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A Delightfully Red Bottom
13 June
Duration: 7:50

Alan was in the library, supposedly researching his French homework but really arranging to meet Paul to pick up girls after he’d done his ‘stupid French homework’. In breezed Miss Hardcastle looking every inch the gorgeous French mistress in high heels and figure-hugging black dress. Cross, she asked if he could count to twelve in French. “Stupid language” he complained so she decided to test him. Bent over the library table she paddled him eyewateringly hard as he counted in French. She ridiculed his counting as ‘pathetic’ and bent him over a low chair (to keep his trousers taut). He forgot a count and got it again all the way to ‘douze’. His opinion of French unchanged his trousers came down for more savagely applied strokes then down came his underpants. “What a delightfully red bottom” she announced then confiscated his phone.

A New Regime
8 June
Duration: 12:56

Miss Hastings, the Headteacher at Westgate was getting a little tired of how ineffective punishment was becoming. It was time for a change and to try out a new punishment regime. Black was chosen as the guinea pig for this experiment. She wasn't sure whether it work or not, but she had to find out. With an array of canes to hand, some old and some new, she needed to test them all. Black was shaking. There would be no fixed number of strokes and each cane would be merited on its effectiveness. Sensing that Black might not stay still she decided to shackle him to the spanking bench to make sure he was secure and unable to move. And so it was onto the testing with each judged as she went along. When she eventually finished, she knew which ones she would keep and use in future, whilst Black's backside has never felt so much pain!

I Wouldn't Tut !
4 June
Duration: 7:32

Miss took Simon into her study after school. She found him loitering in the grounds in his jeans. He claimed to have forgotten the time so she decided to wake him up and lashed his backside with a heavy leather strap, jeans down. She’d soon make him behave. A knock came to her door and MacDonald Tuit entered, looking dishevelled. She soon confiscated his sweets and tawsed his grubby hands. That hurt. Still unsatisfied she had him bend over a chair and reached for a senior crook-handled cane. The sort that makes boys yelp. From the first stroke she laid it on hard. He yelped. Oblivious to his sounds of agony in the trouser department she carried on, pausing between each bite of the cane to extend his pain. When she dismissed him she warned him not to ‘tut’. She can’t stand tutting.

The Caning Demonstration
27 May
Duration: 10:29

The Headmistress was not happy with the way her girls were ‘playing’ the new teacher. He was too lenient and couldn’t keep discipline. He was surprised and rather pleased to learn that he could cane the girls, indeed, she thought he ‘better had’ so they lived in fear of the cane and he should make an example now and again. He seemed uncertain so she had an idea. “I think a demonstration is in order, on you, how to do it. Over there” pointing to the horse. Selecting a novelty cane of modest severity (but still alarmingly whippy) she laid on six across the seat of his trousers. “Of course, if you pull their skirts up it’s like your trousers down” and gave him six more. “Pull their panties up tight” she advised, then back down for six burning stripes on the bare.

It's Too Cold Outside
22 May
Duration: 5:17

Slater is skiving from Sports Day, where he is supposed to be doing the cross-country run, and hoping no-one would find him. Suddenly he is startled by the opening of the gym door and finds Miss Hastings entering and who is equally suprised to see Slater there! She strides over and bluntly asks him why he isn't outside. Slater claims it's far too cold to be out in just his t-shirt and shorts. His non-uniform t-shirt is noticed and he's told to take it off and it's clear the boy needs training to get fit. This slacker will learn. A good gym slippering will teach him. Bent down to touch his toes, she lashes into him and each stroke visibly stings like hell. He should be warm enough now to go and run that course!

I'm So So Sorry
18 May
Duration: 8:00

Miss Dubois caught a boy writing a fantasy letter to Miss Hastings-Gore. It was vile and obscene and she and the Headmistress were going to make him so, so, so, so sorry. They took him to the gym and dressed him in girls’ underwear from lost property to add to his humiliation. Miss Dubois read the letter, filth though it was. He had to write a real letter of apology while lying in the horse taking a blistering strapping from both sides, Miss Dubois with a hardwood handled punishment strap, Miss Hastings-Gore with a terrifying tawse. He was soon pleading for mercy. “PLEASE” he begged but they assumed he wanted more and happily gave it to him with a leather crop. When they had done he had to report for a caning. Miss Dubois selected some heavy canes as he read out his apology....

3 Demerits Means A Caning
12 May
Duration: 7:40

The vaulting horse, principally used to cane pupils over, was set up for a punishment. Miss Hastings-Gore, looking very much the very strict headmistress, called in the wayward boy, telling him she would tolerate his behaviour no longer. For 3 demerits in one term he would be punished, “firmly and hard.” Despite his protestations his shorts came down and he bent over the horse. Taking a heavy cane she lashed his bottom hard. “Nice and steady” she said so he could soak up the severity. The cane made a fearsome crack on his rear, 6 agonising times. Underpants down she took a thinner, whippier cane that left distinct reminders of his caning with each bite. This was getting through to him all right. His breathing was laboured and he was panting by the end of the next 6. He promised to behave and was dismissed.

You've Even Surpassed Your Lazy Self
8 May
Duration: 9:27

As janitors go, Black is known for his ability to find ways of not working. Here, she walks into her office to find Black at her desk doing the puzzles out of her newspaper instead of cleaning and tidying. And by the looks of things he's been there a while but hasn't even lifted a finger. The lazy man even had the cheek to say he was just about to go for a break! If there was a trophy for the laziest janitor he would win it hands down. Well, that isn't going to happen. He knew what was coming and his shoulders sank. Trousers down and over her knee she gave him a damn good spanking (though she secretly thinks he actually enjoys it!). Let's see if he enjoys a strapping with a long leather belt (and a paddle for good measure)!

A Lesson For Them All
4 May
Duration: 6:01

Discipline is the cornerstone of achieving good behaviour at Westgate School, so any transgressions are met with severe punishment, even if it means the embarassment of receiving such punishment in front of other pupils, as it demonstrates a lesson for them all to observe. In this instance, it was Riviera's turn after some serious breaches of school rules and his crimes befit an appropriate response...a flogging on his bare bag in front of the whole school. Riviera resigned himself to his fate and Miss certainly had a glint in her eye for what she was about to achieve. Her admiration for her own handiwork was evidence as his back grew redder with every harsh stroke...

I'm Going To Thrash You !
30 April
Duration: 19:46

Hauled before the Headteacher after school has closed, this unruly pupil now stahnds silent, awaiting his punishment. Previous punishments had clearly not worked on this boy and the Headmistress now wants to up the ante and vows to get through to him, one way or another. Told to remove his trousers he duly does so and bends over the desk and the headmistress wastes no time in raining down a harsh spanking. Up next comes the slipper, then the paddle, and Miss doesn't hold back on either, as his flesh gets redder and the sighs louder. Next up is a severe otk spanking, but she's not satisfied. Moving him to the spanking bench, she gives him a strapping with a tawse (after some more hand spanking of course), then a final bout of hand spanking sees out this harsh session...

I Really Will Break You
26 April
Duration: 13:29

Slater's repeat offending against school rules has brought him and the Headmistress to loggerheads and it is high time the cycle of his offending was brought to an end once and for all. Moving him into the desired position for maximum pain she fetches the cane and puts her full power into each stroke, demanding he doesn't move a muscle. Thinking the cane was bad enough Miss now fetches the dreaded cricket bat and he visibly winces. Now with shorts down she bats his backside with full force. Unfortunately for Slater he stood up against orders so now he needed to be restrained. Now strapped to the spanking bench, Miss unleashes the full force of the bat, then follows up with a plimsoll and doesn't stop until his backside is red raw!

Exam Cheat
22 April
Duration: 10:36

When the janitor needs to order items to carry out his work, such as cleaning equipment or maintenace items like screws, he needs to use his initiative and calculate his requirements instead of constan tly bleating to the Headmistress that he is always running short of things. Having been sent to take exams to improve his mathematical capabilities he is now in front of the Headmistress having been found to be cheating in his exam by using a small hidden calculator. How is this man every going to get things right if technology ever broke down? He should have known better. Cheating is is not tolerated at the school, whether pupil or janitor and he has to take his punishment like any student... and that means a severe caning!

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