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Back In Detention
18 February
Duration: 7:27

Allen and Evans are never far away from trouble and it is no surprise that we see them back in detention once again. As usual, Evans thinks everything is amusing, only this time she was giggling at the change she had previously made on the blackboard turning one word of the written poem into a crude word, such is her childish behaviour. Miss was having none of it and bent her over for a good spanking only to be greeted by flimsy green panties...definitely not regulation underwear. For that she got an extra strapping! Allen complained bitterly about having to wear shorts instead of his normal trousers and so he too got a good walloping for answering back. This was just a foretaste of further upcoming detentions...

You Just Want To See My Ass!
16 February
Duration: 15:04

Alex walks in, booze in hand, having been out all night to a party. Her Stepfather warns her she'll be having her trousers down for a spanking by her Mother. Being cheeky, Alex suggests that he would be looking forward to that since she had noticed him admiring her pert round ass. She even teases him by pulling down her trousers to give him a look, when in walks Mother catching her in the act! Not only that but she'd be spying on her for the last few minutes too. Whack! Mother then accuses him of not seeing her ass in the same way. How dare he drool ove rher daughter! They were both in for it. To enbarass them both she made Alex spank her Stepfather, then strapped him before oputting Alex over her knee for a good old spanking. The final humiliation was to make Alex display her bright red bottom. Now have a good look, said Mother...

His Bottom As Red As Her Shoes
14 February
Duration: 7:18

Her Ladyship caught her slacker of a husband sitting reading the paper when he should have been putting the shopping away. Worse still, she had told him to clean her red high heels this morning and she had been walking round town in them before she realised they were still dirty. What would people think of her? In quick time his trousers were down and he was across her knee for a good, long, hard spanking, at which Lady Havergill excels. His underpants came down too and for good measure she spanked his bare thighs too. Now that really hurts. He squirmed and squealed and squawked a bit but she gave him exceedingly good measure. At least he had the perfect view of her sexy red high heels while his dear wife was ensuring that his bottom went just as red.

Filmed For Future Humiliation
11 February
Duration: 5:49

This naughty boy has a things for women's underwear and had been caught trying to feel up the girls' legs and, even worse, his teacher's! Now he was going to pay for his perversions. Strapped to the spanking bench and made to wear girl's clothes, his flimsy sheer panties were not going to save his sorry buttocks from a very severe caning. Even worse, Miss decided to film his punishment it could be played back to the rest of the class as a form of humiliation just in case he decided to carry out any future disgusting behaviour like this. Aided by her junior teacher, who made sure he counted and thanked Miss for every excrutiating stroke, Miss caned him so hard he audibly gasped, barely able to get a word out of his mouth. By the time she finished, his arse was suitable trashed!

I'll Wipe That Giggle Off You
9 February
Duration: 25:01

These two reprobates were called to the office for detention and couldn't help but see it all as a joke. Well, Miss was going to make them see differently....and it wouldn't be a tickle either! First up was evans, who gets a good dose of the cane. Slater is up next who gets the same while touching his toes. Told to sit at desks and write out 50 immaculate lines each, they still see it all as funny and start baiting each other while Miss is out of the room.Miss is not best pleased with the results and begins a lecture on the ned for punishment. With trousers down they are both subjected to a severe beating, caning and strapping and the horro is clearly palpable. Somehow, Miss still expects to see them both again...and probably very soon!

Spanked For Being Caned
6 February
Duration: 5:36

Minnie was in her bedroom examining in the mirror the tracks on her bottom from a caning at school when in walked her step mother. The school had phoned to tell her of her daughter’s appalling behaviour and she made Minnie show her the marks, claiming she had been good at school. “You were NOT good at school” said her step mother and pulled her across her knee, telling her that not only would she have cane tracks but also an extremely red bottom. Despite Minnie’s protestations she got a really long, really hard bottom-reddening from the well practiced hand of her guardian and when she thought it was over was told that she would get 12 REALLY hard ones. She certainly did. On her already tender bottom they hurt like mad and tears were in her eyes. She was relieved to be sent downstairs.

Your Filthy Mouth Needs A Clean
4 February
Duration: 8:10

Alex is summoned into the lounge by Mother who has had enough. She sits Alex down and goes through all the different ways she's used to make Alex a better person. All to no avail. The drinking, the behaviour, the foul language; it all had to stop. At her last spanking Mother had even heard her mutter "Bitch" under her breath. There's only one thing for a filthy mouth...soap! And mother had pre-prepared a concoction just for the occasion. With a struggle, Mother forces soap into her mouth and is forced to chew it. She giggles and laughs and thinks it's a game until the hairbrush comes out where Mother begins to rain down a beating on her bum. Seeing Alex isn't suffering enough, she pulls down her leggings and panties and thrashes her buttocks some more. Afterwards, Mother checks to make sure Alex has eaten and swallowed all the soap...hopefully now her language will improve...

Headbutter Gets Butt Beating
1 February
Duration: 11:58

Alex is called in to see the Head, who has a difficult choice to make. Alex, it would seem, had headbutted another girl and was now faced with the prosepct of hours of dull paperwork and having to deal with the police. Fortunately, the parents of the injured girl had given the Head an opportunity to manage the problem internally, provided they got an assurance that Alex would be properly dealt with. Miss hastings readily agreed. All this was explained to Alex who was commanded to take off her skirt and lay herself over a high table, where Miss could get the best angle for her pert buttocks. With canes in hand, Miss delivered a searing 21 harsh strokes for which Alex was to count each one. Her butt would be in far worse pain than the girl's injured head!

Paying For the Car Crash
19 January
Duration: 11:57

Alex is, as usual, lounging on the sofa when Mother walks in. She is on the phone with her neighbour who is demanding money to pay for the damage to his car caused my Mother's pride and joy. Knowing it wasn't her, there was only one possible explanation, but Alex is insisting it wasn't her claiming that the neighbour probably did it himself and is trying to pull a fast one. Now faced with a dent in her own car and knowing Alex wasn't insures, she would have to pay....and so would Alex! Told to bend over a coffee table, Mother lets rip with the bath brush. Not satisfied, she follows up with some hard caning. Alex is so red and sore by the time she finishes Mother is hoping she has learned her lesson...

Punishment For Pleasure
27 January
Duration: 17:52

A purely for fun session covering a multitude of different punishments from leg slapping to OTK hand spanking to straps, paddles, plimsolls, belts, canes and tawses and all delivered in no-nonsense way... only with a smile on their faces

I'll Tell You When It Hurts
25 January
Duration: 7:35

Aunty was a stickler for keeping the kitchen tidy and when she found a dirty mug of Minnie’s there were consequences. It got worse when Aunty noticed it has a picture of a fetish cat with a strapon printed on the side. Pushed down over the cooker Minnie had her skirt pulled up, tights down, then knickers. “Stick your little bottom out” instructed a very cross Aunty who began to spank her hard. “It hurts, Aunty” protested Minnie. “I’ll tell you when it hurts” was Aunty’s stern reply. Minnie tried pulling a lip-out face which made Aunty reach for the biggest wooden spoon Minnie had ever seen which was soon stirring up a chorus of howls and yelps from the poor girl and it was all Aunty could do to hold on to the wriggling minx. At the end Minnie asked for a cuddle and they went to sit down, all anger gone.

Too Late To Feel Sorry
22 January
Duration: 11:03

Our foreign exchange student, Deena, is back in front of the Head yet again, along with Evans, who, between them, were creating havoc in school. The Head suspected Deena was not the saint she had been made out to be and, as evans is a known troublemaker, it came as no surprise that the two of them together would be up to mischief. Well, they were now going to count the cost. Deena was made to bend over the chair while the Head delivered stinging strokes across her backside. The agony is clearly visible. Next up, Evans is bent over the Head's knee for a good spanking followed by a caning just for wearing flimsy nylon panties. Lesson learned? Highly doubtful!

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