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Bigger Boys Get Bigger Beatings
22 April
Duration: 6:51

Enjoying a bit of peace from Aunty Judy Peter was reading a motorbike book at the kitchen table when Aunty came in. She was not impressed, his room was in a disgraceful state and the mention of ‘Ducati’ was lost on her. “Like an overgrown kid” she said. “Maybe I should treat you like one”. She made him make room, bent him over the kitchen table, then drop his trousers and spanked him hard, wondering what his biker boy friends would make of it. She wasn’t impressed with his leather jacket either. Offering to dress her in leather didn’t help his cause. After a good, hard spanking she went to the kitchen for a big wooden spoon. Peter fondly hoped it was to make a sauce for supper but the reality was it was swung against his bare bottom as hard as she could muster. He scurried off to clean his room.

Big Night In
19 April
Duration: 6:57

Staying in is the new going out or so we’re told. Problem is that when you have someone as naughty and errant as mummy’s daughter then it don’t matter whether she’s in or out she’ll always be getting up to no good. Take this evening. Against mum’s wishes she’s agreed to meet her mates at a concert, and against mum’s wishes she’s already started drinking before she goes out. That’s not good for her but it’s great for us because daughter, in her sexiest leather tight fitting jeans gets her bum smacked in a variety of positions, tossed around by mother like a doll in a ship wreck. That exquisite look of pain on daughter’s doll-like face is just a picture. And that’s no surprise because mum also pulls daughters leggings down for both an over the knee spanking AND a slippering. You can be sure she won’t want to go out after that!

A Punishment Gamble
15 April
Duration: 10:00

Rumours had been circulating that Goldie was a bit of a gambler and the Head took rumours seriously. He was now in her office and was expecting the worst. However, to his complete surprise Miss decided that if he wanted to gamble, then he could gamble with his punishment... either take the punishment he would normally receive or play double or quites. The opportunity to walk free was too big a temptation for Goldie, so he agreed to the wager. He would be asked a couple of general knowledge questions. The stupid boy of course got them wrong! The unfortunate was made to remove his trousers and bend over the desk where he got the whacking of his life. Will he learn the consequences of gambling in future?

One Strike And You’re Out
15 April
Duration: 7:00

When you’ve been caught playing the system, in this case making sure you get into detention only in order to find yourself alongside the sexiest girls in the school, then it would be idiotic that that activity will not be noticed. The Headmistress offers a good deal in these circumstances. Take your punishment or next time it will be on the bare. To him it seemed like a splendid deal. However, what he didn't vouch for was the sheer ferocity of her strokes, even through his trousers, using the strap, paddle and cane, the result of which you can definitely see at the end of the clip. And the agony of each stroke caught on his face is priceless...

Car Share
12 April
Duration: 6:49

Well there’s no car karaoke in mum’s house today. Alex has been caught using mum’s car without permission and rather than just admit it as any good girl would, she’s stroppy and uses some language that’s not fit for a young lady to use. The remedy? Some soap, a big yellow block of it; head pulled back, to open that mouth of hers and in it goes, her mouth being gently fucked by the soap bar before she’s pushed over the table for a well-deserved smacking with both mummy’s flat palm and a hairbrush that’s applied so hard, that Alex can only squint in pain. Bless her. Belt out a karaoke classic now Alex! Go on I dare you?

A Study In Religion
6 April
Duration: 7:57

If you use detention to look up the teacher’s skirt then I would guess that would leave you in hot water. The miscreant in this case has a difficult concentrating on his studies. I would too if Miss arrived wearing a tight chino skirt, a shirt buttoned down revealing the best cleavage in the school, sheer stockings covering those covetous legs of hers and the sexiest heels she could find from her wardrobe. But fortunately it’s not me in detention and for his errant behaviour our lad gets spanked over the lap before Miss wields the strap and cane with all the fury of a tornado. Thinking about it, I must have misspelt a word earlier … that should read unfortunately. Lucky lad.

Hatching A Plan
6 April
Duration: 7:35

Mother is fuming that her useless son-in-law had forgotten her daughter's birthday. Her little princess was very upset at not being wined and dined, and a bunch of plastic flowers and a bar of chocolate with part of it missing will just not cut it. She has a plan to get rid of him. She has seen the websites he has been looking at on his laptop... something to do with spanking. Well, if he was going to treat her daughter like crap, then he was going to get the same treatment from her. And if spanking is his thing, then so be it....that is what he'll get! But the hand spanking just didn't seem to be enough. Looking around for something to use, she spies the carpet beater....now that should really work!

Sadistic Strapping For Her Driver
4 April
Duration: 9:45

Lady Havergill took a weekend at the coast accompanied by her driver, Black. The guest house bedroom that she entrusted him to book was unacceptable. Black was in trouble. When she ordered him to remove his shoes and socks he had a good idea what was coming, confirmed when he had to take off his trousers. She made him lie on the bed with two pillows raising his bottom, then searched for a strap. Taking a broad stance, stretching her dress tight across her delicious derriere she swung the broad leather strap as hard as she ever could. Black was sucking through his teeth and groaning, oblivious to how wonderfully arousing this thrashing would have been to an observer. On and on, changing sides and looking pleased with herself despite her anger, she was loving this. Bottom on fire, he then had to get her another room.

Out Of Bounds
2 April
Duration: 7:35

Bleedin’ health and safety gets everywhere doesn’t it?! Pupils are NOT allowed outside of the school premises during school hours. It’s quite a straight-forward rule. A rule that is there for a reason. Pupils can’t just bunk off when they feel like it. But one young lad has and where there’s a breach of the rule, it’s only right that there should be a caning. Well it is Westgate after all! 6 across the pants for this miscreant seems suitable chastisement. A sore bum, a teary apology and another pupil sent on his miserable way.

Discretion Is Not Your Forte
30 March
Duration: 7:35

It should have a health warning these visits to the head’s office. Smoking is bad enough, but when one of the school’s lesser known lights, lights up on the sly and gets caught, he’s marched down to the headmistress’ office for a quick lecture. Smoking is bad for your health; or rather, since the lad has sullied the good name of the school by being caught smoking, it’s bad for the health of his backside. ‘I’m going to cane you but first I’m going to slipper because I want to’, says the headmistress. Which when you think about it is as good a reason as any, I guess. And so she does both slipper and then cane on the seat of his trousers and then with his pants pulled down low enough for her unnerving aim to hit the sweet spot.

Clean Up You Slob
28 March
Duration: 7:13

Daughter is an errant little madam most of the time. Take today: Her room is a pig sty and she doesn’t care. She’d rather slob about reading a lad’s mag than do anything purposeful. You’d think with a mum like hers that she’d know what was coming but she’s none too bright is daughter. Whatever is coming is certainly deserved, because mum has also received a voicemail regarding bad behaviour in the school. Lazy and disruptive?! Only one solution to that my friends. A belting across the seat of her jeans, across her knickers and then delightfully so across the most perfect arse this side of a full moon; if the sight of that doesn’t stir you, I’d book a trip to the coroner’s now. ‘Mummy!’ says daughter knowing her little purple panties are being pulled down but thankfully it falls on deaf ears.

Your Unblemished Record Is Over
26 March
Duration: 14:48

Hands up all those who like teacher’s pets? No me neither. Chummying up to the teachers, getting higher grades, making sure they cover their tracks. Take Caruthers, what tracks is he covering? Oh yes, he’s broken property and lo and behold he’s not reported it, surprise, surprise. Well the headmistress is going to break something and definitely report it. She’s going to break his resolve and wipe that smarmy look off his face. But first he’s forced to sign off his own punishment consent form, which is like loading your gun before Russian roulette. 6 strokes across the backside for Caruthers before the headmistress utters the immortal words ‘are we now ready for the inferno’!

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