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The Best Birthday Present Ever
24 February
Duration: 10:38

Judy’s nephew went to her house to wish her a happy birthday. She’d had cards, chocolates, flowers, a meal and theatre tickets but nothing from him. He ‘couldn’t find anything’ he claimed. She toyed with her hairbrush and announced “there’s something I’d like, and it’s free. Will you give me what I want?” He couldn’t refuse an offer like that and agreed. She wanted to spank him like she used to years ago. “It’s an unusual request Aunty, but it’s your birthday.” It had been a long time but she remembered how. “Better than chocolates” she giddily remarked. Very soon his trousers came down and she beat a rhythm as she sang ‘Happy Birthday’. His underpants soon went south, too. “Well, it is my birthday” she explained “and I love spanking.” Delighted, she hugged him and sent him to open the champagne.

Threatened With Being Fired
20 February
Duration: 8:26

Riviera has been called into office for a disciplinary review because a large number of his work colleagues have complained that he isn't pulling his weight on the factory production line. Miss Birchem, the Head of Production, wants to get to the bottom of this, but Riviera is offering nothing by way of explanation. A look at his output shows he is clearly producing half of that of his colleagues, which is clearly unacceptable and this isn't his first time in the office. Clearly the carrot of bonuses hasn't helped, so the stick it will have to be! Get fired or face the consequences and the latter means 5 minutes every day of punishment and an improvement in work output. Riviera reluctantly agrees and, in the absence of a suitable stick, Miss Birchem orders him to remove his belt...

You Disgusting Boy !
17 February
Duration: 17:51

Miss Hastings-Gore discovered a boy had some disgusting, demeaning literature and decided to flog him mercilessly. With great apprehension he presented himself for punishment and she put him on the caning bench, secured him with its stout leather straps and additionally tied his wrists to the frame This was going to be a mighty beating. A few slaps then the awful wooden handled strap laid on incredibly hard. She was enjoying this. The tawse elicited some pitiful noises and the sjambok more so. The racket was terrible so she gagged him. She hadn’t even begun to cane him yet but when she did he was in pure agony. Several canes, every one brutal and savagely swung to the accompaniment of his yells and howls. She had to re-gag him. His bottom was a mess. “Not so cocky now” she said as she sent him to Matron.

Poker's Poor Performance Punished
13 February
Duration: 10:39

Lady Havergill insisted on the highest standards, demanding that everything was ‘just so’. When her manservant Poker served her a badly prepared breakfast she thought that his standards had slipped and was going to have to beat his bottom. Not only had her egg been overcooked by a whisker but the toast was not cut correctly nor the right tea served. She took a small, thin cane with which he was well acquainted. It whistled through the air and sliced into his bottom agonisingly. His flimsy underpants were no protection whatsoever. The first eight were a flurry, raising weals immediately. After a few more she found a heavier cane and mercilessly thrashed him. Curious, she lowered his underwear to admire her work then added to his agony with a sound beating with a straight punishment cane, then proudly showed the whimpering wretch to her friend.

Savouring Every Stroke
8 February
Duration: 8:58

Black did some gardening at Miss Hastings’ house at weekends. Sitting in her lounge with a face like thunder she called him in. Last week he had scratched her car with the wheelbarrow but to make it worse he hadn’t told her, the neighbour had. A Headmistress usually has a cane or two lying about at home and she picked up a junior crook-handled one. Slamming it against the armchair she asked if he was worried. “You should be, this is just for show” she snarled as she reached for a straight, thick judicial cane which, she assured him, would be used HARD. She leant him against the armchair and set about caning him, slowly, savouring every stroke. After 6 agonising slashes of the rod she said “perhaps you should go and work” but changed her mind and gave him 6 on the bare until his eyes watered.

Where Is The Milk !
4 February
Duration: 7:47

Stephanie was gasping for a cuppa but Alan had finished the milk. He tried to humour her with a comic sign he’d bought her but got told off for wasting money. She went to the cupboard for the ‘naughty slipper’ and bent him over a high kitchen chair. She absolutely blazed away at his bottom and, make no mistake, that naughty slipper hurts! From a locked cupboard she took a sturdy wooden spoon/spatula that had never been used for its intended purpose and gave him such a beating with it he was making all manner of noises. She demanded his trouser belt then he was back over the chair, trousers down and she swung it mightily, saying the deafening crack it made “was splendid”. He complained “that’s not fair” and got six. Cheek earned him a spanking then off to the shop for milk.

The Venomous Strap
30 January
Duration: 8:58

Aunty’s nephew was an idle youth though she expected him to help about the house. Fast asleep in the armchair he hadn’t done the washing but strewn it all over the room. Aunty picked up and tidied, berating his laziness until she said “you couldn’t even be bothered to put your belt away.” He got a slapped face then she laid into him with his belt with all the strength she could muster. She made him drop his trousers and spanked some colour into his buttocks then resumed the savage slashes with the belt. Then she remembered the old hardwood-handled strap, a positively venomous biter of bottoms. From the off it had him squirming and yelping but on she went and he still had to take a tanning with the “naughty slipper” She said it would make his bottom feel on fire and that’s exactly what it did.

Will She Ever Stop beating Me?
25 January
Duration: 29:17

She had been looking for a reason to beat her Gymnasium Manager black and blue for months and a simple disregard of an instruction on his part was all she needed. She put him over her knee before sending him to fetch the ‘special plimsoll’. He hoisted himself onto the small horse and she laid into his backside with it 20 blistering times. This was going to be a thrashing but she declined restraints as he promised to take it. Now he had to bend over the big vaulting horse and she found more and more plimsolls to tan his arse with. Every stroke was brutally hard, leaving the imprint of the sole on his tenderised buttocks. STILL she found gymshoes and it went on and on. It was really hurting but he wouldn’t give best to her. Half an hour of agony.

Leg Slapping Punishment
20 January
Duration: 6:06

Miss Hardcastle, the Head Teacher, was patiently waiting for Riviera, who was of course late as usual. This would not go down well with her when it comes to selecting an appropriate method of punishment, as she hates having to wait for lazy pupils. Eventually he strolls in, his face already held a picture of resignation in the knowledge he was a doomed boy. Mind you, he loks like that all the time, even in class with his couldn't care less attitude. She was determined to get through to him, so punishment was the only option left to her. A bout of the strap on his hands and bottom might help, but all he did was yawn! Well, like red rag to a bull and his legs would suffer for it !

All Stick And No Carrot
16 January
Duration: 9:40

Mr Greaves the sports teacher had to report to Miss Hastings to explain the serious decline in the school’s sporting standards. “What can I do with the material I’ve got?” he bleated. “Fat girls and smokers.” He had to make allowances but Miss Hastings had a different attitude. He had clearly given in to political correctness. Not doing uniform inspections was too much for her. She asked for his pristine white plimsolls and told him she wanted her pupils to WIN. Never mind the softly, softly approach, she favoured the stick over the carrot. Before he knew it he was over her desk and she walloped the plimsoll on his bottom so hard he almost left the floor, several times. “Seems to work” she remarked. Then his shorts came down for even more painful whacks. “I knew we could come to an agreement” she said.

Miss Dubois On Disciplinary Duty
12 January
Duration: 7:04

It was Miss Dubois’s turn on the discipline rota and today there were two individuals for punishment. Summoned to the gym, Gold presented himself first. Taking a chair Miss Dubois sat and put him over her knee for a good spanking, bare-bottomed of course, before taking a table tennis bat to his backside. Continuing with him bent over the horse she progressed to a strap, applied firmly at the Headmistress’s suggestion before giving him six with the junior cane, swished loudly and swung firmly. He had to count them off. After he was dismissed the second miscreant entered. His bottom was bared and he went straight over the horse (he’d been beaten earlier in the day) for a bottom-reddening spanking and the table tennis bat before his dose of that whippy junior cane. Six well-applied stinging strokes should improve his behaviour.

The Husband Sitter
11 January
Duration: 7:04

On a shopping trip to New York Peter's wife asked her dear friend Stephanie to keep an eye on her idle husband and house. Stephanie called to find Peter lounging around, expecting his pal for a drink. When asked if she was going to do some dusting she put him over her knee for a long very hard spanking, calling him a nasty, lazy boy then made him kneel on the sofa for a good tanning with the carpet beater. She left to meet a friend and would be back. Later, Stephanie returned. Not only had he done nothing, he was drinking wine. She decided it was time he went to bed despite protests. She felt he still needed a lesson. As he looked for bedtime reading she fetched his trouser belt. Instead of ’40 winks’ she decided on 40 belts, all hard, mainly on his bare and now crimson bottom. He squirmed and squealed but she had no pity and would set the alarm for 5am to check on him before work.

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