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You Need To Pull Your Socks Up
It Is No Good Whimpering !
Janitor Pretends To Be Teacher
Riviera Takes His Punishment
I'll Make You Lose Weight
Punished For Teasing The Boys
A Spankingly Good Birthday Present
Slater Skips Sports Day
A Brutal Caning
Zoe Caught Stealing
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Punished In Detention Class
A Sense Of Deja Vu
Faster Than The Speed Of Light
A Naughty Boy
Drunk Mother Spanks Her Daughter
Slater Gets Extra On Top
Black Is Back For More
Sleeping Janitor Spanked
School Nurse Is Not Fooled
What An Elaborate Lie
Secret Booze Stash Found
A Spanking Promise
A Lesson To The Class
Do Not Defy Me
Italian Takes 112 Strokes !
Telephone Call From School
Certified For Punishment
Now You'll Get Something To Cry About
Pitiful Pascale Punished
My Cakes Are Burnt !
Gym Skirt Spankings
The Gym Mistress
If You Act Like A Schoolboy...
The Disgusting Text Messages
Geraldine's First Taste Of The Cane
Let's Cut To The Chase
An Appointment For Laura Jenkins
Spanking Cheers Up Lady Havergill
Flouting All School Traditions
Who Stole The Cream ?
Winning's The Thing
A Pathetic Sense Of Humour
Untidy Room
My Left Hand Is Just As Good
Pascoe Gets Punished
I Am Not A Bad Mother
Big Bullies Get Beaten
You Disgusting Animals !
Deliberately Provocative
Ointment Please, Nurse
The Toughest Will Get Lucky
I Can't Get A Minute's Peace
Nephew Suitably Chastised
Any Rebellion Must Be Crushed
Playing Darts Is More Fun
A Lesson In Good Manners
Cheaters Feel The Heat
The Gym Is A Pig Sty!
A Lesson In Global Warming
Desk Inspection
Walloped For Not Wallpapering
You Didn't Say Thank You!
Any Volunteers?
Eats Shoots And Leaves
Idle Janitor Caught Out
Don’t Hit Other Children!
Sentenced To 24 Strokes
Go And See Matron
Let's Play A Game
Mother Makes A Visit
Having Some Fun Were You?
Get Me The Belt
Those Weighing Scales Are Wrong!
Why Aren't These Sorted?
FemDom Session & Worship
What A Disgusting Pair
Fe Fi Fo Fum...I Smell Blood !
50 Harsh Strokes
Brutal Punishment Session
Your Legs Are Mine
Fiddling Auntie Out Of Money
I've Come For My Punishment
Stroke Strapping
Detention Deterrent
Is That How You Wear A Uniform?
Idling Must Be Exhausting!
Punished For Pilfering Panties
Miss Bircham's Disappointment
and hundreds more...
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