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If You Act Like A Schoolboy...
16 May
Duration: 11:06

Riviera thought his days of wearing that dreaded school uniform with the grey shorts and socks were behind him, as he was all grown up. Instead of smoking in the house, he thought he could get away with using a vape pen as the smell wouldn’t linger and Mother wouldn’t notice. But she has a great sense of smell and noticed as soon as she walked in the room. Riviera pleaded his innocence with arrogance, but was soon brought down a peg or two by being sent to his room to change back into that school uniform. He felt embarrassed standing before his Mother. She was clearing the table for him to study when the vape pen was discovered. As Riviera was dressed as a junior schoolboy his Mother decided that he should be treated as one, and he soon found himself over his Mother’s knee for his first hand spanking in quite some time....and it hurt like hell !

The Disgusting Text Messages
12 May
Duration: 9:40

Alex and her mother are sitting on the couch at home discussing the merits of the mobile phone when in bursts Alex's friend with her Mother, who accuses the two of sending each other disgusting text messages to each other. Alex's Mother is shocked! But an inspection of her phone reveals the vile nature of their interaction to which Alex smirks. Her Mother's immediate reaction is to bend her over, pull down her pants and smack her hard. Still incensed, she removes her slipper and spanks her hard with it. Leigh is bent over too and given ther slipper. Now with trousers down, both Mothers begin spanking their respective children until red and sore. Alex storms out of the room, but is dragged back in, face slapped several times, while Leigh continues to receive a severe spanking....

Geraldine's First Taste Of The Cane (2)
8 May
Duration: 21:15

We pick up with Findlay in the reformatory where she is caught playing with herself. She is meant to be polishing shoes! And not doing a good job either. The girl clearly hasn't learned enough and needs more disciplinary based lessons. Over the desk she goes where she is spanked and rulered; Findlay's screams very audible. Findlay rubs her bottom furiously in a vain attempt to lessen the pain while Matron goes off to fetch something, but is caught and castigated. Three dozen of the oversized ruler should do the trick. Findlay groans, but Matron just smiles. Findlay screams and cries through her ordeal, When the brutal punishment is finally over Findlay is so sore all she wants to do is rub her bottom, but Matron has other ideas and puts on handcuffs to prevent her from doing so. Sobbing, Findlays begs for some ice, but instead matron sends Findlay to stand on the school stage with her bottom on show for all the school to see...

Geraldine's First Taste Of The Cane
3 May
Duration: 23:38

Geraldine Findlay arrives early to school (having being instructed to do so) to be greeted by Matron. Findlay is a spoilt brat and has a hatred of authority and her behaviour this morning is no different. Correction is needed and she is soon over Matron's knee for a very harsh spanking as Findlay screams out in pain. Now with hands on head Findlay is chided for her past misbehaviour. While Matron goes for a tea break, Findlay is told to strip out of uniform. On return, Matron can see an improvement, but more needs to be done yet. With Findlay now bent over a desk, Matron dishes out a severe caning, first over her knickers, then over the bare. By the time she had finished, Findlay's bottom was extremely red and sore. Feeling she has subdued Findlay to some degree, Matron wants to make sure and is sent off to the reformatory to change and wait...

Let's Cut To The Chase
29 April
Duration: 6:19

Black was hauled before the Headmistress having been ordered by the Board of Governers to receive punishment. It left the Headmistress with no option but to carry out their express wishes and she was in no mood for procrastination. "Let's cut to the chase" she said, telling Black it would be 6 with the strap followed by something juicier. Bent over her desk, Black braced himself as he knew her strokes would be severe, and the reuslting whimpers and gasps laid testament to that. 6 with the strap was followed by 6 with the cane, after which she swapped for a senior cane to deliver another 6 crushing blows that left it's mark on Black's very sore bottom!

An Appointment For Laura Jenkins (2)
25 April
Duration: 18:03

Suitably refreshed, Officer Croft returns to berate young Jenkins from using expletives during her caning. For that she is to receive a further caning whilst bent over a chair. The strokes rain down on poor Jenkins' bare bottom as she gasps and moans and wriggles throughout her 36 strokes. She is ordered to the gym to change into gym kit and given exactly 3 minutes to change. Sadly, she arrives 4 seconds late and is sent to the Headmaster's office for the senior cane. Jenkins returns and is put over the horse, arse out and told to stay very still while Miss delivers a dozen strokes. Thinking it was all over, Miss has her laid flat on the horse for further punishment for the way she threw her school jacket onto the peg! The gasps become even more audible and Jenkins can't help but cry when the ordeal is finally over.

An Appointment For Laura Jenkins
21 April
Duration: 24:41

Duty Punishment Office Helen Croft is on patrol and walks in on Jenkins fiddling with herself and gets her hands strapped for that, despite Jenkins protests. Not satisfied, she was put over the horse for a severe spanking on the bare until her cheeks were bright pink. This was Jenkin's first time in trouble and Miss Croft was determined to make sure it would be her last. With stool in place, Jenkins is over Miss' knee for another harsh spanking before being told to kneel on the horse for a thorough caning. The following school term we find Jenkins once again in front of Miss Croft. After a hand strapping, Jenkins is once again over the Officer's knee for a spanking and strapping over the bare. Now with school uniform off, Jenkins is told to kneel on the horse for further strapping followed by the cane where Jenkins gasps with every stroke. Miss decides to have a break for a well earned cuppa while Jenkins is made to wait exactly where she is....

Spanking Cheers Up Lady Havergill
17 April
Duration: 8:07

Poor Lady Havergill was feeling very low. Even the arrival of some new clothes didn’t raise her spirits. “How can we cheer you up?” asked her long-suffering partner. “I know”, he went on, “you always smile when you spank my bottom.” She demonstrated a suitable position for him to assume over the fireplace. He made her show him three times. Not that he couldn’t remember it but simply that her bottom looked glorious thrust out in her tight leather skirt. Then she set about his rump with her hand which hurts like a leather paddle. “Is this cheering you up?” he asked, optimistically. “Yes, but bend back over I need some more fun” she replied. Unknown to Peter she took the leather belt from her skirt, doubled it and flailed it across his bottom. She now had a huge smile. Then they went belt shopping.

Flouting All School Traditions
13 April
Duration: 14:12

Miss Beaumont has tried everything in her power to make Turner a better pupil. No matter what she does, he deliberately flouts to rules and traditions of the school, bullies pupils, especially the younger ones, has no interest in his school work and seems to be doing everything in his power to to sully the reputation of the boarding school. She send him to the Headmistress' study where she pleads with Miss hastin gs to sort him out. Miss Beaumont reads out a very long list of crimes and the answer is clear; he needs a thorough caning! And it won't be just a few. He is so shocked at the severity of the caning he asks for a pause to compose himself, before the Head dishes out more. Miss Beaumont finishes off the punishment with some caning of her own on his already sore bottom!

Who Stole The Cream ?
9 April
Duration: 8:22

Instead of getting on with their daily chores, Alex and Leigh decided that a lazy afternoon sat round the table drinking a nice hot chocolate and reading trashy novels and magazines would be far more enjoyable. Besides, Mother was out and the opportunity too good to miss. Whilst goofing around, they hadn't realised that Mother had actually got home and was in the kitchen making herself a drink. She had planned on baking some nice buns but couldn't find the cream, so when she surprised them by walking in and asking, the evidence became clear....they'd used it in their hot chocolates! Without fus Leigh was immediately over her knee followed by Alex where both received a sound hand spanking. That was for the stolen cream, then it was over the table for another bout for not doing the chores!

What Do Points Make ?
5 April
Duration: 4:22

Once again, Riviera was in the Headmistress' study. Miss Hastings finally decided that he had been in trouble too many times in the last few months. The time had now come to give him something to really think about as well as try and put a stop to the poor behaviour that has make his ‘visits’ to her study far more frequent than they should be. If this carried on her would be taking the crown as the worst pupil in the history of the school ! Riviera was to be given a good hard dose of 36 lashes of the Heavy Leather Tawse to try and make him see sense, although that wouldn’t all he would be seeing while taking his punishment. Will Riviera learn to behave and learn or will he be back in the Head's study in the near future?

Nephew Caught Speeding Again
1 April
Duration: 8:44

Auntie was looking after her older sister's son, while the sister was working abroad for a few months. Auntie was a strict woman and didn't counter either poor behaviour or breaking the law and her nephew had done both! She had discovered that her had been caught speeding again and had now accumulated 12 points on his driving licence. He tried to wriggle out it by saying that 3 of those points would be coming off in a few months, but he was now dangerously close to being banned from driving. He knew his fate; he had already unbuckled his belt and undone his trousers in anticipation...and he wasn;t wrong. Bent over a chair he was soundly spanked, then hairbrushed, then strapped. And if that wasn't enough, the cane came out too! He was so cut up he hugged his Aunt and promised not to misbehave again....we'll see.

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