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The Living Daylights
18 January
Duration: 11:28

Stephanie got a local builder to send a man round to do jobs for her around the house. He was totally useless. He was fitting a tiled fire surround and had damaged it. She was very displeased and was going to tell his boss if he couldn’t fix it. When she said he couldn’t she saw red, demanding compensation and suggesting a good hiding would do him some good. She proposed that she wouldn’t tell his boss if she could beat the living daylights out of him and set to the task with enthusiasm and severity, starting with a carpet beater before putting over her elegant knee for a spanking, on the bare of course. He stood and bent over, hands on the sofa for a hard belting and a few with a flat implement then off to put all his shoddy work right.

The Agony Of The Artist
5 January
Duration: 12:27

Macdonald Tuit proudly presented his art project to the Headmistress. Photography and art. “This is art?” she queried. “In its basic form” he replied. It was rather too basic for her taste, much too vulgar and when she found some blatantly obscene spanking material she could take no more. She would shame him at assembly tomorrow but in the meantime a good strapping would show him the error of his ways. “Is this how art is rewarded?” he asked as she set about applying the strap to his bottom six times, very firmly. On taking his shorts down to assess the damage she found cane marks and gave him another six severe slashes of the tawse. Sitting on her high spanking chair she inspected the hands that that created this filth, stood up and belted those hands hard, lashing the strap down on his outstretched palms, then dismissing him.

Swinging The Lead
31 December
Duration: 11:54

One of Stephanie’s laziest employees went to her office claiming to be ill and wanted to go home. She sent him to the work sick bay where Matron would give him a sick note. She looked in his mouth and found nothing. She instructed him to remove his trousers and lie on the examination table, then gloved up for a rectal thermometer when he lost his nerve and sat up. She knew there was nothing wrong but idleness, told him he was ‘swinging the lead’ and made him lie face down again. Then she set about spanking him very hard on his perfectly healthy bare arse. She reached for her white leather belt, doubled over and lashed it mightily across his rapidly reddening backside. His back arched and feet kicked up each stroke and his moans were pathetic. A final flurry and she was done.

Christmas Spirit Generosity
23 December
Duration: 10:13

There was a knock on the Headmistress’s study door and in walked Slater wearing an outlandish, ridiculous Christmas outfit. “Term ends tomorrow and you have no permission” she told him. Miss Dubois entered to say she had two miscreants to be ‘dealt with’ and left them in the corridor. Miss Hastings-Gore asked for five minutes to make Slater’s bottom SO hot and Miss Dubois asked the Head to give Slater one from her. More like a few, she remarked. Stretching Slater across her desk she spanked him on his ridiculous Christmas shorts, then slipped them down to reveal yet ANOTHER layer. A red wooden paddle wasn’t to her liking but the old faithful gym slipper did the trick so she bared his arse. “Hardly even pink” she complained before reddening it with six mighty swats then three extras in the spirit of Christmas generosity.

I Trust One Felt That
19 December
Duration: 6:40

Rhetorical question, really. When THIS Headmistress delivers a cane stroke one certainly feels it. So, when this boy was sent to her for being disruptive in class, worse still, with a smirk on his face, he was going to feel every single, severe slash of her cane. She pulled out a high stool and instructed him to bend over it and hold tight to the bottom of the legs. Selecting a cane she took up her trademark stance, well braced for the delivery of a savage stroke. “I trust one felt that” she asked after the first and he genuinely assured her that he did. His smirk had now well and truly gone but she lashed him a few more times. Down came his trousers and she crouched into her work, soon changing to a whippy, biting cane. Every stroke counted. Every stroke burned.

Dig In, You Can Do It
11 December
Duration: 20:42

Having caught an unsavoury character stealing knickers, the gym mistress wanted to make sure it wouldn’t happen again. Stripped naked she put the dirty knickers over his head and face and began by spanking his great fat arse over her knee. It was loud and firm and his bottom was soon red. On the floor, face down she beat him with a crop, sitting and standing astride him. He was going to get a horrendous caning but first she belted him with a belt that in her words was ‘a little bitch’. What sounds cane from his mouth under punishment. Floggers, crops, canes all marked his fat rear sometimes by surprise and from odd angles. The leather paddle stung then she encouraged him to take the whippy cane. “Dig in, you can do it”. He was destroyed when she left him.

I Am Sweet Enough
4 December
Duration: 12:07

Brian was broke and had to move in with Stephanie under her strict house rules. One Saturday afternoon he was reading with a generous glass of her best whisky when he spilled it all over the carpet. “O Christ, she’ll go mad” he muttered as he clumsily tried to clean it up. When she came in she was mad and furiously spanked him over her knee, trousers down. Still livid she continued enthusiastically with his underpants down. It was too much when she found the damp cushion and he had to bend for a good leathering with the paddle. When she undid his trousers he hoped she was going to do something nice but all he got was a severe belting. Sent to make her a cup of tea he asked “one sugar or two?” to which she replied “I’m sweet enough.” Yeah!

The Punishment Notices
26 November
Duration: 33:55

Alan was sent to the Headmistress with Punishment Notices from two teachers. These were only issued for extreme misconduct. The teachers recommended up to 24 strokes of the senior cane, mainly on the bare. She began with 6 in her study but his main thrashing would be carried out in front of the school and she announced it in assembly. She was removing his shorts when she found his cigarettes and gave him an extra 6 buttock tearing strokes. After assembly she had the pupils line up to observe the penalty for misconduct. She had given him quite a few on the seat of his shorts but was discounting these from the tariff. Over a desk she swung the cane brutally time and time again. For the last dozen he was secured to the caning bench and mercilessly flogged until red rivulets ran down to his knees.

Voluptuous Vanessa
19 November
Duration: 10:37

Stephanie found her partner looking guilty and he hadn’t done the jobs on his list. The list was by the telephone and she found a premium rate number and ‘Voluptuous Vanessa’ written on it. She dialled and was shocked to learn she offered spanking and domination and her louse of a partner had made a booking. He tried desperately to find an excuse, but ‘beaten with a happy ending’ was just too much. She changed tack and feigned interest in the whole ‘50 shades’ scenario, asked him ever so gently how he was going to spank Vanessa and announced “we’d better give it a try.” She coaxed him gently over her knee and then cut loose with a serious spanking. “So this is what you had in mind” she asked as she tanned his arse ferociously with his slipper. She’d stop his wages and go on a shopping spree.

A Ruby Red Rear
8 November
Duration: 6:57

The Housemistress would often invite a senior girl to her rooms to have something to eat, watch some television and generally ‘bond’. On a bitterly cold winter evening Skyla found herself in Miss’s lounge, trying to get warm in front of the fire. Miss thought she looked a bit sheepish and agitated. Skyla tried to pass it off as being cold but Miss spotted livid red welts all down the backs of her legs and the wretched girl had to own up to a prolonged ruler spanking in class. Now, Miss prided herself on her girls’ good behaviour and this broke all her rules. Skyla went over her knee for a real spanking. Her very pert and sexy little ass was getting redder and redder. Miss said she would rub cream into her scorched butt after a good hiding. Which she certainly got.

You Need To Pull Your Socks Up
1 November
Duration: 12:15

This detention didn't start well. Miss Hastings walked into the classroom and got no reaction from the two sorry pupils who were there. No hello or even a stand up, as is the customary welcome to a teacher. The two really do need to pull their socks up if they are to get anywhere. The first lesson will, therefore, be discipline. Slater escaped this one for half-standing, but Kristy is made to come forward for a spanking. The lesson begins and Miss catches Slater fiddling with his hands, which are soon lashed, then gets spanked on his backside for being funny. Miss walks out and returns only for kristy not to stand again...so receives another round of hand spanking on the bare. Slater is then spanked for being distracted by kristy's spanking! And the test? They both failed miserably of course, so out comes the paddle...

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