanded. “You’ve gone just a step too far.” Miss Hastings-Gore bent her over a chair and unwrapped a bar of soap which Alisha would have to bite between her teeth until the Head had caned her six times. Skirt up, the ordeal began. A ferocious caner, the Head had Alisha crying from the first. The cane was fraying so she changed it. The second was a vicious rod that had Alisha jumping up and spitting out the soap with its first slash. She had to take that one again, despite her tears. After 6, 7 really, she spat the soap out and was dismissed with a nasty taste in her mouth.

A Naughty Boy
22 August
Duration: 9:51

Black was in detention; but this was no ordinary detention. There would be no lines, no homework, no silence....this was a special detention...the kind where only punishment is meted out. Black knew this and was dreading what was in store for him. He'd been a really naughty boy, so this was going to be painful. But he had been here before and on arrival immediately had his trousers down. Miss listed the punishments he would be receiving; the first of which would be a harsh round of otk spanking. But that was just the warm-up! Red and sore, he is now bent over ready to take a strapping with a double tawse, but first another round of severe hand spanking. The tawse stung with Black crying out with every stroke until red and sore. Thinking it was at an end Miss surprised him with a paddling and another round of spanking!

Drunk Mother Spanks Her Daughter
17 August
Duration: 7:22

Mother has been out having drinks with her brothers. It's late and they're all drunk, but she invites them back to her house for some more drinks. As they enter the lounge, they find her Daughter, Alex, is up and sitting on a chair instead of being in bed asleep, dressed only in a shirt and sheer black panties! Being that bit worse for wear and slurring her words, Mother wants to know why she is still up, but isn't in the mood to listen to excuses. Taunting her Daughter, Mother forces her into lying over the knees of her uncles, while they tease her over her sheer black panties. But Mother can't help herself and starts spanking that sweet round bottom to humiliate her even more. She even brings out the table tennis bat for extra punishment, before hauling her over her knees for a good spanking. Only a smelly fart saves her Daughter from more pain as her Mother rushes out in disgust!

Slater Gets Extra On Top
13 August
Duration: 3:43

Having endured a gruelling round of punishment already, the PE Mistress still wants to make sure her message gets through to Slater that bad behaviour in PE lessons will not be tolerated. And the only way she can think of to drive it home is to spank those sore spots he is already sporting on his bare bottom. Ordered over her knee, she dishes out what seems like a never-ending mechanical-like hand spanking that has him gasping as the pain kicks in. This is one mean lady and a spanking he will not forget in a hurry!

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