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Room To Swing

17 February
Duration: 8:23

Alisha reported to the Headmistress’s study to tell her that she would not be able to attend Saturday detention for family reasons. Miss Hastings-Gore was unmoved, telling her that the universe did not revolve around Alisha Williams and that somehow she had to be dealt with. For a fleeting moment the poor girl believed that extra homework or lines would get her off the hook until the Head said “no, the buck stops here. I have no choice, I’m going to cane you”. She had to pull a chair to the middle of the room and bend over it while Miss Hastings-Gore selected a couple of canes. Heavy senior canes, seldom used on the girls. With plenty of room to swing she let fly at Alisha’s lovely rump, soon stripped of skirt and knickers. She was caned to tears. Before she was dismissed her knees were buckling. Harsh!

On Top Of The Situation

15 February
Duration: 13:41

Stephanie phoned home from her office to find out what last night’s lottery numbers were. She couldn’t believe she had a big win. A very big win. Hundreds of thousands of pounds. She poured herself a glass of wine and put her feet up then phoned Black, her office manager, to tell him. When summoned to her office and told he was very subdued. There was a problem. He had forgotten to buy the ticket. She was devastated. And very, very cross. The red mist descended and she locked the door, bent him over her desk and roughly tore off his trousers to spank him as hard as she knew how, climbing on the desk to beat him from above, one handed, two handed. She hit him savagely with a heavy ruler and dismissed his useless arse from her office.

Weight Gain Forfeit

13 February
Duration: 8:55

Stephanie’s husband was on a diet to lose some flab for their holiday in a few weeks. This evening he went to get on the scales and the sound of his voice wafted into the sitting room. “Oh God, the scales are wonky, I’ve put on 3lb.” He couldn’t understand why but she could and rattled off all the treats he’d been giving himself. “I’ll have to go running” he told her but that would have to wait for now. “What did we agree?” she asked, “a forfeit for encouragement.” From the sideboard she took a plimsoll and 2 kitchen spatulas. She made him bend over his armchair and beat his bottom 3 times with each (4 with the plimsoll) then the same on his underpants and again on the bare before giving him her trademark spanking, the equal of any implements. “It’s all pink” she said.

Not So Cocky Now

10 February
Duration: 17:39

Miss Hastings-Gore discovered a boy had some disgusting, demeaning literature and decided to flog him mercilessly. With great apprehension he presented himself for punishment and she put him on the caning bench, secured him with its stout leather straps and additionally tied his wrists to the frame This was going to be a mighty beating. A few slaps then the awful wooden handled strap laid on incredibly hard. She was enjoying this. The tawse elicited some pitiful noises and the sjambok more so. The racket was terrible so she gagged him. She hadn’t even begun to cane him yet but when she did he was in pure agony. Several canes, every one brutal and savagely swung to the accompaniment of his yells and howls. She had to re-gag him. His bottom was a mess. “Not so cocky now” she said as she sent him to Matron.

The Last Straw
8 February
Duration: 7:10

All he’d done wrong was to leave some string on the gym floor but it was the culmination of a litany of misdeeds, one too many, the last straw. She didn’t have to snarl and shout at him, she would teach him his error with a fearsome straight discipline cane and had him report naked to receive it. Having him stretch along the horse she began, lashing the rod savagely, even sadistically across his bare buttocks, delighting in the ever increasing damage she was inflicting. She didn’t lose her temper nor even raise her voice, she didn’t have to, the cane was screaming at him for her. Changing sides to even up the damage she slashed it down time after time for what seemed to be an age. His agony is perfectly apparent, he was praying it would be over. Then she was satisfied he had suffered enough.

The Incriminating Betting Slip
6 February
Duration: 12:41

Stephanie was fed up with her husband’s lying and was horrified to see him reading a racing paper when he had promised he’d stopped betting after the trouble last time. He said he only placed small bets now but she had found a betting slip for £100 from a racecourse last week. She’d teach him a lesson, longer and harder than last time so over her knee he went, fruitlessly protesting for a seemingly endless spanking. Underpants down she carried on then tried her useless, cheap slipper that she couldn’t afford to replace. She told him to stand but only to bend over the back of the chair for a hairbrushing but that was old and broken. Hurt, though. Still unsatisfied, she bent him over the dining table and fetched not one but two carpet beaters. Six with each and he’d get more later. In pyjamas.

Do It Again !

4 February
Duration: 10:50

Miss Hastings was checking Alisha’s submission and as she read the paper she was more and more convinced it was not her work. The handwriting was Alisha’s, so far as she could tell, but untidy and full of spelling and grammatical errors, as if it had been hurriedly copied. She had Alisha stand in front of her and explain the change in ink colour, and why, after two paragraphs the standard of work went downhill fast. When challenged, Alisha played dumb. “Don’t treat me like a fool” snapped Miss Hastings, bent her over the high stool and advised her to hold on to the rungs for a ‘proper paddling’ which she delivered despite the girl’s squeals. A good hard spanking put colour into Alisha’s pert cheeks, crimson which would later turn to black bruising. She had a good hand rulering too then had to do the work again.

Savagely Tawsed In Front Of Alisha
2 February
Duration: 10:26

Two troublemakers were in detention when Miss Hardcastle came to supervise, a 6th form lad who should have known better and the young Alisha, who was immediately rulered on her hands for having her elbows on the desk. Very soon Miss, who has an uncanny knack of finding contraband, found a ‘top shelf’ magazine hidden in the lad’s history books and was very, very cross. His pathetic excuses only made things worse for him and she decided a good tawsing was in order. Despite his pleas not to be beaten in front of a junior girl he was put over his desk and took 6 scorching strokes over his jeans. I have never seen a tawse swung so hard in my life. It was 6 on his underpants next, equally hard then the final savage 6 on the bare. Alisha was sneaking peeks and loving it.

Now That Is A Warm Up

30 January
Duration: 6:14

In extraordinarily good form Miss Hastings had her next ‘subject’ strip and place himself across her knee to feel the effect of her ‘gentle, soft hand’. He impressed her in the manner he folded his clothes and took his weight off her legs. Her not so gentle hand spanked his upturned bottom with vigour, the cracks of her spanks reverberating off the walls of the big room. She wanted to put her mark right across his bottom which was rapidly reddening under the wallops. This was, she said, doing her good. The spanking seemed to go on and on interminably. He had a good view of his shapely spanker in a carefully positioned mirror, lucky man. With his bottom positively glowing she announced “I think you could call that a warm up”. He would need it for the thrashing she had in mind…

Ashamed, Disgusted & Appalled

27 January
Duration: 9:26

Alisha was sitting on the sofa doing her homework when her Mother arrived home saying she had just had a really embarrassing 20 minutes at school being told how her Daughter had suddenly lost the ability to spell when she started copying other people’s work. Her Mother was furious, seething and didn’t know what to do with the girl. “It stops now, showing me up stops immediately” she said, roughly pulled Alisha over her knee and spanked the living daylights out of her despite her protests. “Get over there” demanded Mother, referring to the arm of the sofa and when Alisha assumed the all-too-familiar position, thin panties peeled down, her Mother laid into her with her Father’s thick leather trouser belt until the wretched girl was crying. “I’m ashamed, disgusted and appalled” she announced, flouncing off to leave Alisha nursing her burning bottom.

I'll Make It Up To 50 !
25 January
Duration: 7:37

While the Headmistress popped out to get a mug of coffee, Bags sat idly making and throwing paper aeroplanes until she caught him in the act. She concluded that he hadn’t learned his lesson from the good caning she had delivered the other day and resolved to make a real 100% effort to make sure this particular lesson sank in. “So” she said, bending him right over his desk “I will paddle you dozens of times” and set about her task with great vigour, swinging the heavyweight leather paddle ferociously, making a terrifying crack on his arse every time. Pausing for a sip of her coffee after the first eyewatering dozen she carried on with a dozen more. Underpants down she enthusiastically let him have another 12, then another. She was finding this particularly invigorating and decided to make the tally up to 50 with two additional earsplitting cracks.

Painful Proof
23 January
Duration: 13:00

Mr Bradshaw ran a wholesale discipline supply company and valued Miss Hastings as a good and highly valued customer. When she burst into his office in a foul mood, clutching defective canes he suspected things could only get worse for him. Suggesting that she was caning too hard only made it worse. He assured her that he had changed his supplier and she wouldn’t break the new ones. “Anything I can do to keep your custom” he said, then quickly realised she meant to take him at his word. Selecting a broad 2-tail strap and a selection of canes she had him drop his trousers and bend over his desk. His, the Managing Director’s. Still, business is business and over he went. She laid into him hard with the strap, warming him for her intended severe caning then selected the first for thorough testing, finishing with the whangee. OUCH.

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