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It Is No Good Whimpering !
28 October
Duration: 15:45

When Aunty found Nephew Alan’s spanking magazines she belted his hands to discourage self-abuse and he had to throw the disgusting material in the fire. “You’re lucky you don’t get the buckle end of the belt” she told him, put him over her knee and spanked the living daylights out of him. “It’s no good whimpering” she rebuked unsympathetically, the school said you wouldn’t have Matron’s medical inspection.” Undignified, he thought. “I’ll show you undignified” she snapped and paddled and belted his bottom red and fiery. Bottom up she slashed the wooden handled strap across his backside. You can tell it hurt. She was enjoying this. After the carpet beater, paddle and tawse he asked her forgiveness and she agreed if he took six very hard with the tawse. His pained noises got louder with each crack, then they hugged and made up.

Janitor Pretends To Be Teacher
24 October
Duration: 6:27

Bored, the janitor wanders aimlessly around the school. Walking into a room he spots the Headmistress' robes and a cane, no doubt used on some unruly pupil earlier. Realising no one is about he decides to try the robe on for himself and playfully swishes the cane, enjoying the noise it made. Unknowingly, he had caught the Headmistress' eye as she walked past and she now stared at his antics through the door window. Bursting in, she admonished him and told him to remove the robe. Did he understand how hard she had to work for that? Unlike that lazy bugger! He knew what was coming and simply dropped his trousers. Now bent over, he received a brutal unexpected hand spanking and then got a thrashing with his own belt. Having finished she summoned him to her office. He feared there was more to come...

Riviera Takes His Punishment
20 October
Duration: 11:05

In his gym kit, Riviera reports to the PE teacher as instructed. His spray painting antics previously had warranted some punishment by Miss Hastings, but clearly it hadn't been enough and further punishment was needed. Sitting on the vaulting horse, the teacher recounts other wrongdoings and takes great delight in making him squirm at the thought of further pain to come. Now it was time for some "exercise". Bent over the mini horse, his bottom and thighs are strapped hard. After all, if he can vandalise, then so she can vandalise his body! And this is just the start. Now sat on the horse and told not to move, his thighs are slapped really hard. Riviera winces in pain. Next, his hands are strapped, one by one. And to finish off, he is told to hold on tight to the wall ropes as she straps him once again with such force that he will think twice before performing any more hooliganism...

I'll Make You Lose Weight
16 October
Duration: 11:59

Slater has been sent to see Miss with a note about his weight problem. Out come the scales and the problem is clear to see. This boy definitely needs to take his exercises seriously. In just his undergarments, he is told to stand in the corner with hands on head while she decides what to do with him. While she's out he looks over at his clothes and decides to put them on. After all, he has taken his verbal admonishment. With clothes on, he goes back to standing with hands on head. In walks Miss, who looks at him in astonishment. "Are we now performing magic tricks?" she says. She certainly hadn't given her permission for him to dress. With hands out, they are strapped, before the real punishment begins. Made to undress again and touch his toes Miss belts him with a plimsoll followed by the dreaded cricket bat and Miss made sure he felt every single stroke....

Punished For Teasing The Boys
12 October
Duration: 7:30

The Housemaster delivered a troublemaking girl to Miss Hardcastle for discipline. Without delay she was over the punishment stool with her bottom bared. The Housemaster had already reddened it but only the Headmistress could cane her. What a spanking she got for her short, short skirt, seamed stockings and high heels that ‘only encourage the boys’ in the Head’s view. Miss Hardcastle raised the level of discipline to a paddle and a very painful slipper. She was really going to punish the new girl and laid on the strap, very hard indeed, although the girl was taking it well, despite her obvious pain. Inevitably, the cane was slicing through the air soon and the girl had to count off six whistling slashes of the rattan before she had to report to Sir. If he sent her back for more it would be the senior cane.

A Spankingly Good Birthday Present
8 October
Duration: 6:44

Mr Black is at home enjoying a lazy day. It is his birthday today and, under normal circumstances, being caught doing nothing would incur his wife's wrath and earn him some form of punishment. But today is different. Mrs Black arrives home looking rather sheepish. She asks him how his day has gone then admits she hasn't bought him a present. After all, what to you get a man who has everything? Asking what he would like, she was thinking a nice meal perhaps, he blurted out that he would actually enjoy an otk spanking, since that was what he would normally get for lounging around. This takes her by surprise! But is happy to oblige, as any dutiful housewife would. After discussing how he would like it, she starts out with a slow warm up, then pulls up a chair, gets comfortable, then spanks his bare bottom for what seems like hours. They both walk away thoroughly satisfied...

Graffiti Gaff
4 October
Duration: 12:20

Some disturbing graffiti had been found in the school toilets and miss was determined to find the culprit. Having gone and inspected it herself, she now had a good idea who this miscreant was. The style of writing was a dead giveaway. Riviera was told to see Miss in his lunch break. Stood before her, he denied her assertion that he had anything to do with it. Searching through all the desks Miss could find no evidence, not even in Riviera's desk. Sensing his chance and from nowhere he produced the can of paint and hurriedly threw it in his desk. Miss caught him through the corner of her eye and immediately rushed back to his desk to find the offending can. He was caught! And he would be severely punished, not only for the misdeed, but for lying about it too. Spanked and strapped, it was a punishment he will remember for a long time to come...

Slater Skips Sports Day
30 September
Duration: 11:38

The first week back at school during the Covid pandemic and Slater is already in detention. Despite feigning a love for PE and sports, it turns out Slater had logged himself in for Sports day but then skipped the whole thing and had been spotted in the park, congregating with others, which was against all guidance! For that he needed to be punished. Told to touch his toes he is brutally slippered on his bare bottom and told to sit down for some tests. He was good at this but also smug. The 3 months off had clearly affected him and he need to be brought down a peg or two. Now bent over a desk he is rulered, caned and spanked until his sorry bottom was red raw, but just for good measure Miss had him over the banister for a quick strapping!

A Brutal Caning
26 September
Duration: 10:39

"Prepare yourself, this is going to hurt". The opening lines to the beginning of a brutal caning session with an unruly pupil. The boy tyries to show restrainst but the the whites of his knuckles bearing down on the spanking banch, to which he is strapped tightly, bear witness to the pain and suffering he is enduring, as do the grunts of pain coming with every harsh stroke. After 36 strokes, the heavy artillary comes out. Soon the senior cane is bearing down as the red liquid oozes out of his bare bottom. Still, she carries on regardless until she finally reaches her goal of 50; his backside totally destroyed!

Zoe Caught Stealing
21 September
Duration: 27:48

Zoe arrives at school and goes to see the school teacher with a note from her father. She has been caught pilfering a quality pen from the teacher. Zoe tried to wriggle out of it, but it doesn't wash. She also claims she's done her homework but Miss isn't convinced. First up a she needs to be disciplined for stealing, so it's over Miss' knee for a good hand spanking. Next she is tested on her homework, which she fails miserably. Soon she is over her desk for another spanking followed up by an otk spanking on her bare bottom. Miss discovers that her failed homework was down to Zoe going to a party instead of studying. Made to touch her toes, she is slippered. Another test and Zoe knows she is not going to get away without more punishment. She can see Miss is in the mood for it and submits to more slipperings and canings...

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
17 September
Duration: 20:17

Turner is once again in front of the Headmistress and he knew very well why he was there. Miss hastings was flabbergasted. She was tired of handing out lectures to unruly pupils and in Turner's case words were clearly insufficient. There was no point; only action would suffice. Before he knew it, he was over her desk for a severe caning. Believing his punishment was finally over there as a surprise in store waiting for him... he was to go in front of the class to receive the ultimate humiliation... a caning in front of his class! Now there, Miss explains to the class what happens when someone really pushes their luck. Turner is made to bend over the horse, trousers down, for a walloping. She really laid into him and when finished he is made to stand in front of the wall before she starts on part two with another bout of the cane...

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