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Dirty Stop Out
19 November
Duration: 8:39

Alex strolls through the door and is confronted by her Mother, sat on the couch with a stern look on her face. Alex was meant to have spent the afternoon cleaning her room, which reeked of rotten leftover food with piles of rubbish under her bead. Goodness knows what disgusting things were lurking there. Instead, Alex had decided to spend the day with friends, who Mother knows were of the type her Daughter should not be associating with. And there were low-life boys there too. To cap it all, she had even eaten all the choclates from an Advent calendar she had bought for herself. Well, she has had enough. Mother decides she needed to be taught yet another lesson. She is determined to get through to her. Over her knee goes Alex for a thorough hand spanking which is followed up with a hard dose of the slipper. Mother suspects this won't be the last punishment Alex gets.

The Evidence Becomes Clear
16 November
Duration: 5:43

Having been soundly caned, the foreign exchange student is made to stand with her hands on her head. With the teacher away, Evans senses an opportunity. Forever the mischief maker, she chalks an insult onto the blackboard, then rushes back to take her seat. Miss Hastings is incensed when she returns believing the foreign student has learned the correct term for a female hound. Miss makes her bend over for another dose of the cane. But after a few strokes Miss notices the whites of Evans' hand and confronts her. She'd been duped ! Well, she was going to pay for that. She is ordered out to the front and made to bend over for the cane. Even worse, she's not even wearing regulation panties either. Miss delivers the cane with full force. Stroke after stroke until she yelps. Now it's her turn to stand in front of the class!

Foreign Student Discovers English Discipline
14 November
Duration: 13:05

Miss welcomed the pretty new exchange student to Westgate. She was smartly turned out and came with glowing references from her school. Her English, although not perfect, was quite good. Miss gave them both tasks to complete. Being foreign she asked the exchange student to write a few words about the school and teachers while she went off for a few minutes. Evans managed to convince the girl that words like dullard and hound were terms of endearment, and when she repeated this to the teacher, Miss was shocked. She suspected Evans had a hand in this, but answering all her test questions correctly, Miss had to assume Evans didn't have the time to coach the newbie. She had no choice. She would have to introduce the girl to English style discipline, and so out came the cane. After several lashes, Miss discovers she is wearing two sets of panties. That will never do. Down they come for some hard bare bottom caning until the welts appear...

I'll Soon Warm You Up
12 November
Duration: 13:46

Mother walks into the room, missing school report in hand, to find Alex lounging on the sofa, complaining of being cold. What did she expect if you don't move around and do your chores such as seeing to the horses? Well, no need to worry there, Mother knows just the thing to get the heat up. Over her knee goes Alex and soon finds that a long session of bum smacking gives her a nice glow. Off come the jodhpurs for another dose of spanking and hairbrushing. But just when Alex senses relief that it's over, Mother tells her to bend over the chair for a dose of the fly swat, pants down and bare bottom out. Alex tries to charm her way into an apology, but Mother is having none of it. The swats are relentless and the stinging is almost unbearable as Alex wriggles and writhes in agony. Will she ever learn?

French Lessons Are Not Funny
9 November
Duration: 14:06

Slater and Evans are sitting an extra-currilcular lesson to try and catch up with the rest of the class. The subject was a solemn one based on the French word Armistice, but those two reprobates thought it funny to exchange whispers and generally misbehave. Well, the French teacher was having none of it. First up was Evans, who received a harsh hand strapping, followed by Slater. Their next misdemeanour brought them each a thorough leg slapping. You would think they had learned their lesson but, oh no, they carried on. That was it. Now at the end of her tether, Miss got them both out and gave them a thorough strapping and paddling on their bare behinds!

Punishing The Panty Pincher
7 November
Duration: 9:37

The scene starts with Alisha spanking Atkinson relentlessly on his bare backside. The foolish boy had been caught trying to pinch Alisha's knickers while she was having a shower. For what reason is anyone's guess, but such behaviour isn't tolerated here at Westgate School and retribution is deemed appropriate. Pausing to ask if he has had enough, Miss tells Alisha to carry on. Now with his buttocks red, Miss asserts that such despicable behaviour is a caning offence and Alisha is invited to cane him hard both on his shorts and on the bare. Atkinson pleads for leniency, seeing as the festive period is nearing, but the Head is having none of it and Atkinson must suffer, much to Alisha's delight !

Dressed Down, Scolded & Strapped
5 November
Duration: 7:26

Black is once more in trouble. He has been spanked by Miss Mountbatten, the sexy young school teacher, then brought to the Head’s study to be presented to her. Once in front of Miss Hastings, who is clearly tired of his pathetic behaviour and ridiculous excuses, he is dressed down, scolded before being spanked over Miss Hastings’ knee while she is perched on the high chair. He is then slippered harshly followed by a vicious strapping. With a sigh of relief at the ordeal ending, as Black drags his feet, he is told that it was only over for now, he was to come back later for a caning !

Practical Joke Backfires
3 November
Duration: 7:58

Alex couldn't help but giggle at the practical joke she had played on her Mother. Whilst out in the field, Alex had switched the electics back on just as her Mother touched the gate to close it causing an electrical shock and sending her Mother to the ground. Mother was furious, more so for Alex laughing at her Mother's misfortune. She was having none of it and that incident will cost her dearly. After scolding her, Alex is told to bend over, pants down, whilst Mother produces the carpet beater. She was going to teach her a lesson and really laid into her, then followed it up with a long-handled brush. Thinking it was all over, Mother unleahes a furious tirade of strokes from the carpet beater once again. Surely Alex will learn from this....or will she.

Beaten Into being Smarter
1 November
Duration: 16:10

Tewitt ambles into Miss Hastings study in his usual dishevilled fashion. He sneaks a satisfying look at Miss Hastings’ thighs, whilst she sits upon her desk lecturing him. She bends him over her desk and canes him. Being the slouch that he is he has non conventional underwear on, so to right that wrong, she whips his pants down and canes him hard on the bare. Next in is the tall athletic Higgins. A school desk is pulled into the middle and his long figure is folded over it once his trousers and pants are down. She gives his bottom some attention, then summons Alex Evans in. Alex is put over Miss Hastings desk and her pretty bottom with skimpy pants is spanked hard. Enjoying himself whilst still bent over the school desk, Higgins’ bubble is burst when he is told to bend over Evans and then receives a no nonsense caning before being told to smarten up alongside Evans Get out!

Caught Them Just In Time
29 October
Duration: 8:47

Alex has persuaded her new boyfriend to finish work early and come to her house as she has plans for a sexy afternoon. Thinking her Mother would be away for some time, they were just about to get down to business when her Mother walks in and catches them. To make matters worse, Mother has a splitting headache. She berates them both and this behaviour cannot go unpunished. Alex is dragged over her knee and can see Alex has even put on some sexy lacy knickers, no doubt just for the occasion. Having been soundly spanked until bright red, the boyfriend is also given the same treatment before they are both made to bend over the sofa for a long hard strapping. Alex now knows why she doesn't like to bring her boyfriends home to meet her!

Atkinson Needs A Different Solution
26 October
Duration: 6:03

Atkinson was usually pretty smart at maths, often in the top half dozen, but recently his grades had slipped. It isn’t that he wasn’t capable, it was as if his attention span had dwindled. What was the reason for this wondered Miss Hastings, displeased that one of her star pupils was showing signs of some sort of teenage amnesia? She thought long and hard and would only come up with the fact that Atkinson was now only interested in a different rule of figure. A shapely one exhibited by Alex Evans or the pretty blonde Alisha Williams. Miss Hastings decoded that the solution was obvious. Stick him in her personal attention and spank or paddle him every single time he got something wrong, either across his smart grey shorts or on his bare bottom. Hopefully Atkinson would not be a slow learner!

Time For My Own Workout
23 October
Duration: 8:06

Miss Simcock waited for her husband to come home from the gym. He was always there, spending all his time working out instead of working on making her life more enjoyable by doing all the housework and chores. Well if he was so concerned about his physique then she had better check it out and no more satisfying way than to make him go over her knee, pull down his tracksuit bottoms and spank his smooth backside. She had to admit to herself that his buttocks and thighs were rather muscular and she felt a little tremor as she drew her elegant fingers across his round nates before spanking them enthusiastically. She pulled down his small black underpants to expose the red cheeks. After working out with her hand, a hairbrushing and a slippering would complete her reps. This was all the exercise she needed !!

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