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Black has To Surrender

20 September
Duration: 10:01

Punishment Club parties always involve some serious thrashings (for those so inclined) and Miss Hardcastle likes to push limits to the edge. Black is a frequent flyer when it comes to beatings and can take a lot. Miss Hardcastle was dressed in party spirit in short dress and heels showing off her lovely slender legs, sticking out her very, very shapely bottom. She started with mighty swings of the sjambok, then gave him six scorchers with a straight cane, crouching like a panther, legs braced, bottom thrust back, looking great. Next she tawsed him over his stripes which brought them out beautifully. Matron passed her a massive 2-tail strap that made him wince. He ended up flat on the horse for the straight judicial cane, swung savagely vertically downwards. After a few of her legendary strokes he’d really had enough and raised a hand in surrender.

Stolen Minutes

18 September
Duration: 10:08

Stephanie expected punctuality from her staff, one of which she called to her office about his regular lateness. Checking his file she calculated he had been late to work a total of 15 minutes in the past week and 7 this morning. She suggested that she dismiss him although jobs were hard to get these days or she could give him one stroke for every minute. 22 burning strokes. He was a little baffled until she reached into her desk for a good old-fashioned discipline tawse. In fact she had a few. Asked if she intended to treat him like a naughty child she agreed that was exactly what she was going to do and set about the seat of his trousers with full strength strokes, 6 in all. His trousers had to come down for the rest. They hurt. They hurt a lot.

Another Dose Before Bedtime

15 September
Duration: 12:03

Alex was reading Viz magazine and drinking beer on her bed when her Mother caught her. “Oh, Bloody Hell!” she exclaimed in exasperation. Alex’s teacher, Miss Hastings had grilled her Mother about Alex’s behaviour and had questioned her parenting skills which hurt. Alex giggled and got a slap. Tomorrow, after gym Alex was going to be caned and strapped with Miss Hastings’ ‘horrible little strap.’ Alex called her a “right fucking bitch” and was marched to the lounge where she had to lay her pert little bottom over her Mother’s knee for a ferocious spanking, flimsy panties down for most of it. Then a good slippering. Alex begged her Mother to stop and, surprisingly, she did but only to bend the girl over the back of the chair for a final six. “I’m sorry, Mummy” gasped Alex. She promised another dose before bedtime.

She Doesn't Like Tens

13 September
Duration: 20:21

Allan’s behaviour had really upset the School Governors and they suggested an absolutely brutal series of thrashings or expulsion. Miss Hardcastle was to administer the canings and they would be savage, the first set being 40 strokes then to the gymnasium for a minimum of 24 on the bare. Cripes. Over a desk she whipped his arse with a senior cane 11 times, remarking that 12 would be more traditional, less European. Touching toes another 10 plus one for complaining. 11 over the caning stool and 9 over the rail. His underpants were ruined, his arse shredded. In the gym, firmly secured to the bench she laid on the first 12 horrendous strokes. He pleaded for a short break before the final 12 which were the most unbearable of the lot, delivered with real venom. With that she decided his slate was wiped clean.

I Want Orders

11 September
Duration: 10:05

Stephanie’s salesmen were failing miserably and it was costing her money. She knew EXACTLY what to do about it. She reached for the phone to have her secretary send the first useless individual to her office when he barged in, with no knocking, with his sales figures as requested. What sorry reading they made, deteriorating every quarter. He had a choice, being let go or a little ‘fast track tuition,’ which he gladly accepted, although he was a bit taken aback when she told him to remove his trousers and bend over her desk. Telling her secretary she would take no calls or visitors she rolled up her sleeves and spanked him hard on his bare arse for a very long time, then she took a broad leather paddle to his well-reddened backside. “I want ORDERS” she barked before sending for another useless salesman.

Alex Thought Out Loud

8 September
Duration: 8:06

Alex reported to Miss Hastings in the gym. “I trust you’ve learned” said her teacher and before she could stop the words tumbling from her potty mouth Alex called her an absolute bitch. “I’m sorry, Miss, I thought out loud” gasped Alex who knew she would pay with the skin on her pert and well-toned (probably by countless spankings) derriere. Her leggings had to be peeled off and over Miss H’s knee. “Evans, you’re an absolute disgrace” chided her exasperated teacher as she tanned the girl’s firm young bottom. “Sorry” was now Alex’s favourite word. She was allowed to get up, only to have to kneel on a stool, head between Miss Hasting’s knees, hands on the floor to have the strap lashed vertically on alternate buttocks. There was more strapping, knickers down before Miss went to select a suitably vicious cane.

Underpants Down & Start Again

6 September
Duration: 8:06

The Headmistress called Bags into her office regarding his unauthorised mobile phone. She told him she would punish him for the silly little frog sounds in assembly and Black Sabbath in RE. She was going to ‘make her mark’ on him. It was shorts down, bend over and hands on her chair. Having him stick his bottom out she launched into a welter of mighty swings of the gym slipper, finishing with her favourite size 11. Well, not really finishing. She spanked the tops of his legs then it was underpants down and start again. What a slippering he got on the bare, some lovely, satisfying cracks that cheered her no end. Then she found his mobile phone, he hadn’t the sense to leave it outside. Exasperated, she demanded he report to her tomorrow night and they would do a little lesson in caning.

Not So Lucky Number

4 September
Duration: 6:46

Miss Hastings-Gore waited for the boy Miss Lewis has reported to her. She asked him what colour knickers Miss Lewis was wearing. He said they were black with hearts on. Asked how he knew this he claimed someone had told him but the Headmistress knew he had been looking up teachers’ skirts on the stairs. “Disgraceful” she said and put him over her knee for a good spanking. He was going to get a lot more than that. She bent him at the caning stool selected a cane, giving at a loud test ‘swish’ to unsettle the boy. She gave him six of the best and he felt every one acutely. Trousers down, she swung it hard another six painful times across his underpants. As 18 was his lucky number she opted for another six lashes on the bare. What delightful parallel stripes!

Well It Was Worth A Try

1 September
Duration: 10:47

Stephanie put her lottery money on the table then dashed to the bathroom. Alex came in with her Cousin and immediately palmed the coins. When Mother came back there was no money and no-one owning up so she blamed her Nephew who had nicked money before. Alex was pleased to be out of the frame and encouraged her Mother to blame him. She creased with laughter as Stephanie demanded he bare his bottom and lay over his Aunt’s knee. She spanked him hard but he wouldn’t confess. Alex tried to ‘lose’ the coins but Mother caught her and she was straight over her knee for a good bare-bottom spanking, then she had her thieving hands tawsed. Mother fled to get her ticket and Cousin protested that his backside was slapped for nothing. Cheeky Alex could only say “well, it was worth a try.”

Mister Wasteful Walloped
30 August
Duration: 11:10

Lady Havergill’s ‘man about the house’ had bought garden seed from a very expensive outlet rather than wheeling his barrow a couple of miles to a discount garden centre. She hated waste and thought a couple of dozen, HARD, would teach him. She proudly announced that before she had title, money and a big house she had been a Headmistress and ran a tight ship. She took some canes from the wardrobe. “I used to be quite a caner” she was pleased to tell him. She bent him over the dressing table and took a crook-handled school cane to his rump, 6 awful searing strokes than made him suck and rub. He thought she was finished and pulled up his trousers without permission. That got him another savagely applied six on his underpants. He had to take a hand strapping before she was done, smiling gorgeously.

No Carrot, Just Stick

28 August
Duration: 8:24

One of Miss Hastings’ pupils was not doing well learning his times tables. She wasn’t the sort of teacher who rewarded good behaviour, she believed in the old fashioned way of punishing mistakes. Sort of ‘no carrot, just stick.’ He made the mistake of complaining until she lashed the strap down on his desk. Almost straight away he went wrong. Trousers down and across his desk, holding on tight, she began his interrogation and he soon got a dozen in quick succession across his big, bare arse. On it went. He was useless. What a merciless strapping she gave him. Then he answered some right and she thought her method was working but he soon fell back into his old ways and she belted the living daylights out of him. He would be back tomorrow afternoon to be tested (and belted) again.

A Very Sore Looking Bottom

25 August
Duration: 19:11

Alex was in big trouble with her Mum, from behaviour at school to behaviour at home. Mother caught her swigging beer to make matters worse and soaped her mouth. “I’m going to absolutely leather you” she said and did just that, being a lady of her word. With a selection of straps, paddles and belts she strapped the girl’s misbehaving hands before giving her bottom a tanning she won’t forget. With her delightful bottom bare but for skimpy panties the beating was leaving serious marks on her bottom cheeks. Her Mother remarked that she had “a very sore looking bottom” but carried on beating the daylights out of it. When the more serious straps and belts came into play poor Alex was screaming in pain with every lash. Finally, her Mother gave her a warm and loving cuddle to show her love.

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