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Is That How You Wear A Uniform?
15 September
Duration: 8:21

Riviera had just started coming to this school and on his first day was already being dragged in to see the Headmistress by the Head Girl for his unkempt appearance. Within seconds of going into the office he already lost points for sitting down without being told to. After scolding him, the Headmistress him whether this was the way he should dress in a prestigious private school. His shirt was dishevelled, his shirt tail out; in fact his whole appearance was nothing short of shoddy. From now on he would wear shorts instead of trousers as punishment. But that wasn't all the punishment he would get. Over her knee he went for a thorough hand spanking. Forced over her desk, his trousers down, he was spanked and rulered across his buttocks and thighs before asking the Head Girl to continue with the punishment while she watched on. What is the world coming to? she mused.

Idling Must Be Exhausting!
12 September
Duration: 6:23

Mother walked into the lounge feeling pleased with herself and wanted to tell her Daughter Alex. She'd spent all afternoon baking cakes for the church bazar, but when she entered the room all she found was Alex on the couch curled up and asleep. Waking her up she admonished her for being such an idle girl. It must be exhausting doing nothing, she exclaimed. Mother went back to the kitchen and returned with an egg timer. Explaing it's purpose was to boil an egg, Mother also said it had other uses...such as whether she could discipline her Daughter in the same amount of time! Grabbing her, she forced Alex over her knees and spanked her for all her worth, making sure she got as many hand spanks in as she could before the timer ran out... turned out to be a helluva lot!

Punished For Pilfering Panties
8 September
Duration: 10:42

Miss Hardcastle, the Headteacher, is all in for LGBT pupils and "Susan" is one who likes to dress in schoolgirl's clothes. Trouble is, he likes them so much he has a tendency for pilfering panties from the other schoolgirls, which he likes to wear. Well, having been caught, punishment is needed because whilst the school may have tolerence for many things, it does not tolerate stealing of any kind. For this punishment he will endure it wearing all the panties he has pinched. First up he is over the spanking chair, skirt up and we're straight into the action as the strap rains down on his tender backside. The tawse follows, where blow after blow is delivered. Then it's over the vaulting horse where those lace panties do nothing to shield the harsh blows from the prison strap; the pain clearly audible...

Miss Bircham's Disappointment
5 September
Duration: 14:54

Sent to the Headmistress' office, Allen stood before a scowling Miss Hardcastle. He was supposed to have been at the 6th Form conference and was even listed as being in attendance, but had been found smoking, drinking and "messing about" with some girls by Miss Bircham. Sadly, Miss Bircham was busy and was bitterly disappointed that she couldn't be there to see him punished. Allen was adamant that Miss Bircham had it in for him and was always singling him out. The problem with his pleas is that he was no stranger to being in this office and his crib sheet ran into pages. He knew what was coming. Trousers down and bent over the desk he knew he'd have to accept some harsh punishment, but the ferocity of the Head's strokes with the cane was not expected. God, that hurt! And those stripes were not going to disappear soon either...

Spiked Water Bottle
2 September
Duration: 8:25

While the after school party was in full swing, Black had sloped off on his own into a side room where he had taken in some food and drink. The Headmistress found him whilst on her way to fetich some more goodies. She's been running around all day and she was feeling shattered and thirsty. Spying a bottle of water, she went to pick it up, opened the cap and took a big gulp, immediately spluttering. Whatever was in it wasn't Scottish spring water! It had been spiked to hide its contents and everyone knows alcohol is definitely not allowed on school premises. Since Black had it, he must be the culprit. He was dragged out and forcibly bent over a table, his trousers yanked down and given the spanking of his life. And to drive the message home she brought out the case for some hefty strokes, leaving her mark for him to contemplate the error of his ways...

What A Nice View
30 August
Duration: 8:30

It's quite the rarity to see Riviera in front of the Headmistress. He's normally such a diligent and hardworking boy and pretty much the perfect pupil. But like all boys, he's prone to to the odd lapse. For the Headmistress it's a real shame. She'd like nothing more than to get more looks at his tight shorts shaping his pert bottom, with his smooth thights and clear skin. Makes her tremble. So it was that this opportunity came at last, but first she needs to strap his hands for some misdemeanours. No that is out of the way she can concentrate on his pert bottom. With strap and tawse to delivers stinging blows to his backside and thighs; first with pants on, then off, all the time admiring his derriere. No that he caredHe just wants to get the hell out of there!

You Don't Need Your Skirt On !
26 August
Duration: 7:20

Mother barked at her Daughter to come downstairs, telling her she should take her skirt off as she won't be needing it. Mother was furious. She was tired of her daughter taking no heed of her requests. Nervously her Daughter wanted to talk about it, but she knew she's pushed Mother too far and she'd done with talking; action was now needed. To make sure she was conscious of the consequences of her actions and choices she was told exactly what would be done to her, which would give her something to think about during her punishment. Hard spanking ensures over her Mother's knee, pants on then down, followed by the wheelbarrow then it's onto the floor, legs in the air for a whalloping, the pain clearly showing on her Daughter's face. Here's hoping the shame and embarassment of this brings about a change, but she doubts it...

Lazy Husband In Big Trouble
23 August
Duration: 9:58

Mrs Black came home to find her husband still in bed. He's supposedly been off work ill for three weeks. He was supposed to be making a romantic dinner this evening. Feigning compassion, she soon finds out he's been faking it. He was just about to get out of bed when she hauled his legs in the air and spanked him hard. Not done, she finds a slipper on the floor and beats his backside hard. "Let's make it up" she says as she directs him to the lounge. Sounding all sweet and loving, she cuddles up to her husband and suggests they should be a lot more intimate. But it was all a ruse. She tells him how much it excites her to see his pert bottom wiggling. Well, as soon as it was exposed she pulls out a long leather strap and beats nine bells out of him. "You'd better mend your ways" she tells him, holding a carpet beater, as he scurried out of the room...

Persistently Punished
20 August
Duration: 6:03

Peter Allen was in front of the Headmistress yet again after being reported by one of his Teachers. Clearly, chastisement wasn't working, but he insisted it was. Oh yes? Reeling off a list of misdemeanours it was clear he was either stupid or loved being punished, the former being most likely! Well this would be the punishment to end all punishments, so she hoped. Made to take of his trousers and bend over the desk Miss delivered mighty blows across his arse with the senior cane until he was so red and sore he was crying in pain, the prominent red welts covering his rear end. Dismissing him she had a strong feeling it wouldn't be long before he was back again.

Let's Play A Game
17 August
Duration: 16:00

At the after-school party, the pool table was brought out and everyone was having fun. To make things interesting a discussion was held among the class to incentivise the game and rules were agreed upon. Miss thought it highly amusing and jumped at the suggestion. The aim of the game was simple....pot the ball and you would escape. Miss, and you would be punished. Needless to say the whole class eventually missed a pot and had to bend over the table in front of the others and get a beating, only they didn't know what was coming... tawse or cane. Evans was good at this game and managed to dodge a beating, eventually winning. But not to be outdone, she was held face down on top of the table, then spanked and caned....that's the prize for winning!

A Sweet Punishment For Both
14 August
Duration: 10:08

Allen and Evans were discussing the merits of changing schools as the Headteacher was such a dragon and seemed to take great delight in punishing students. Allen complained he was always being caned and Evans was convinced she hated kids altogether. In walked the Headteacher complaing of a fierce headache. Oh dear. A roll of the eyes told them both that this day would not end well. As the lesson began, Evans asked Allen to secretly pass her his sweets, but she was busted. The Head noticed and immediately went into a rant about sweets being banned in school. Furious, she had her over a desk and waded in with a good spanking followed by a strapping. Evans confessed that Allen brought them in and so he too got her wrath and suffered an even harsher punishment with the cane, leaving him red and sore...

Strict Disciple Can Work
11 August
Duration: 4:08

Baggs was in front of the Headteacher and his Form Tutor. His results had picked up of late and there could only be one explanation for this about face...strict discipline. He had been given the strictest of punishments over the last few weeks and it was clearly working. And to make sure he kept up the improvement it was deemed necessary to keep up with it. Baggs protested, but he he knew he was onto a lost cause. Down came his trousers and underpants. Bent over the desk with his Form Tutor giving consolation, Miss slapped his buttocks with a firm hand before beihng handed the strap for some further punishment. But it wasn't strict enough... the cane would be far more fitting. Heavy strokes rained down while his Form Tutor looked on with a glint in her eye and a smile on her face...

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