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Rupert Spanked Every 3 Days
12 June
Duration: 6:13

Lady Havergill loved medieval history and had been reading the life story of Erzsebet Bathory and her husband Count Ferenc Nadasdy. Her attention was captured by a reference to his father, away at the war, writing to his mother to get a servant to give him a spanking ‘every 3 days without fail.’ She called her son, Rupert, read him some passages and, after expressing dismay that she didn’t have any servants, asked him when he had last been spanked. It had been a week and she announced her new regime. “It will be the making of you” she said as she spanked his bottom over the chair with the hardest hand imaginable. “It keeps you in line” she said as she took a savage leather paddle to his smarting bottom and beat him long and hard. “It will be 3 days, not 7 now,” she announced

A Painful Kind Of Exercise
10 June
Duration: 15:15

Slater and Evans had turned for detention. The school employs a variety of detention techniques and exercise is one of them. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and all that. The Teacher sets them the task of throwing balls at each other, but being the mischievous sort, they can never take anything seriously and this simple exercise soons descends into farce with Slater nearly knocking Alex's head off. Miss is having none of it and tells Slater to bend over and touch his toes whilst she belts him with a plimsoll. Back to the game and, before long they're messing around. Exasperated, she has them both bending over the horse and yanks their shorts down, taking it in turns to beat those bottoms until red raw. By the end, Miss was wondering who was actually getting the exercise!

You Dirty Girl
8 June
Duration: 35:10

Mother has regularly told her daughter Alex to cover up her modesty and be a good girl. The way she flaunts herself is a disgrace. Her Stepfather was in the house, her Mother out for the day, and she was feeling flirty. Just as she was about to get down to some naughty fun her Mother walks in on them. Alex quickly came up with the excuse that He was about to put her over his knee for being a naughty girl. Mother was relieved but was furious with Alex for practically having her boobs out! Under questioning, her Husband admitted he was going to thrash her bare bottom. How dare he! The dirty man! As for Alex, what a dirty girl, she could barely take her eyes of his bulge when taking his trousers down. Shocked, she pulls them both over her knee for a spanking and slippering.

Leaving Her Calling Card
5 June
Duration: 35:10

Parker was summoned into the gym. He was in trouble and he knew the gym Mistress hated him. Was it his fault he preferred toffee apples to Granny Smiths? She had told him to strip off and wait. It was a bit chilly, but she’s soon warm him up. As no one was around, she dressed for the occasion in leather. Soon he found himself getting his ample rump seen to until it went from pink to mauve to purply pink. Her enthusuasm left vivid “calling cards” in the shape of hand marks with trailing pink finger marks. To cap it all, she demanded he keep his legs open allowing him no vestige of privacy or decency. Like a Whirling Dervish Miss, wielding a bunch of leather strips, set about flogging his back with utter vigour. Paddles, canes and all manner of impliments followed ensuring his agony stretch from top to bottom until she got bored and lost interest.

Masturbating In The Dormitory
2 June
Duration: 7:57

The Headteacher is not feeling well and just wants to go home to bed, but had received was informed that one of the pupils needed to be see. In walks Evans with a solemn looking Black. What on earth had he been doing now? Evans told her that Black had been caught masturbating in the girls' dormitory with his pants down whilst sniffing the girls' knickers. The Headteacher is stunned, yet not too surprised, since that boy was always finding himself in trouble. Suffering the indignity of Evans being instructed to pull his trousers down, he is then told to kneel on the chair, bent over, to receive the cane. A merciless bout of caning follows after which he is to report back later for a hand strapping on those filthy wanking hands of his. Evans didn't escape either. She ended up with a spanking and paddling for various misdemeanours during the day...

Taking His Breath Away
30 May
Duration: 5:11

Miss Dubois had to bring in our regular crossdressing pupil for a severe beating. He insists he wants to be called Irene from now on and, for being such a big sissy, he would be paraded in front of the rest of the school. Miss hastings was delighted at the opportunity to exercise her arm and wrist muscles once again and she would take great delight in administering some punishment. After all, he was known for constantly sneaking around and pinching the girl pupil's panties and stockings, so he was probably due a beating by now, whether caught or not. The prison strap seemed the perfect impliment to start with and boy did this wretch gasp and yelp with every stroke. When it came to the cane, the gasps were very audible and, for getting to count, he received a lot more than he bargained for, such that his striped red bottom was clearly visible for all to see...

That Nasty Boy Is Not Welcome
28 May
Duration: 7:37

Alex brought her boyfriend home, believing her Mother was out. She had deliberately waited as she knew how Mother detested the boy. Alex was going to make the most of it and teased her boyfriend about the different places they could "get down to it". Suddenly, a voice called for Alex. Oh no, Mother was still at home! Alex made her boyfrined Gaz hide behind the sofa and be quiet. In strolled Mother, half undressed, asking her daughter if the seams on her nylon stockings were straight as she didn't want them to look wonky on her night out. The sight of Alex's Mum made Gaz gasp and moan. Alex tried to cover up the groans but Mother discovered the wretch. She was not pleased. Fearing this ruffian had forced his way into her home, he was hauled out, put over her knee and given a damn good spanking before getting a dose of the slipper. Alex pleaded all innocent and even got up to give a hand!

Disrespect Deserves Harsh Punishment
25 May
Duration: 16:45

Evans and Slater were in front of the Headmistress for bringing their uniforms into disrepute. The relaxed summer uniform is designed to be lighter and more comfortable, but Evans and Slater had taken it much too far. You could almost see evan's buttocks popping out of her shorts, they were that short! Given their school staus it just would not do and harsh punishment would be the price to pay. Bending each in turn over the school desk, Miss lays into them. Thinking it was over, Miss tells them to stand with their hands on their heads while she leads them into the reformatory. Evans is stripped and handcuffed to the wall where the rest of her clothes are removed. Hanging there completely naked, Miss lashes her back, buttocks and boobs. Slater too is cuffed to the wall, stripped and leathered and both get a hiding with a variety of impliments until they are red raw...

Teacher Taught To Discipline
23 May
Duration: 8:57

Rumours and comments had come to the Headmistress' attention that one of the teachers had become over lenient with his puils, practically letting them get away with murder. Wanting to establish the truth, the Teacher is called into the office for interrogation. It didn't take long. The mere mention of that tearaway pupil Evans was enough for him to admit she was difficult to handle as were other puils too. Being a strict disciplinarian, the Head was astounded at this revelation and wondered why he wasn't using discipline as a means of keeping order. She will just have to show him how it's done, but e himself would be the test subject. Getting him bent over the desk, trousers down, she set about teaching him the various implements used and she didn't hold back...she wanted him to really feel and understand the benefits of disciplining pupils and sent him on his way to prove himself...

Caught Out For Smoking
21 May
Duration: 6:41

This hen-pecked husband takes his chances whenever he can to indulge in the things he knows he's not allowed to do normally. His wife makes sure of that! He's in just one of those moments and has enjoyed every bit of his cigarette, which of course she hates. Hearing the latch on the front door go, he panics and immediately springs into action, dousing the but into a paper plate and syuffing it down the side of the sofa. With can in hand he sprays the entire room to rid it of the smell. In she walks, pleased that her husband aoppears to be doing housework and she may even reward him, which puts a big grin on his face. Sadly for him, when she sits down she discovers to stuffed paper plate. A pocket search finds the offending cigarette packet and it's over her knee he goes. The grimace on his face as she lays into him is priceless...

What ! No Underwear?
18 May
Duration: 12:24

Evans and Black are always playing silly games and one of those games got them into trouble, which is why we find them in detention once again. Within a minute of arriving to supervise these miscreants, Black was bent over a desk having his buttocks spanked for back chatting. And it wasn't long before Evans too was called out for being cheeky. Only when Miss had her over her knee and raised her skirt, the shocked look said it all. Yes, Evans is renowned for non-regulatory skimpy underwear, but no knickers! She has gone too far. She claimed it was just a game and Black had made her do it. A search soon revealed her panties in Black's desk. Well, if they like playing games, here's one...Evans can spank Black. After searing his bottom, Miss had them both over a desk once again for a serious beating, although whether it stops their childish games, who knows.

Handcuffed And Beaten
16 May
Duration: 9:48

Correction underpins the ethos of this school, so when Black had gone just too far with his misbehaviour it was time he had some discipline beaten into him. Marched into the reformatory, Black is handcuffed to the wall bar. At least here he could not wriggle free. Teacher Evans unceremoniously whips down his trousers and underpants, picks up a tawse and belts the living daylights out of him. Officer Croft, the school security officer, comes in and starts to admire Evan's'handiwork. With canes in hand, she has the final say on his punishment and delivers an intense round of strokes to his already battered buttocks. Striped and marked he is left to consider his plight and feel the burning coursing through his body...the poor boy can't even rub his bum for comfort....

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