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Do Not Touch My Canes!
Duration: 10:31

Alone, Alan played with the canes on the blackboard. He flexed them and swished them and hit the top of the caning stool then hit her desk and split a cane end. Hearing the cracks and swishes Miss Hastings entered and asked what he was doing. “Did you try it here”, she asked and when he said he had he was bent over the stool and caned good and hard until the tip split further. Over the rail next, shorts tightly hugging his buns for more of the same before bending him over a desk to test them all. He assured her they were all working. “You will not touch my beloved canes” she said. She took a long, heavy and thoroughly nasty cane and, underpants down and over the stool lashed his backside unmercifully. “Shit!” he uttered involuntarily. That would cost his arse dear, but later…

He Takes It All
Duration: 26:52

“Speak softly and carry a big stick”. That’s what they say, isn’t it? Well, this visitor to our shores got a really warm welcome and Miss Hardcastle, looking gorgeous in skirt and heels had promised him a really, strong, hard caning. She spoke softly despite her brutal intentions and warmed him up with a variety of whips, straps and canes. He was no stranger to her abilities and the performance was almost pure affection. He was enjoying this, taking harsh discipline from a softly spoken, beautiful Mistress who was experienced in the delivery of exquisite pain. She even joked that such was her follow-through with the Campbell tawse she sometimes whipped her own bottom. A lovely bottom, he thought. Strapped securely to the caning bench she lashed cane after cane, gaining in severity, pausing only to clean him up. He took it all.

Lazy Boys Get My Attention
Duration: 10:00

The History Mistress loudly expelled Black from her class to make himself useful in the library. He did very little and sat down only to be caught by the Headmistress. When she found out what had happened she decreed he needed something to stimulate him and took the biggest plimsoll you have ever seen to his lazy, insolent backside, bent over a library chair. She went to speak to his History teacher while he removed his trousers then returned and resumed tanning his arse. She broke a hairbrush but the plimsoll still worked. His underpants came down before long and the massive plimsoll was working its painful magic on his behind. “Lazy boys get Mistress’s full attention” she told him as she swung that gymshoe like never before. To humiliate him she rang the bell so the whole school could come and see him.

The Whoosh Of The Long Cane
Duration: 12:23

After his disgraceful outburst under the cane, Alan had to report to the gym for a really serious flogging. She would make an example of him. Straight away his mouth got him an extra 2. Sent for canes he brought 4. She tested them through the air then secured him to the caning bench, shorts down, still foolishly protesting. Taking all 4 canes she tried them all, eyewateringly hard, on his naked rump, getting at last to the extra long, fabulously balanced monster that he dreaded. She loved the deep ‘woosh’ of this long cane and had him sobbing from the off. One biting stroke elicited a heartfelt “Oh, FUCK!” of pure agony so she rapidly lashed an unmarked tender spot. She left him on display to humiliate him then returned with a straight judicial cane and used it to make her displeasure clear.

A Beating You Won't Forget
Duration: 7:49

While the Headmistress popped out to get a mug of coffee, Bags sat idly making and throwing paper aeroplanes until she caught him in the act. She concluded that he hadn’t learned his lesson from the good caning she had delivered the other day and resolved to make a real 100% effort to make sure this particular lesson sank in. “So” she said, bending him right over his desk “I will paddle you dozens of times” and set about her task with great vigour, swinging the heavyweight leather paddle ferociously, making a terrifying crack on his arse every time. Pausing for a sip of her coffee after the first eyewatering dozen she carried on with a dozen more. Underpants down she enthusiastically let him have another 12, then another. She was finding this particularly invigorating and decided to make the tally up to 50 with two additional earsplitting cracks.

The Most terrifying Caning
Duration: 17:22

There’s more brutal and sadistic strapping and caning here than you could, well,……. shake a stick at. In terms of highlights one would have to say that Princess Ammy is fabulous caner, though not if it’s you on the receiving end. She has a unique action, well braced for power not unlike Mistress Hastings, then the cane stroke is like a striking cobra. Whoosh, whoosh, back and strike, so fast that the movement is audible, raising the pulse, making it not only brutally painful but very erotic. Poor old Black got roped into this shoot. “Don’t hold back Mistress Hastings” remarked Miss Dubois. And do you know what? She didn’t hold back, not one bit. The final offender was reduced to uncontrollable sobbing, yelping and crying with the initial strapping but had to take the most terrifying caning and there’s no turning back. What a devastated arse.

Caning Anticipation
Duration: 15:40

Hudson was in detention. He wasn’t used to discipline but she was going to toughen him up. A paddling and a spanking bent over the spanking stool to open his account then she set him a test about European capitals with a very high pass rate to avoid a caning. She swished a couple of canes hard in gleeful anticipation of laying livid tracks across his bottom but was extremely frustrated to find he had passed. Undismayed, she announced that she didn’t need a reason to cane him and put him over the bench once again, giving him a firm 6 on his thin underpants. Unfamiliar with the bite of the cane it was really hard to take and his pained sounds were pitiful but then she delivered a dozen scorchers on the bare, encouraging him to take it well all the time.

You Call Me A Bitch?
Duration: 8:35

Skyla and her boyfriend had really upset the Headmistress and were going to get their bottoms warmed. He was first across the horse in his lycra gym shorts and got a very long and very hard spanking. When the spanks moved down to the tender flesh at the top of his thighs he kicked out with the sharp pain but on and on went the spanking. Taking a break she continued with him piggy-back on Skyla, applying a plimsoll very hard, really putting some effort in. A ‘baby paddle’ next, “no excuse for whimpering”. He shouldn’t have called her a bitch because she certainly made him whimper. Skyla took her punishment piggy-back on her boyfriend, starting with a spanking that the Head really enjoyed and then that same paddle on her ‘cheeky bottom’. Miss had her yelping as she finished with a spanking.

This Is For Caning Girls
Duration: 14:24

One of her teachers crept into her study to return two canes. It was bad enough he hadn’t sought her permission but to make matters worse he had caned two senior girls for their attitude. 6 strokes with each cane on their bottoms, the final six delivered on the bare. “Only I may deliver a caning to a female bottom” she explained, quite calmly. Of course, she knew what was coming next. “Get your trousers down” she demanded and over a chair went her teacher. The laid into him on his underpants, hard and very clearly hurting him. He thought he’d get 6 but she reached for the second cane and repeated the dose. The cane was now getting quite red. He had to take 24, stroke for stroke with the girls and was sent to Matron to be patched up.

The New Visitor
Duration: 7:25

Miss Hardcastle showed her visitor into her sitting room. Mr Black who, by his own admission loved to be spanked, had been referred to her by a friend. “Well, you’ve come to the best” she said without fear of contradiction. She decided on a trial spanking but “obviously not on your trousers, I require a bare bottom.” Over her knee she eased down his underpants for a nice, long, unhurried hand spanking. Though she was a hard spanker he was a seasoned player and really enjoyed this. She speeded up and the slaps became firmer and more enthusiastic. She wanted his first visit to be memorable so bent him over the armchair and strapped him with one of her ‘toys’. That stung so she spanked him some more then cracked the strap across his glowing bottom. She would make him an appointment for a full session.

The Dunce's Cap
Duration: 6:52

One of the teachers had detained a naughty boy and made him sit on a stool in a dunce’s cap to await the wrath of the Headmistress. In she breezed, gown billowing behind her and reached for a tawse. She firmly told him she would strap his bare bottom and also his hands. She stood him up, hands outstretched and lashed the leather down on his palms. He winced with each crack of the strap. “Did that burn a little?” she asked and was pleased that it did. Hands on fire he had to take his trousers down and bend over the stool. She swung that tawse with a vengeance and had him breathing hard after only a couple of strokes but decided to go for the dozen. He was mighty glad when it was over, then back on the stool facing the wall.

I Spied You Getting Punished
Duration: 10:28

Skyla and her boyfriend were sitting in the empty classroom, joking about a spyhole in the Headmistress’s wall so that pupils could spy on punishments. She told him that she had spied on him and he squealed and she wanted to spank him and make him squeal right here and now. Ignoring his worries about being caught she put him over her knee and set about spanking his bare bottom. She was very capable, though he certainly wasn’t objecting. In walked the Headmistress and wanted an explanation. Skyla claimed he’d bullied her but the Head didn’t believe her for a moment and spanked him then put Skyla across her knee for a bottom warming, flimsy panties down. They got a lot more too, with the ruler, paddle and ‘stinger’ before she was through. He thought they should lock the door next time.

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