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Disrespect Deserves Harsh Punishment
25 May
Duration: 16:45

Evans and Slater were in front of the Headmistress for bringing their uniforms into disrepute. The relaxed summer uniform is designed to be lighter and more comfortable, but Evans and Slater had taken it much too far. You could almost see evan's buttocks popping out of her shorts, they were that short! Given their school staus it just would not do and harsh punishment would be the price to pay. Bending each in turn over the school desk, Miss lays into them. Thinking it was over, Miss tells them to stand with their hands on their heads while she leads them into the reformatory. Evans is stripped and handcuffed to the wall where the rest of her clothes are removed. Hanging there completely naked, Miss lashes her back, buttocks and boobs. Slater too is cuffed to the wall, stripped and leathered and both get a hiding with a variety of impliments until they are red raw...

Teacher Taught To Discipline
23 May
Duration: 8:57

Rumours and comments had come to the Headmistress' attention that one of the teachers had become over lenient with his puils, practically letting them get away with murder. Wanting to establish the truth, the Teacher is called into the office for interrogation. It didn't take long. The mere mention of that tearaway pupil Evans was enough for him to admit she was difficult to handle as were other puils too. Being a strict disciplinarian, the Head was astounded at this revelation and wondered why he wasn't using discipline as a means of keeping order. She will just have to show him how it's done, but e himself would be the test subject. Getting him bent over the desk, trousers down, she set about teaching him the various implements used and she didn't hold back...she wanted him to really feel and understand the benefits of disciplining pupils and sent him on his way to prove himself...

Caught Out For Smoking
21 May
Duration: 6:41

This hen-pecked husband takes his chances whenever he can to indulge in the things he knows he's not allowed to do normally. His wife makes sure of that! He's in just one of those moments and has enjoyed every bit of his cigarette, which of course she hates. Hearing the latch on the front door go, he panics and immediately springs into action, dousing the but into a paper plate and syuffing it down the side of the sofa. With can in hand he sprays the entire room to rid it of the smell. In she walks, pleased that her husband aoppears to be doing housework and she may even reward him, which puts a big grin on his face. Sadly for him, when she sits down she discovers to stuffed paper plate. A pocket search finds the offending cigarette packet and it's over her knee he goes. The grimace on his face as she lays into him is priceless...

What ! No Underwear?
18 May
Duration: 12:24

Evans and Black are always playing silly games and one of those games got them into trouble, which is why we find them in detention once again. Within a minute of arriving to supervise these miscreants, Black was bent over a desk having his buttocks spanked for back chatting. And it wasn't long before Evans too was called out for being cheeky. Only when Miss had her over her knee and raised her skirt, the shocked look said it all. Yes, Evans is renowned for non-regulatory skimpy underwear, but no knickers! She has gone too far. She claimed it was just a game and Black had made her do it. A search soon revealed her panties in Black's desk. Well, if they like playing games, here's one...Evans can spank Black. After searing his bottom, Miss had them both over a desk once again for a serious beating, although whether it stops their childish games, who knows.

Handcuffed And Beaten
16 May
Duration: 9:48

Correction underpins the ethos of this school, so when Black had gone just too far with his misbehaviour it was time he had some discipline beaten into him. Marched into the reformatory, Black is handcuffed to the wall bar. At least here he could not wriggle free. Teacher Evans unceremoniously whips down his trousers and underpants, picks up a tawse and belts the living daylights out of him. Officer Croft, the school security officer, comes in and starts to admire Evan's'handiwork. With canes in hand, she has the final say on his punishment and delivers an intense round of strokes to his already battered buttocks. Striped and marked he is left to consider his plight and feel the burning coursing through his body...the poor boy can't even rub his bum for comfort....

I've Been Waiting For You
13 May
Duration: 10:35

He knew it was coming, so didn't even bother to knock on the door. He just sauntered in. This boy thinks everything in life waits for him. Well, the headmistress has got something waiting for him....the cane and a lot more! Every details was described to him while he stood there...the nervousness now starting to take hold. Making him take off his trousers he is told to bend over her knee whereupon she delivers a sound hand spanking. The paddle was next up. Told to bend over the desk, the head unceremomniouly piulls his underpants down and begins. The snivels start to come and the gasps of pain become audible. But she's not finished yet. Out comes the cane with a determination to leave her stripes on the unfortunate's buttocks...

Strict But Fair For Slob
11 May
Duration: 14:31

Alan is a bit slow when being summoned to the Headmistress’ office. And when he does appear he looks like a slob. No tie. Wilful attitude. Cigarettes in his pocket. Gum being chewed in that gobby mouth of his. The headmistress, being the kindly soul that we all know her to be, decides that 6 across the seat of the pants would be the proper punishment to fit the crime. Unfortunately, we can sometimes be wrong in our assessment of character and so it is the case with the Headmistress. She’s not kindly, she’s just strict. And she don’t give him 6 across the pants; it’s lots across the bare bottom. Strict and fair is our headmistress.

Matron's Universal Medicine
8 May
Duration: 9:30

It was time for Matron’s monthly inspection of malingerers and idlers who generally wanted to skip gym or games but she had hardened to their sad stories and generally administered a good beating. Bags was moaning about a sore leg making him limp so she paddled his other thigh for wasting her time and to even him up, then paddled his bottom firmly. Black had a sniffle so she gave him a spoonful of foul-tasting linctus. For calling it “bloody awful” he got a double dose of the paddle. Gary claimed to have an unheard of disease called Gash, the whole idea of which Matron found disgusting so he got a firm dozen on the bottom. Finally, Beryl came in for some soothing ointment for nettle rash on her bottom but instead got a good paddling and stinging antiseptic which made her yell and scream more than the beating.

You Pervert !
6 May
Duration: 8:26

I always thought we had a nice normal healthy marriage, so when my husband walked in announcing he had a present for me I was naturally excited. Until I opened it up and found a leather cap, handcuffs and a set of peephole bra and open-crotch panties! What am i supposed to do with these, I asked. When he suggested I put them on and we played a game in the bedroom I was astounded. I had no idea he was such a pervert ! Well, if he wants to play games then I'll play a game of my own. Pretending to go along with it, I took off his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and I could see the wexcitement in his face. That is until I dragged him over my knee yanked his underpants down and spanked him hard, then followed it up by telling him to lie down while I belted him with his own belt. Now that worked up some excitement... now what did you want to do in the bedroom? Let's go play...

Inappropariate Stepfather
4 May
Duration: 10:05

Alex has been sent to her room to get ready for bed. She starts to undress but complains that it's too cold. But Mum isn't interested. Alex undresses more and we can see the impact the cold is having on her pert nipples. Sitting on the bed Alex sees her Stepfather spying on her. Caught, he enters and sits beside her and begins cuddling her, his eyes roaming. Mum sees what's happening and watches for a while before entering and having a go at both of them; Alex for being slovenly and him for his inappropriate behaviour. She isn't going to stahd for it. She yanks down Alex's Panties and spanks her really hard before thrashing a belt on her tender ass. Her husband is dragged over her knee for a spanking and belting too. Hopefully they will both learn to behave appropriately in future...

Play It Sam... Or Else !
2 May
Duration: 7:56

Stephanie Hardcastle was an accomplished pianist and devoted a lot of her time to teaching the instrument and nurturing new talent. One of her pupils, Sam, was a particularly tragic case and he wouldn’t practice or take it seriously. On this occasion he was particularly hopeless, the notes unrelated noise so she told him he needed ‘focussing’ and left the room. She quickly returned and told him “your fingers need to know there’s a price to pay for wasting my time” and proceeded to strap his hands very hard to get the message across. It was pointless going on. “Is this the end of the piano lesson?” he asked, only to be told it wasn’t the end of HIS lesson. She bent him over the piano stool and strapped his bottom long and hard and he had to report to her house again next week.

The Snitch
29 April
Duration: 11:10

I, like your good self, couldn’t stand snitches at school. They used to get on my nerves. Chummying up with the teachers, getting their school chums in the crap. And so it is with Alex. That butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth look; all that pretty face and that hair that makes you just want to yank it and drag her off somewhere. Snitching on Alan, telling the headmistress about him being horrible to her, about him smoking. And doesn’t she take pleasure in seeing him squirm as the headmistress goes to work on his backside? I’m sure we’d all take pleasure in seeing the snitch getting her just deserves too.

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