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Black Is Back For More
9 August
Duration: 9:57

Not for the first time, Black is back to face Prison Officer Hastings for further breaches of prison regulations and that means anbother dose of Officer Hastings' special treatment on the punishment bench. Slouched in front her, head bowed, he knows what is coming and her uniform merely instils additional fear. He is told to strip down and assume the position on the bench. Now strapped up from top to bottom, poor Black can't move an inch and will have to take whatever is given to him. Picking up two canes, Officer Hastings delivers scorching strokes across his bare bottom, each one stinging like hell. She is determined to rehabilitate this offender...

Words Are Too Cheap
5 August
Duration: 6:31

Riviera has been summoned to the Headmistress' office. He is getting used to this and knows the drill. The school year has barely started and a litany of misdeeds has already come to the attention of Miss Hardcastle from a number of teachers. An early lesson is needed before he spirals out of control for the rest of the school year. He has already started to influence other pupils into bad behaviour, so there is an urgent need to control the situation before the school descends into anarchy. With Riviera, past encounters hve shown that words are much too cheap to waste on him. Direct action is needed and only physical punishment may have an impact. First, an otk spanking, followed by a severe strapping of his legs and thighs; the gasps audible with every stroke. It may have hurt like hell, but he is warned that if she sees him again, worse would follow!

It's Got To Stop Alisha!
1 August
Duration: 9:21

When Miss came entered the detention room to check Alisha’s 50 lines she found them sloppy and tore them up. The girl’s lack of commitment was an affront and Miss wasn’t going to tolerate that. She picked up a strap and had Alisha bend over a desk, skirt up for a fearsome strapping on her very, very sexy bottom. Soon Alisha was repositioned over the spanking stool where the savage strapping continued despite her jumps and cries. What a crack the strap made each time it thrashed against her petite and delicate bottom. Miss had decided that Alisha’s attitude was going to stop. When the girl couldn’t stay still she had her legs smacked, then it was more with the strap and 100 lines. Elbows on the table got her a hand caning before Miss left her to finish her 100 lines

Sleeping Janitor Spanked
27 July
Duration: 6:54

The school janitor is caught cat-napping in the canteen, who jumps up and grabs his brush as he hears her enter. The school headmistress can't abide sloppiness nor those not dedicated to their job, no matter how much of a pittance they are paid and suggests that him getting up quickly to look like he's working is about as much exercise he has done all day! After an inquisition, he admits to regularly sleeping on the job. No wonder the school never looks clean and tidy! As she sits down beside him, he tries to take advantage and puts his arm around her. Exasperated, she hauls him up, makes him take down his jeans and spanks the life out of him! This is what happens to people who skive in her school...

School Nurse Is Not Fooled
23 July
Duration: 11:48

Steven is in the nurse's room complaining of still having lower back pains, having spent the last two weeks at home to rest it. The nurse is suspicious, as his suntan is giving him away. He fobs this off with a feeble excuse about his sister putting some tanning lotion on him. As the nurse turns her back he darts off the couch to pick up some tablets from the floor. Unbeknown to him, the nurse is watching him through a mirror. Playing along, she asks him to roll over on the examination table so she can examine him and discovers the pills and confronts him. No excuses are going to quell the anger in her voice and his only get out is to take the punishment she intends to dish out. Bent over the table, she spanks his bare bottom and slaps his legs, then moves to a strap to do the same, then it's hands out for some hand strapping...

What An Elaborate Lie
19 July
Duration: 4:29

Fae arrived home to Aunty’s house rather late and Aunty was furious. The idle girl hadn’t seen to her pony or fed it and Aunty had to do it for her. “I’m not even sure you’ve been to hockey” she said, accusingly, “no sweat, no muck, no hockey stick in your bag. I’m going to give you a good hiding.” Well, a good hiding from Aunty was ferocious as Fae knew only too well but over her knee she had to go. Little white pleated hockey skirt pulled she got such a spanking on her tight red panties, her firm, round, pert bottom reddening under her Aunty’s unyielding hand. “What an elaborate lie to wear your hockey stuff” rebuked her Aunt, “I’m going to horsewhip you after tea. I’m going to sell your pony and buy a new suit and horsewhip you. Then she went to fetch it.

Secret Booze Stash Found
15 July
Duration: 6:56

Steven's Mother was in the kitchen doing some tidying up and needed a new dishcloth. Not finding one in its usual spot, she searched among the cupboards and drawers in search of one and, to her surprise, came across a stash of booze. She is teetotal and abhors the horrors of alcohol. Steven knows this and, as it could be no one else, he had to confess. She would beat this vile, disgusting habit out of him. Pulling up a chair, she has him bent over and begins to spank him hard and relentlessly on the bare and across his thighs too until the message got through to him, all the while scolding him and listing all the freedoms he had that would now be curtailed. And all to see it flushed down the drain...

A Spanking Promise
11 July
Duration: 7:14

Black is feeling very smug and excited. He is always getting into trouble on purpose because, secretly, he loves getting a spanking from Miss. Walking into the library he approaches Miss and tells he that she promised him a spanking, even though he hadn't done anything wrong of late. Miss, of course, loves dishing out punishment anyway, so this was always going to be mutually beneficial. Telling him to take his jeans off he bends over her knee for an endless round of otk spanking and you can see they're both thoroughly enjoying themselves; the endorphins running riot. Miss is has definitely been put in a really good mood for the day...

A Lesson To The Class
7 July
Duration: 20:49

Miss Hastings, the Headmistress, addresses the whole school assembled in the gym after school. Such gatherings can only mean the serious matter of punishment for one individual who needs to be humiliated in front of them all in order to mend their ways as well as acting as a deterrent to the rest of the school. Today it is Turner who is brought up before the class. He is ordered to bend over the horse as Miss delivers a severe thrashing with the cane. When finished, he is ordered to stand in front of the wall, but his ordeal is over just yet. His dignity is lowered when he is made to drop his trousers in front of everyone for another bout of the cane. Still she hadn't finished with him. Now bent over the high horse another dozen strokes follow. Hopefully this experience will make him follow school rules and regulations...

Do Not Defy Me
3 July
Duration: 8:07

Allen and Riviera had been up to their usual tricks and were now in the Headmistress' office with hands on heads against the wall. Miss warned them they were both in serious trouble and told them not to move an inch while she went to pick up a package from reception. Of course, as soon as she was out of the door, they ignored the instruction and found a previously confiscated magazine to pore over. Both were so engrossed in the mag that they didn't hear Miss return. She was furious and demanded to know what they were doing. On discovering the magazine and seeing its contents she decided to turn that content into reality. With spanking chair at hand, both were made to bend over in turn while she spanked strapped and caned the bottoms of these reprobates until they were visibly sore...

Italian Takes 112 Strokes !
29 June
Duration: 21:14

My Italian sub keeps coming back for more... and this time he wants to break his record of strokes received. We started out going for the Hardcastle 100 challenge and, first up, was the prison strap, which was given with great gusto and force. After 40 of those, we moved onto the cane, and for this, I brought out a newly acquired one and what better time than to break it in. 36 strokes of the cane later, we take a break, principally so his shredded backside could be cleaned up, before going on to deliver the remaining 24 harsh strokes to complete the Hundred. But we weren't finished there. Another 12 harsh strokes would beat his previous best but it will be a while before he can take an airplane ride back home! Are you up for the 100 challenge?

Telephone Call From School
25 June
Duration: 6:39

While Riviera was in his room supposedly doing his homework, his Mother was trying to take a well-earned rest when she takes a call from school. It would appear her Son had been caught red-handed stealing the answers to an upcoming Maths exam with the sole purpose of selling them to his class mates, as well as others in his year group, for money. As Mother listened to the news, she became angry as well as embarassed. By the end of the call his Mother was furious with her son’s latest antics and decided not to wait until his Father came home, She barked at her Son to come over to her. His ears were positively ringing by the time she finished reprimanding him and and set upon punishing Steven with the use of her slipper. And she wasn't finished either; there was also an additional punishment using his Father’s belt. Stealing will not be tolerated !

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