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Sexy Sjambok Spanking

19 March
Duration: 4:23

The sjambok is a terrifying implement of discipline but, in the right hands and with a seasoned bottom it can be positively erotic. In this clip, at one of the wonderful Punishment Club parties Miss Hardcastle puts a young man over the horse and spanks him hard. She wants to be more severe so finds a slipper to cause him more grief, then progresses to a leather paddle used every bit as hard as it’s maker intended. He was taking it well so she reached for her well-loved and well-swung sjambok and beat him in time to the party music, harshly but very erotically, gyrating her beautifully proportioned bottom to the delight of the other, rowdy party goers. She even entered the party spirit and took pity on him, caressing his tattered bottom. Then she gave him a characteristic hard hand spanking as only she can.

Nail Varnish At School ?

16 March
Duration: 10:45

Alex enteres Miss Hastings' study in school uniform. Miss Hasting tells her she has asked to see her as it's been reported that she is repeatedly wearing nail varnish and jewellery, and school is certainly no place for such vanities as it is against the rules. In order to remind her to keep her hands clean and not wear nail varnish or jewellery, she is going to tawse her, both hands and bottom. Miss confiscates Alex's bracelet and her beloved ring. As Miss sees that this time Alex is not wearing jewellery, she decides to go a little lighter on her. Instead of the planned dozen on each hand with the tawse, she delivers six stingers to each hand, and adds a dozen across that petite derriere. Still not a hundred percent sure Alex has got the message, Miss Hastings then canes her palms with a nasty thin whippy cane before sending her on her way...

The Recidivist

14 March
Duration: 9:40

Poor Hudson had forgotten to return a borrowed book to the library. This wasn't the first time he had done so. Miss Hastings decided to cane him for being a recidivist. Taking matters into his own hands he got up and trotted off half way through his caning...What a costly mistake that was going to be! She tied him down to the caning bench and lay 8 hard strokes across the seat of his shorts before leaving him in disgrace and on display with little dignity...she was far from finished with him! Next the shorts can down for a further 6 lashes of his cane across his bare bottom. As a parting warning shot she made him howl with one stroke of her dragon cane before setting his sorry forgetful arse free to return his book.

Don't Let Them Get Away With It

12 March
Duration: 8:51

The new teacher is a pushover and an absolute sucker for a pretty face. Any of the girls caught misbehaving only have to giggle sweetly and smile at him, and he's putty in their manipulative hands. The Headmistress has heard about this on the staff grapevine and decides to confront him in her study. After a brief interview, it's clear that he's pathetic and hopelessly out-maneuvered by the girls who are well aware that they can get away with anything. Miss Hastings decides that the best 'cure' for this sort of inefficiency is to demonstrate the effective use of CP on him! A spanking, a paddling and a strapping on his bare bottom soon have him converted to being a much stricter teacher and a newly reformed advocate of punishment and discipline for all pupils.

A Spanking Good Magazine

9 March
Duration: 8:44

Leigh is enjoying leafing through some spanking mags, his grubby mind running away with him. He shows them to Alex and suggests perhaps she could adopt some of the poses. Leigh has to push it a bit further by lustfully suggesting she goes over his knee ... "Just as a bit of fun" It's more than fun on his mind when he sneakily peals down her leggings and is in the process of pulling down her knickers and attempting a few slaps, when Alex call for mum's help. Oh dear, Leigh is caught red-handed. Despite his pathetic pleas of innocence, Mummy puts him bare-bottomed over her knee for a spanking then slippering. While Alex watches, happily seeing Leigh get it, she brushes her shiny hair, then slyly offers the brush to Mummy, who gives the wretched Leigh his comeuppance by bending over the settee for a fierce hair brushing.

Who's The Boss?

7 March
Duration: 10:33

Miss Hastings was summoned into her boss's office. Her incompetency had cost the company money and was soon going to cost her her job. Whilst she sat trying to justify her idleness and stupidity, sir had a different idea. 'You could do something for me' he smirked across the desk. It turned out the boss had a deep desire to be spanked and punished and requested Miss Hastings gives him a good ol fashioned bare bottom spanking and in exchange for this she could keep her job. Looking quite nervous she put him over her knee. It wasn't long before she found her stride and started to enjoy tanning his arse. "Oh sir, SIR...oh sir' she moaned as she walloped him harder before bending him over the desk for a sharp caning and paddling...She certainly showed him who the real boss was!

No More Nonsense

5 November
Duration: 19:18

Only one day after a sever leathering from Miss Hastings, Walter was ordered back into her main school room for a dose of the Canadian prison strap and a severe judicial caning. She did not hold back. Selecting her favorite dragon cane, she laid it on hard across his big arse. He took his punishment with grace. She didn't stop until all 40 ferocious, full force strokes had been delivered. At the end of his punishment he specifically ordered over 30 'high strokes' of the cane.

They Started It...Mother Finished It

2 March
Duration: 17:57

Alisha and Alex had arrived home from school. Alisha set straight about doing her homework whilst her rebellious sister Alex decided to help herself to one of her dad's bottles of beer whilst their mother was out and taunt her sister for being a 'geek'. The two girls ended up arguing, swearing and fighting. Unfortunately for them both their mother burst in just as Alex had Alisha pinned down on the sofa with her legs in the air and Alisha was pulling at Alex’s' hair...After a stern scolding from their frustrated mother, both girls ended up over their mothers’ knee for a hard and fast no nonsense spanking before getting a leathering with the belt. Their mother placed a final six livid strokes of her senior cane across their pert little bottoms before dismissing them out of her sight.

No Nonsense

28 February
Duration: 23:08

Walter was to stand before Miss Hastings for a no nonsense pure punishment session. The fool thought it was funny to begin with until she turned him over her knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. She had her willing and helpful daughter pass her several implements throughout his agonizing 22 minutes of punishment. Extra stokes of the tawse for his pathetic cries were awarded before Miss Hastings lashed the martinet and cane across his arse. After a long hard thrashing his bottom would be black and blue for weeks.

It Gives Me No Pleasure

26 February
Duration: 9:11

Alex was before Miss Hastings yet again. Her insolence was staggering, especially just before what would almost certainly be a severe caning. Miss Hastings told the girl that disciplining her gave her no pleasure and announced that she would get 12 strokes of the cane on her shorts. Alex rolled her eyes defiantly but peeled down her leggings to reveal a skin-tight pair of flesh-coloured shorts that showed her exquisite peach of a bottom to perfection. She had to fetch a chair and bend over the back as Miss Hastings gave her a dozen, good, hard, no-nonsense whacks with the cane and she wasn’t holding back. As Alex counted them her voice began to shake and she yelped at number ten. Then the poor girl had to lower her flimsy shorts for twelve of the best on the bare. Well striped!

A CP Experience

23 February
Duration: 10:26

Poor Leigh, chosen to be the recipient of a lesson in CP. Miss brings him to the front of the class and at the request of the female student teachers, deliver a hiding not to be forgotten. (Well let's face it, he's long overdue that and more, considering his behaviour.) His clothed bottom is paddled, strapped and caned to the satisfaction of those watching, then Miss asks for requests. He wriggles and writhes, then moans when the next step is to be completed on the bare. Gosh those girls are in for a treat unlike Leigh. Trousers and pants around his knees, he is sooo embarrassed but that only stirs the girls up. Tawse him! Strap him! Cane him! They are baying for his blood. At least six of each snapping across those bare bottom cheeks.

The Senior Cane For Alex

21 February
Duration: 5:55

Sent to the gym, Alex Evans stood before the dreaded caning bench to await her thrashing. “Take your skirt off” demanded Miss Hastings “you know why you’ve been sent to me.” She went on to tell the poor girl that she had graduated from the junior to the senior cane and she would take twelve strokes with grace and count every one or it would be taken again. Cripes! This was as severe as the senior boys got! She was instructed to kneel up on the caning bench and stretch across it to present her bottom and, furthermore, to call out the strokes clearly. Miss Hardcastle began. Hard, without mercy. That terrifying senior rod was cracked across her tender young shapely buttocks six times, her voice trembling as she counted. Her knickers came down for the final, ever harder six then she had to stay on display.

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