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Forgotten Anniversary
21 July
Duration: 12:16

Peter ambled into the kitchen. His long-suffering wife was in good humour, looking forward to lavish gifts for their silver wedding anniversary. She thought he was teasing as she hinted about silver but in fact he had nothing for her. Realising he had forgotten, she decided to take drastic and physical action. She threw him across her knee and spanked him as hard as she could, his bottom now glowing incandescently, and ignored his pathetic squeals and squirms. After his beating she finished her tea before leaving for work. In all the excitement it had gone cold so she demanded another and left the room to do her hair. A crashing in the sink brought her back to investigate. He admitted to breaking the milk jug. Stephanie was inconsolable. Taking the hairbrush she had been using she bent him over a chair and laid into his already well-reddened bottom. “That arse is going to be red” she announced...

After Class Correction
17 July
Duration: 13:08

We get straight into the action in this video where this miscreant is severely punished in after school detention. We open with this deadbeat student bent over a desk as Miss comes over, yanks down his underpants and spanks him hard and follows it up with a paddle. Next, we see him bent over again, this time taking the cane with some harsh strokes. The final scene has our poor student strapped ont the spanking bench, bare bottom out, ready to take an absolute thrashing with the cane, his bottom getting redder by the stroke until the skin breaks in several spots, which spurs on Miss to even harsher strokes. With no intro or padding you can enjoy thirteen minutes of uninterrupted correction...

A Painful Lesson
13 July
Duration: 36:55

We find Hudson in detention once again and Miss was now marking his extra homework. She was pleasantly surprised at how well he did, but there was an error and that wouldn't do, so over her knee he went for a good spanking. More marking and another error found...another spanking! Next was a lesson on the Fibonacce sequence. An error is spotted and Hudson confessed to falling asleep while doing homework. That wouldn't do at all. Over a desk he is spanked, rulered and paddled. More homework is marked; this time English Lit. Oh dear! Another over desk punishment; this time a dozen heavy strokes with the tawse. Miss was suitably impressed with his next round of homework, but bitterly disappointed by his late attendance...a new record and 1.5 hours. This would need the severest punishment...the cane! Miss enjoyed handing that out...

I Will Make You Smart
7 July
Duration: 7:37

Aunty was ready to take her nephew to his Nan’s and told him to change and look smart. He shouted up to her that he was ready to go but when she came downstairs he was covered in chocolate, her chocolate, wearing no shoes and scruffy jeans. “Smart?" she challenged and pulled him over her knee in one swift movement. Tugging his jeans down over his fat, idle arse she laid into him with the flat of her hand for a good hard spanking. A “good hiding.” She was tanning his so hard he was making pathetic noises and couldn’t stay still so she made sure she held him tightly in place for just as long as she wanted to spank him. They were late but she still found time to paddle his sorry backside vindictively before he went upstairs to change.

A Furious Wife
2 July
Duration: 12:34

Stephanie came home to find her errant spouse lounging on the sofa with a copy of ‘The Racing Post.’ She unceremoniously tipped him onto the floor, then noticed the short curtains. He said he’d put them on a hot wash and they must be rubbish. She put on the TV and found he’d been watching a spanking DVD. By now she was incandescent with rage and closed the ruined curtains as she didn’t want the neighbours looking in on what she had in mind. Demanding he remove his trousers he said he was “fed up of her fetishes” which tipped her over the edge and she spanked him double-handed just like the DVD. Then her eyes fell on his trouser belt and she put that to very good use. Whipping it across his underpants and doubling it up for more weight. Furious, ‘The Racing Post’ went into the bin.

A Hiding For The Handyman
24 June
Duration: 9:35

The Lady of the house employed a handyman and set him to work while she went out. On her return he had done practically nothing, taking all morning to hang a picture, badly. She was not at all happy and measured it for level as he furtively admired her glorious, tight-skirted bottom. When he complained about his pay she decided to pay him plenty, laying across her knee with his trousers at his ankles. She spanked him hard in her long black leather gloves as he admired her slender ankles. He admitted he liked to look at ladies bottoms, too, so she really went into top gear and tanned his backside. His underpants didn’t last long and the plastic ruler that she had checked his work with was unbelievably sore on a bare arse. A good paddling over the table and he agreed to work for nothing.

Extortionate Intertest Rates
19 June
Duration: 9:46

Aunty just didn’t understand why her nephew spent all his time and money on an old rustbucket of a car. A ‘classic’ he called it. A 34 year old Golf. He was broke and asked if she could lend him a few bob until his benefits were paid. She had warned him last month that he’d regret it if he asked for more. “Get those trousers down.” His underpants came down and she laid into him, berating his laziness and failure to do anything useful. This was a very intense beating and she bet he was sorry. She had to take a breather, such was her fury, then carried on with renewed vigour. He would get no more money and if he didn’t make repayments the interest she would charge would be extortionate, payable in spanking terms. She even threatened to sell the car.

A Delightfully Red Bottom
13 June
Duration: 7:50

Alan was in the library, supposedly researching his French homework but really arranging to meet Paul to pick up girls after he’d done his ‘stupid French homework’. In breezed Miss Hardcastle looking every inch the gorgeous French mistress in high heels and figure-hugging black dress. Cross, she asked if he could count to twelve in French. “Stupid language” he complained so she decided to test him. Bent over the library table she paddled him eyewateringly hard as he counted in French. She ridiculed his counting as ‘pathetic’ and bent him over a low chair (to keep his trousers taut). He forgot a count and got it again all the way to ‘douze’. His opinion of French unchanged his trousers came down for more savagely applied strokes then down came his underpants. “What a delightfully red bottom” she announced then confiscated his phone.

A New Regime
8 June
Duration: 12:56

Miss Hastings, the Headteacher at Westgate was getting a little tired of how ineffective punishment was becoming. It was time for a change and to try out a new punishment regime. Black was chosen as the guinea pig for this experiment. She wasn't sure whether it work or not, but she had to find out. With an array of canes to hand, some old and some new, she needed to test them all. Black was shaking. There would be no fixed number of strokes and each cane would be merited on its effectiveness. Sensing that Black might not stay still she decided to shackle him to the spanking bench to make sure he was secure and unable to move. And so it was onto the testing with each judged as she went along. When she eventually finished, she knew which ones she would keep and use in future, whilst Black's backside has never felt so much pain!

I Wouldn't Tut !
4 June
Duration: 7:32

Miss took Simon into her study after school. She found him loitering in the grounds in his jeans. He claimed to have forgotten the time so she decided to wake him up and lashed his backside with a heavy leather strap, jeans down. She’d soon make him behave. A knock came to her door and MacDonald Tuit entered, looking dishevelled. She soon confiscated his sweets and tawsed his grubby hands. That hurt. Still unsatisfied she had him bend over a chair and reached for a senior crook-handled cane. The sort that makes boys yelp. From the first stroke she laid it on hard. He yelped. Oblivious to his sounds of agony in the trouser department she carried on, pausing between each bite of the cane to extend his pain. When she dismissed him she warned him not to ‘tut’. She can’t stand tutting.

The Caning Demonstration
27 May
Duration: 10:29

The Headmistress was not happy with the way her girls were ‘playing’ the new teacher. He was too lenient and couldn’t keep discipline. He was surprised and rather pleased to learn that he could cane the girls, indeed, she thought he ‘better had’ so they lived in fear of the cane and he should make an example now and again. He seemed uncertain so she had an idea. “I think a demonstration is in order, on you, how to do it. Over there” pointing to the horse. Selecting a novelty cane of modest severity (but still alarmingly whippy) she laid on six across the seat of his trousers. “Of course, if you pull their skirts up it’s like your trousers down” and gave him six more. “Pull their panties up tight” she advised, then back down for six burning stripes on the bare.

It's Too Cold Outside
22 May
Duration: 5:17

Slater is skiving from Sports Day, where he is supposed to be doing the cross-country run, and hoping no-one would find him. Suddenly he is startled by the opening of the gym door and finds Miss Hastings entering and who is equally suprised to see Slater there! She strides over and bluntly asks him why he isn't outside. Slater claims it's far too cold to be out in just his t-shirt and shorts. His non-uniform t-shirt is noticed and he's told to take it off and it's clear the boy needs training to get fit. This slacker will learn. A good gym slippering will teach him. Bent down to touch his toes, she lashes into him and each stroke visibly stings like hell. He should be warm enough now to go and run that course!

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