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Sneaking Some Exam Pics
21 February
Duration: 9:10

Because he gets very little pocket money, Riviera is always trying to make some extra money. His latest scheme would be to try and sell the answers to the upcoming Maths exam to his fellow pupils for some much needed hard cash. But in order to do this he needed to get his hands on the exam answers and they would be somewhere in the Headmistress' office. Boldly, he sneaked into the Head’s study and, after some searching, found what he was looking for. He was taking photos of the answers when in walks Miss Hastings. Not only was she fuming with him for what he was doing but, even more so, because he was himself excellent at Maths and had no need to cheat. This had to be dealt with severely and so Miss not only targeted Riviera’s bottom with the Tawse, but also gave his hands some punishment attention also!

You Disgusting Animals !
17 February
Duration: 9:32

Leigh and Alex were at at home alone whilst their Mothers enjoyed a day out shopping. Alex thought it the perfect time for some hanky panky and soon the two were at each other. Unfortunately for them, the mothers returned home because of a forgotten purse and they were caught in the act. Both Mothers were totally disgusted at what they saw. In their eyes, they were both behaving like animals! Both were dragged by their ears and forced to bend over the couch, each having their pants yanked down. Before they could even protest, both were being spanked hard. They would beat this inappropriate behaviour out of them and so it continued with a combination of slippers, hairbrush and tawse. And for Alex, a hand-strapping to finish off for being the provocateur in all this...

Deliberately Provocative
13 February
Duration: 8:06

The two boys are sat in the armchair looking lecherously at Alex instead of getting on with their chores. Alex, being the mischievious soul she is, deliberately provokes them by unbottoning her blouse to reveal her perfectly rounded boobs. Her teasing prompts the boys to go over and start fondling her when in walks Mother. Shocked at what she is seeing, she confronts them all. Alex pleads innocence and claims they were mauling her. The boys protest, but Mother things Alex is a sweet angel and believes her, giving her a cuddle of comfort. the boys look on incredulously. Mother berates them and goes to town on their punishment with slipper, carpet beater, cane and stick whilst demonstrating to Alex the virtue of dominance over these pathetic male creatures....

Ointment Please, Nurse
9 February
Duration: 8:13

Smethers was in hospital for tests for his obscure condition and was proving to be a pest, groping the nurses, pinching their bottoms and wanking in bed. When he burst into the Senior Nursing Officer’s office he had gone too far. After asking where his pain was she announced that she could help him. On the pretext of inspecting his hands, which did not apparently hurt, she strapped them soundly to keep them off her nurses. That made them hurt. Then she took a much heavier 3-tail tawse and asked if he hurt anywhere else. Unsurprisingly, he very soon did as she pulled down his trousers and underpants and laid that vicious leather across his bottom with relish. He was squirming in pain with each bite of the strap before she let him go and suggested to a nurse that he might need some ointment.

The Toughest Will Get Lucky
4 February
Duration: 9:20

Alex's Mother thinks she is the sweetest of girls, an angel even, and pure as the driven snow. Behind that facade is a completely different girl. We catch her with two boys on the bed in her bedroom making advances at her, but the sneaky Alex wants to have some fun and decides to play a game. I only like the toughest boys, she exclaims and the toughest will get lucky. She tempts them into proving how tough they are by seeing how they can cope with being strapped on the ass. Removing one boy's belt, they take turns lying on the bed while she straps them as hard as she can. When finished, she lies on the bed with both boy's bottoms bare deciding which to choose when Mother walks in. She can't believe these boys are trying to take advantage of her darling daughter. And since she's warmed them up nivcely, she can finish them off with a strapping of her own!

29 January
Duration: 5:46

Workmen were in the building to fix things and were drilling away, which was giving Miss a bad headache. She walked into her study, her head pounding as if a woodpecker were hammering into her skull. Leigh was sat there looking completely gormless as usual. He should have been working, so where was his school book? What had he been doing all this time? He eventually produced it, but she found he'd done nothing. That and all the issues that had cropped up over his behaviour just brought everything to the fore. Well, if her head was hammering, then he will get a hammering too, only his would be on his borry bottom! Now bent over his desk, he was soundly thrashed, first with hand, then strap, paddle and, finally, the dreaded cane. Nevermind the school, his bottom would definitely need fixing up after that!

I Can't Get A Minute's Peace
24 January
Duration: 8:37

Mrs Leigh was at home trying to sort out her oustanding bills and accounts whilst her daughter Alex and Alex's uncle were on the couch acting like six year olds, pillow fighting, nipping each other and all manner of silly things. Despite repeated warnings, they just didn't give her a minutre's peace to get on with her work. In the end, she had had enough of their behaviou. She marched over and just as she was about to put her Daughter over her knee, in strolls her husband, who was supposed to be at home agaes ago, but it would seem the pub was of more interest. Well for that, he too would get in line for a thrashing. Alex got a good walloping and extra smacks for wearing those flimsy see-thru panties. Her uncle was up next, followed by her dear husband. Perhaps finally she can get some peace now!

Nephew Suitably Chastised
20 January
Duration: 10:27

Aunty’s naughty nephew tried to sit on the sofa with difficulty, so sore was his bottom. Aunty came in and he told her that Miss Hastings-Gore, his formidable and very severe headmistress, had caned him for failing a test. Knowing her nephew as she did she demanded to see his bottom. “A couple of little marks” she said and said the deviant little monkey needed a damn good spanking which she delivered with gusto on his bare bottom. He very foolishly called her a bitch which upped her game and she laid into his backside with a table tennis bat and a gym slipper before her eye fell upon her carpet beater by the fireplace with which she beat the devil out of the boy before she took a school cane to his idle, lying bottom to great effect until he was suitably chastised.

Any Rebellion Must Be Crushed
15 January
Duration: 15:04

Miss Bircham has ordered Allen to take a package along the corridor to Miss Hasting's office along with a note. Allen handed over the package as instructed, though he couldn't understand why he was being sent. Opening the package, it was soon clear why. In it were new canes and the accompanying note left everyone in no doubt their purpose. A list of crimes were read out with a recommendation for a minimum of 20 strokes on his bare bottom. Allen gasped and protested that she constantly had it in for him. That was an immediate mistake. The note concluded that any rebellion must be crushed. Any back-chat, moans or protests would lead to additional strokes at the Head's discretion. Wioth pants down he was soon over the desk to receive his punishment...stroke after harsh stroke. Did he rebel? Did he receive extra strokes? You can bet that the Headmistress made sure of it!

Playing Darts Is More Fun
11 January
Duration: 8:53

As punishment, Riviera and Allen were sent to the gym to do some tidying up. Thinking that the headmistress wouldn't be around to check for quite some time, they decided to play some darts. After all, it was far more fun than a back-breaking clearout. Unfortunately for them, the head walked in much earlier than expected and caught them in the act. Seeing her, they immediately started to tidy up, hoping the Head hadn't noticed; but she had. Trying to make some sorry excuses, they fell on deaf ears. Trying to fool her would only lead to punishment. So it's over the vaulting horse they go, and Miss wasn't going to hold back with both strap and cane. Next time perhaps they'll do as they're told!

A Lesson In Good Manners
7 January
Duration: 17:30

Hudson was to stay behind at school for extra lessons as his marks were not up to his usual high standards. He was sitting at his desk patiently waiting when behind him popped the Headmistress. She stayed there for a short while, yet he didn't stir. When she eventually walked in front of him he still didn't move. This boy needs a lesson in manners, mused Miss Hastings and proceeded to strap him hard into learning. On with the lesson... a maths lesson for having been caught gambling. His marks were 100% in the test, but he was far too smug; a caning will wipe the smile off his face! A general knowledge test should bring him down, but again he scroed 10/10. He must have cheated! If not, he was a genius, but still, she would punish him again...just in case; this time over he knee for a spanking, followed by ruler and slipper, leaving hin rted and sore...

Handyman Beaten Over The Bed End
3 January
Duration: 6:17

Unfortunately for Aunt Judy’s handyman he forgot to make her a cup of tea some while ago and she was not best pleased. He’d done lots of work but that wasn’t the point. She caught up with him filling cracks in the plasterwork in the final bedroom. He got into deeper trouble by not thinking about what he said and before long she unbuckled his belt. She bent him over the metal bed frame which was very cold but as she spanked him hard she assured him he would soon warm up. Soon his underpants came down and she continued to tan his bottom. “Your spankings really hurt Aunt Judy” he protested but she carried on. Her eye fell on a plastic strip left over from the new windows and she gave him a right royal rulering. It hurt more than he would have guessed. THEN and only then he had to make her tea.

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