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Little Miss Naughty
18 April
Duration: 6:43

Karen is such a naughty gurl. Always giving lip and being cheeky and always pushing boundaries. Miss Hastings is having none of it and immediately puts her over her knee. And she'll get extra hard spanks for being deliberately provocative wearing stockings and lace panties...not exactly school regulation! When pulling down her panties Miss can see she's already been in trouble and her cheek keeps on coming out of her sassy mouth. It just spurs Miss on to redouble her spanking effort. Miss needs a better angle, so makes her bend over the horse for a harsher spanking and, for continued cheek, brings out the strap. That cheek may work on the male teachers, but not this one, as she belts him for all her worth, then follows up with a plimsoll. A harsh hand-strapping finishes off the punishment...

Please Strap My Ass Hard
13 April
Duration: 21:44

This was a ‘fun’ spanking session but it was very firm. Tony and Skyla changed places several times in the ‘piggy-back’ spanking position for their bottoms and thighs to be spanked hard by Miss Hardcastle. Skyla rubbed Tony’s legs better but couldn’t resist spanking him. They used the plimsoll next, Skyla getting it every bit as hard as Tony but taking it at least as well, though she yelped a bit. Skyla lay over Miss for the plimsoll and slapped legs from Tony. They played (severely) with the strap, lying on the horse, Skyla’s reactions being wonderful, especially when Miss H belted her. This was serious strapping, boy or girl. When it was Tony’s turn she asked him “please strap my arse” and he certainly did, Miss strapped her gorgeous bottom thrust up to receive it. A caning, a hard caning on that glorious arse concluded the session.

Mercer Mercilessly Thrashed
7 April
Duration: 9:04

Mercer has been so naughty that he is now at the mercy of the Headmaster, Deputy Headmistress and his Teacher after school. We find him already strapped to the mezzanine railing, his teacher sat in front of him, while the Headteacher and Deputy Headmistess take it turns to deliver a series of buttock shattering strokes with all manner of different canes...whippy through to senior canes until shredded. All the while, his teacher speaks to Mercer directly with words of torment as each stroke rains down, the flesh being slowly torn away with each session. When his tormentors have finally finished with him he is warned that any more troublesome behaviour and it will be twice what he has just received!

Badge Of Honour
2 April
Duration: 10:56

Miss was aware that the pupil was not familiar with her severest discipline and decided to respect his limit but push him to a new level, advising him to grit his teeth. He bent over the stool with, rather optimistically, his shorts up so she generously left his underpants up for a long warm-up spanking while he made pained noises. She continued on his bare bottom then upped the game to a ruler, then a strap and a leather paddle, getting more vocal reactions with each. When she deemed him ready she reached for the ‘piece de resistance’, the cane, swishing it scarily. She was pleased he was ‘digging in’ and proceeded to cane him with increasing force six times leaving ‘lovely little stripes’. She decided he just needed six more, the last being hardest. His twelve stripes were his ‘badge of honour’.

Buying His Homework
2 April
Duration: 10:23

Aunt Judy was relaxing with the racing paper when her nephew Peter arrived home from school asking for a sandwich. He was always hungry and she was sure the other boys didn’t eat as much. She’d had a call from Higgins mother and deduced that Higgins had been extorting dinner money from Peter for his homework. “Cheats!” she exclaimed and promised to give Peter a good spanking over her knee. “No tea tonight, just a very sore bottom she said as she blistered his rear. His shorts came down for much more then, when his underpants were lowered she could tell he’d been in trouble at school. She bent him over the sofa, bottom out and tanned him with a slipper and a brush. He was sent to make her a sandwich, he was sent in disgrace to his bedroom hungry and had to stay there.

The Magic Descends
2 April
Duration: 5:43

For writing foul things about his Headmistress Miss Dubois and Miss Hastings-Gore had given Derek a thorough strapping that had him pleading for clemency. Now his bottom would feel the bite of some of the school’s most feared canes. Humiliatingly dressed in girls’ panties, stockings and suspenders and bent over the horse they paused, increasing his anticipation of an unquenchable fire that would soon scorch his arse. Miss Dubois almost forgot to hand over the cane to the Headmistress, such was the satisfaction she derived from delivering a good caning. Miss Hastings-Gore understood, remarking that when she was caning hard a ‘magic descends’ then gave him one that buckled his knees. Taking a noticeably heavier cane Miss Dubois made him gasp, sob, whimper, cry and pray it would be over then slapped an apology out of him, his thrashing a cruel reminder of his crime.

Sleeping On The Job
17 March
Duration: 9:14

The headmistress needed some photocopying doing and needed Black, her assistant, to do it, but he was nowhere to be found. She searched high and low and finally found him in the Matron's office, fast asleep! He claimed to be taking a break, but he'd already had a tea break earlier....just how many breaks did he need? All he ever does is find every opportunity to do nothing. That lazy sod needed teaching a lesson. She dragged him out of that office and it was over her knee for a good old hand spanking. When finished, she looked around the untidy area... another job he should have done... and found a student's belt lying around, which at this moment came in very handy for a thorough strapping... 75 stinging lashes on his bare backside!

You've Been Sentenced
12 March
Duration: 9:14

Sent to be punished by Miss Hastings-Gore, the prison disciplinarian, Riviera was filled with dread as to what his punishment would be, as miss was known to use some unusual methods, which some may even call medieval. When the handcuffs came off, the colour drained from his skin as he was shackled to the wall. The fear really kicked in when he saw the cat-o-nine tails with Miss teasing him with it. Then whack, the punishment began. After a few strokes, his shirt was ripped off his back and on it continued, his back getting redder after every stroke. Even the shorts came down for a good whipping. The prisoner was a mess by the time she finished...

I Like Beating You
6 March
Duration: 32:14

Macdonald Tuit was no stranger to detention thrashings. He was struggling with a test and time was almost up. Miss Hastings fetched a tawse, lashing it on the caning stool to focus his attention. Failing, she opted to spank him over her knee for ‘widdling about’ and slapped his legs for good measure. This beating was for ‘tutting’ which she abhorred. Over the spanking stool she tawsed him severely. This tawse looked innocuous but has a venomous bite. Giving him another chance she asked more questions while spanking him over his desk then cropped his rear. It was obvious he would get the cane, canes actually and she began. If you’ve never been caned by her you have no idea how hard she can deliver. His right buttock was well marked so she concentrated on the left. “I like beating you” she told him in all sincerity.

Sent By The Governor For Correction
26 February
Duration: 15:18

Black had been hauled before the School Governor, who had decided he needed correction for his disobedience. He was sent to see Miss Hastings, the resident behaviourist, to explain his presence and to receive 18 strokes of the cane in three groups of six. And as evidence, the Governor wanted proof of completion, as he knew that Black was one for wriggling out of punishment, and so a photo of his bottom both before and after would suffice. The utter delight of performing the task increased as he explained the requirement to her and she would take great pleasure in doing her job... after all it was one of the perks! Strapped to the punishment bench she delivered each and every agonising stroke with the cane; the pain seering through Black's whole body. After completion she reviewed her handiwork and was pleased with the result. She bet it wouldn't be long before he was back for more!

The Salesman Gets A Demonstration
22 February
Duration: 12:09

Suspecting that Miss Hastings-Gore had a passionate interest in thrashing outside the field of education the salesman from the Wakefield Strap and Paddle Company brought samples of their more BDSM products. A 5-tailed cat and a heavy single-tail with a heavy slapper at the end. He thought he’d made a sale without the usual demonstration on his bottom but, in reality, he knew what was coming. First she tried the single-tail and got the hang of it in a few eye-wateringly blistering strokes. Then his pants came down. The cat really stung in contrast to the former implement and now his arse was crimson as she hoisted the legs of his underpants. Naturally she had to try the single-tail on the bare with gusto. Luckily for him she was interrupted before she could sample the special-order whangee show cane. Maybe next time.

Third Time Unlucky
12 February
Duration: 4:46

Ruby was in trouble again, the third time this week. She had been sent to the gym to await her punishment, hands on head, standing in front of the vaulting horse that she would soon be tanned over. “Three times this week” admonished Miss Hastings, “I doubt if it will be third time lucky” then made her lie flat on the high horse, legs straight out behind her. Her skirt came up and Miss set about spanking the girl’s pert behind. Miss Hardcastle’s hand is well hardened with spanking and it really, really hurts. A few swats with the leather paddle on her reddening shapely mounds, then back to spanking. When she was allowed to dismount she had to stand, skirt up, hands on head in disgrace to think about her behaviour and had a sneaky rub of her still glowing bottom.

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