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Thank You Aunty
20 September
Duration: 11:52

Her nephew had gone to bed early to do some homework but was reading the racing paper when Aunty came in with his bedtime hot chocolate. He stuffed the paper under his pillow. She told him she wanted to change his sheets as she had heard him wanking the night before (which he denied) and found the paper. She put him over her knee for a blistering spanking then made him take a revision book and lay face down on the bed. She took the belt to his bottom, hard, first on his pyjama bottoms then on his bare rear. Really cross about his gambling he got a right good dose of the plimsoll then she sat astride him, one stockinged thigh each side and hairbrushed him despite his flailing legs. “Have you learned your lesson?” she asked. “Yes Aunty, thank you” he blurted.

A Table For One
19 September
Duration: 12:26

Stephanie was dressed beautifully, ready to be taken out for a 25th wedding anniversary meal and impatiently awaited Peter’s return from work. When he arrived it was clear he hadn’t bought her a card, or, apparently, anything else. She was livid, told him to shut up and bend over for a slippering but soon went over her knee for her to vent her fury. She made him pull the sofa out and bent him over the back for an almighty slippering, then made him start counting to 25. Finally allowed to speak he said there was ‘something’ in the dressing table and she went to see. She was so happy when she returned with a pearl necklace and bracelet but a dropped receipt showed he had charged them to her credit card. She took his trouser belt and skinned his arse. She would dine alone at Luigi’s.

The New Regime
7 September
Duration: 9:21

The trouble with being a lady boss is that the men take liberties. Stephanie had several salesmen and assessed their performance regularly. One individual had very disappointing figures and when she summoned him to her office he was dressed very casually, no uniform or motif to show who he represented. “You’re not cutting the mustard” she rebuked, “you need focus.” By that she meant making him sit and work at his desk in his underpants with the throbbing redness of a harshly paddled bottom showing past his skimpy underpants for humiliation. Over her desk and stripped to his underwear she laid on the leather paddle hard with a loud and satisfying crack. He squirmed and yelped with each hard stroke before she eased his underpants down for the final swats. Satisfied, she remarked that she thought they would do quite well with the new regime.

Soak In That Burn
1 September
Duration: 18:47

Alan was in big trouble. He had forged sick notes from his parents so was guilty not only of absenteeism but also dishonestly. His parents were furious and had sent Miss Hastings-Gore two of the finest crook-handled canes that the educational suppliers could provide. He was flabbergasted that they would do that. The Headmistress announced that although Upper 6th Formers were normally exempt from Corporal Punishment she was going to treat him with contempt and cane him. Hard and deliberately. Over her desk she took one of the canes and sliced it towards his bottom as hard as she could. What a crack! She took pauses to prolong his agony. “Soak in that burn and feel the heat” she told him without a shed of sympathy. It wasn’t long before his shorts came down, followed by his underpants. Such livid strips! Then off to detention.

A Severe Caning To An Audience
27 August
Duration: 8:51

Mercer was up for a severe caning for all the problems he had caused over the whole term. Strapped to the spanking bench, he was forced to face the two female teachers he had wronged with his misogynistic comments and downright rudeness towards them. And Miss Hastings wasn't going to hold back either. She detested such behaviour and would ensure he felt the consequences of his actions. Having set out a whole array of different canes, she delivers each stroke with aplomb.... a true caning artiste at work, whilst the teachers encourage her and suggest to mercer he takes it and digs in. After 78 powerful strokes his cheeks are completely shredded and the teachers come up to inspect the mess, and her handiwork!

The Price Of Overdue Library Books
22 August
Duration: 9:34

Riviera walks sheepishly into the library having being summoned there by Stephanie the librarian. She begins by asking him some simple questions like where they, the purpose of a library, what is the library founded upon and then proceeds to go through the sections. Riviera is confused until she points out that there appears to be quite a few gaps on the shelves and why would that be? After a long silence, Riviera apologies and promises to return the overdue books. But the librarian is not impressed as most are at least 2 months overdue! And for that he must be punished so he learns a valuable lesson...and a painful one it was too...

A Flesh Rendering Judicial
17 August
Duration: 13:16

An Italian gentleman visits Miss Hastings from time to time for a good hard thrashing then takes his cuts and bruises back to Italy to mend. She warmed him up with a spanking over her knee that seemed interminable. He was making pained sobs by the end but she is used to this and carried on with even greater gusto. She was looking forward to the serious whipping. He was certainly warm now, red hot actually. Oh! How she loves to cane him and make him count in Italian. When she strapped him she coiled like a spring and let loose the most awesome of strokes, time and time again. When he asked what the schooling whip was she explained it was to help horses, not beat them. Good for beating gentlemen with, though. A final flesh-rending judicial caning to leave him gasping.

The Painful French Lesson
10 August
Duration: 13:00

Riviera was tasked with learning French numbers as well as basic greetings. He promised he'd learnt them, but struggled with his numbers. However, there was one French lesson that would perhaps aid his memory... the use of the martinet. Miss described its purpose and Riviera visibly sighed with fear, which unsettled him, but Miss was not happy that he couldn't be bothered to learn just a few basic french numbers. Made to stand up with hands out, Miss lashed his palms, which clearly stung. Time to try it out on his legs, now with his hands on his head. Then it was over the desk, pants down for a lashing, the strap marks now showing on his reddened thighs, while he was made to count in French!

You're The Worst Husband Ever
2 August
Duration: 8:13

Stephanie came home to find her husband playing games on his phone. She went to check on their daughter, Lucinda and was horrified at what he had allowed to happen. Lucinda, as small children do, had put her fingers down her nappy and finger painted the wall with poo. While he was playing games. Right. He was going to get it and was over her knee, trousers down before he knew it. What a spanking he got and had to clean the wall and repaint it. She was livid at his lack of attention to his daughter and bent him over for a strapping with his trouser belt that made his toes curl. “You’re the worst husband I’ve ever had” she snarled and sent him for paint, any colour other than brown, to make good the damage (and his marital standing).

A Very Warm Waking Up
27 July
Duration: 6:40

Lady Havergill’s ‘man’ was supposed to do the menial jobs and heavy work. She had left him to put out the washing while she went shopping. Imagine her disappointment, not to say irritation when she returned with armloads of bags to find him fast asleep in her armchair and not for the first time. Lady that she is she kept her composure despite her anger and in a trice his trousers were at his ankles, underpants down and she was spanking his idle bare bottom as hard as she could muster the strength. Which was painfully hard, I assure you. “It hurts!” he complained but she just asked if he thought this was all she had to do. It might have been as she went on and on, his bottom reddening as he made pained noises. She dismissed him to make a calming cup of tea.

Forgotten Anniversary
21 July
Duration: 12:16

Peter ambled into the kitchen. His long-suffering wife was in good humour, looking forward to lavish gifts for their silver wedding anniversary. She thought he was teasing as she hinted about silver but in fact he had nothing for her. Realising he had forgotten, she decided to take drastic and physical action. She threw him across her knee and spanked him as hard as she could, his bottom now glowing incandescently, and ignored his pathetic squeals and squirms. After his beating she finished her tea before leaving for work. In all the excitement it had gone cold so she demanded another and left the room to do her hair. A crashing in the sink brought her back to investigate. He admitted to breaking the milk jug. Stephanie was inconsolable. Taking the hairbrush she had been using she bent him over a chair and laid into his already well-reddened bottom. “That arse is going to be red” she announced...

After Class Correction
17 July
Duration: 13:08

We get straight into the action in this video where this miscreant is severely punished in after school detention. We open with this deadbeat student bent over a desk as Miss comes over, yanks down his underpants and spanks him hard and follows it up with a paddle. Next, we see him bent over again, this time taking the cane with some harsh strokes. The final scene has our poor student strapped ont the spanking bench, bare bottom out, ready to take an absolute thrashing with the cane, his bottom getting redder by the stroke until the skin breaks in several spots, which spurs on Miss to even harsher strokes. With no intro or padding you can enjoy thirteen minutes of uninterrupted correction...

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