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Cheaters Feel The Heat
30 December
Duration: 8:41

Riviera and Allen had been sent to see the Headmistress for blatant cheating in a recent test having both scored in the 90's percent; highly improbable. In fact, downright impossible when it comes to these two dunces! They didn't even have the wits to just cheat a little and raise their usual disastrous scores. Now stood outside, they couldn't even stand still, the commotion there to be heard. Hauled in, Miss Hastings soon tore a strip off them and then had them bend over for a strapping and caning. Not yet done with these idiots, they were forced to take down their trousers for a further tough beating; so hard in fact, that Allen started shedding blood...with the pain on Riviera's face clearly visible.

The Gym Is A Pig Sty!
27 December
Duration: 6:19

Miss Hastings was in a foul mood. She had just finished strapping a pupil in her office and was making her way to a classroom on the other side of the gym. On entering the gym she found the janitor sitting on the vaulting horse doing nothing but being idle, yet the place looked like a pig sty with items littering the gym floor, which did nothing to lighten her mood. Exasperated, she confronted him and made him tidy up. The man was just an idler and she was beginning to wonder what she was actually paying him for! Well, he would pay. To teach him a lesson, she made him go over he knee for a solid hand spanking. Now that should waken him up to the meaning of work...

A Lesson In Global Warming
24 December
Duration: 9:51

For once Riviera paid attention and learnt something in a geography lesson about global warming. He understood that our winters would not be as cold as previous years so there would be less snow. But Riviera really liked to play in the snow and he brought into school imitation snowballs. They were a hit and all the class were soon having a snowball fight. Miss Hastings heard all the commotion and sought out the main culprit. Yet again Riviera finds himself in serious trouble in the Headmistress’ study, and Miss Hastings was adamant that she would make a lasting impression to deter all her pupils to behave like this again. Not only did Miss Hasting give Rivirea’s legs a sound strapping, so everyone else could see, but also gave him a sound bare bottom caning to instil that this type of behaviour will be rewarded with his own version of global warming.

Desk Inspection
18 December
Duration: 12:21

There had been rumours of contraband being sneaked into school in the run up to Christmas and Miss Hastings was determined to get to the bottom of it. A thorough search was going to be needed and what better way to start than with a desk inspection. Making sure pupils were by their own desk, Miss started with Allen. It didn't take long to find cigarettes! Next was Riviera's desk, but found nothing incriminating. That was unusual. She was sure she would find something. By pure look she jabbed at his chest with her cane and hit something. A feel under his jumper and there it was...a pack of cigarettes. They would both pay with a harsh caning!!

Walloped For Not Wallpapering
15 December
Duration: 6:55

Aunt Judy expected to find her bedroom wall wallpapered by her nephew. Imagine how disappointed she was to find no progress, Peter lying on the bed playing with his phone. Absolutely furious she berated him for all manner of misdemeanours. No work, feet on the bed, still in school uniform, the list went on. She knew what to do. He had to lie on the bed looking out the window. “No supper and no playing out until the job is done” she announced “and instead of a little spanking…...” She took a small but nasty strap from the bedside cabinet. Down came his shorts and underpants and she laid on the strap in her usual firm manner then announced she would strap him 3 sets of 6. She lashed that strap down as hard as she could, his head jerking back with each impact. His poor bottom!

You Didn't Say Thank You!
10 December
Duration: 10:53

Black walzed into the Headmistress' office just at the point where Miss was admiring her new canes, which had been delivered that very day. She has sent for him because she wanted to right some wrongs and these new canes would be perfect for the occasion. After trying to bluster his way through the charges against him, she had him over her desk and delivered 12 seering strokes. Muttering under his breath on his way out of the office he had just about escaped when a bellowing voice called out "You didn't say thank you!". He popped his head around the door to say so, but she called him back. Disrespect would not be tolerated and he found himself once again bent over her desk, trousers and underpants down for another dozen strokes on the bare; Black yelping in absolute agony...

Welcome To England
6 December
Duration: 12:17

We now enter the third day of Walter's stay in the country. He has already been severely beaten the previous two days and now he is back for a further session before being packed off back to Italy. How he'll survive the plane ride on those seats is a wonder! Miss hastings has him in her room and bent over the desk to await his harsh punishment. First up is a strapping and Miss is not holding back. Next up is the prison strap and Miss puts her full force into this brute. The crack on his arse is so loud it reverberates around the room! And we're not talking about a few; this is relentless! Just when he thinks he can relax Miss picks up the cane and wallops his backside while he counts out loud. He mumbles, to which Miss replies "Welcome to England!"

Look Into My Eyes
3 December
Duration: 8:36

Slater, forever the practical joker, had sneaked in a life-sized head of Medussa into assembly, complete with flashing red eyes, making the Head feel utterly embarassed. Of course Slater denied all knowledge of this, but Miss Hastings had been asking around to find out who the culprit was, and his name came up seveal times. She strapped his hands in the hope of a confession, but alas nothing. Told to strip out of his uniform, he would be thrashed into owning up. Back he came and he is made to bend over while Miss brings out a huge t-square and begins to beat his backside. Eventually, the penny dropped and he confessed. Well, she would show him some mercy...by letting him keep his shorts on! Wooden planks and a cricket bat would now rain down so hard his arse was red hot to the touch...

Any Volunteers?
29 November
Duration: 13:06

For once, Riviera was doing as he was told, and giving a reading to the class, when Miss Hastings required a volunteer for her evaluation task. Trying to get in the good books of the Headmistress, Riviera accepts the unknown task, but he is soon to discover it is going to be a painful one. The test being how much her 5 different Tawse hurt, and score them in order. Not just that, but the test will be on the hands, bottom, and the backs of his bare thighs. All strokes are given without being allowed to look.

Eats Shoots And Leaves
26 November
Duration: 9:03

A lesson in puntuation; that's what Gazza needs, but that wasn't the unruly boy's only crime. So here he is in the Headmistress' office getting a dose of punishment to help him mend his ways> it's the only thing this boy seems to understand. First he is over her knee getting thoroughly spanked. When finished he thinks he's off the hook and begins his usual flirtatious behaviour. A bad mistake. Forced over her desk the Head selects a special cane just for him and begins to lash his backside. Several strokes later, she pulls down his shorts to look at her handiwork and decides she could do better. Off she goes again, raining down strokes on the bare until the stripes get bigger and redder. And judging from the result he won't be able to sit down for a very long time!

Idle Janitor Caught Out
22 November
Duration: 8:04

Following a lot of complaints from students that there was no toilet paper in the bathrooms, Evans, the Head Girl, went to seek out the Janitor to find out what the problem was. When she found him he was just sitting there reading his newspaper, and there were plenty of toilet rolls in stock. She marched him off to see the Headmistress to tell her of the situation. The Head was furious. What on earth were we paying him £8.24 an hour if he wasn't going to put any backbone into his work. At this school she expected nothing but hard work for such a princely sum (the Head does have a habit of being about 10 years behind the times!). For this he would be punished and over her knee he went for a thoroughly hard hand spanking, which was then followed up with a further spanking bent over the Head's desk. Hopefully that will make him buck up his ideas!

Don’t Hit Other Children!
18 November
Duration: 9:24

Riviera once again finds himself in the Head's study, and before he even knows why he’s there, his arrogance earns him a spanking, which he received in his becoming usual position, over the Headmistress’ knees and his nose near the floor. Only after this did he discover the main reason for being there was that his game of slapping the girls on their bare legs was not a good one. Well, the tables were now being turned, and Miss Hastings played her own game with Steven’s bare legs. With the palm of her hand, a ruler and a leather strap the Headmistress went to town on his legs from the hems of his shortened grey shorts, right down to his new length school grey socks, and back again.

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