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Black's Plea For Help

24 May
Duration: 9:07

Once more Black was in front of the Head. The silly man never learned from his mistakes. The daft sod was even stupid enough to ask Miss Hastings to help him out ! He’d been previously paddled, but as well as having a thick skin he also had a thick skull which clearly means the message hadn’t got through. Harsher measures were therefore called for. Miss Hastings began the proceedings with a harsh spanking on his bare bottom followed which he was told to lay on his stomach where Miss hastings opted for a very liberal dose of the prison strap followed by the cane resulting in numerous cries of pain from Black. Although slow, he managed a spluttering apology and a woeful agreement to pull his socks up and engage his brain in future.

Sting Like A Bee

22 May
Duration: 15:18

Miss Hastings was furious with her daughter for not tidying her room. Alex had decided to go to the cinema instead. Mother had clearly reached the end of her tether with the little brat. Whilst reluctantly tidying her bedroom, she found a packet of cigarettes. Alex jumped straight on the defence and gave her mother a whole load of sass and attitude calling her “A Fucking Bitch”!…”Oh You’ve gone too far this time lady!” snarled her Mother as she quickly turned Alex over her knee for a hard and fast bare bottom spanking. Alex begged her mother to stop but she was far from finished. Laying Alex on the sofa,she lifted her daughter's legs into the diaper position and took the flyswat to her bottom and legs for two minutes on each side. The sensation felt like a thousand wasp stings! The Little Madam was certainly brought back to heel after that dose of punishment.

Marathon Competition

19 May
Duration: 32:27

Tony was cheeky and challenged Alex to a competition. Miss Hastings, in a good mood, thought the plan a winner. She was to be both the executioner of the proceedings and the Judge. Of course a good sound spanking with the appropriate leg and thigh slapping seemed a good place to start (bare legs obviously). Although Tony jumped from one leg to the other, squealing like a piglet, he endured it. Alex was more stoic. Watch their struggles, and Miss Hastings' delight, as they each received all manner of implements from straps to paddles, tawse and canes from Miss. Alex received first prize. Her reward was to be allowed to turn the tables on Tony. See how she used him to practice on, caning overarm and doing a fine job of it too.

Smokin' Hot

17 May
Duration: 9:21

Miss Hastings was absolutely livid, as Evans entered her study. She started yelling straight away. “If you slouch one more time lady, I’ll strap your hands, bath brush your backside and tawse your thighs!” she barked. Alex had set the fire alarm off and found the matter quite amusing. Miss Hastings soon slapped the smile off her face with a vicious swipe across her mouth. She wasted no time bending the prankster over her spanking chair and giving her a brief spanking before she called for her senior cane. Alex was sorry before the first stroke hit. The apprehension was enough! Apologies were just not sufficient! Miss Hastings laid on six of the best before peeling down Evan's knickers and laying on a further six ferocious strokes to her bare backside. Evans yelped with each stroke!

Library Discipline. Silence!

15 May
Duration: 8:15

Leigh had borrowed books and had tried to sneak them back into the library in poor condition when the junior librarian discovered his deceit. She was angry. She marched up and confronted him, threatening him with formal discipline. Slyly she suggested that if she could punish his bare bottom then she’d keep schtum. Eager not to be found out Leigh agreed thinking how petite she was. His eyes nearly popped out when he felt the power she weilded with her lithe right arm. She was spanking his bottom enthusiastically when the Head appeared. Someone had clearly usurped her position and that someone was to be punished, as was the silly culprit Leigh. After giving out a generous spanking, assistance was given on the bare by a set-square and a cane. No howling in the library please!

All That Scratchin's Making Me Itch

12 May
Duration: 8:08

Alex thought it funny to pick some nettles and put them in Mother Dearest’s bed. Unfortunately, as Mother had gone to bed in the dark she failed to see the surprise and, resultantly, wasn’t happy with her daughter. Next day Alex is called into the lounge where her Mother proceeds to lecture her, then tells her she is going to feel exactly what nettle stings are like. Down with Alex’s jeans and Mother gives the front of her legs a good rub with the nettles before turning her around to get to work on the back of her thighs and her bottom. A knicker-full and standing with her hands on her head might teach Alex a good lesson before her mother puts her over her knee for a thorough spanking to really work the nettles in. What's the betting that soft white flesh on the inner thigh itched forever !

Alex Hits The Roof

10 May
Duration: 4:40

Miss Hastings was about to return to class when she was interrupted by Miss Dee, an athletic statuesque teacher, dragging in her daughter Alex. As usual Alex was cursing and eye-rolling. Miss Hastings was at once furious and embarrassed; how could her daughter disgrace them both ... yet again! She went to grab hold of Alex who side-stepped and refused to obey. Knowing Miss Hastings was short of time, Miss Dee made a gesture whilst looking towards the Headmistress and they both exchanged nods and knowing glances. In a flash Miss Dee bent and scooped Alex up and up over her shoulder. Alex’s face was a picture. What humiliation to be hauled into the air helpless and despite kicking and struggling and vocalising her objections, be held firm while Miss Hastings beat her furiously and Miss Dee smilingly held her firm. What a team!

A Northern Morning Warming

8 May
Duration: 7:49

Miss Hardcastle had a regular troublemaker in front of her. “You have no respect for my authority” she told him “I’m not making my mark”. Over her knee he went for a good, long, hard spanking. She was doing him a service, she thought, warming him up on a chilly northern morning. The spanking went on and on and any chill in his nether regions was thoroughly rectified. After what seemed like an age she let him get up but only to bend over her desk to give him several real cracks with the leather paddle. He forgot to count the strokes so she started again. A few with her plastic ruler then she finished with a few mighty swats with the heavy plimsoll that made him grunt with each impact. His bottom would be like a furnace for the rest of the day.

It's Raining Spanks And Slaps

5 May
Duration: 14:49

Karen and Alex were a pair of fools more interested in their make-up and being idiots than studying. It was a foul wet day when they were in extra tuition, just the pair of them. They had fallen behind in their studies and were supposed to be getting on with some revision to help them through their exams. The rain beat down against the windows and on the overhead glass domes. Miss was marking pupils' work when she thought she felt a splash of rain. She looked to the ceiling then shook her head and was soon immersed in her activities. Splash she felt it again, yet could see nothing. When she felt several 'sprays' and heard a snigger she glanced quickly to see Karen secreting something in her desk. A water pistol. Looks like it was going to be a shootout and when Miss spanked and paddled the giggling pair, side by side, she soon washed the smiles right from their faces!

You Should Be Quaking!

3 May
Duration: 9:53

Alex was summoned to the gym room by Miss Hastings-Gore for her recent reckless behaviour at home. Her Mother had called in and requested she be dealt with appropriately as she was at her wits end. “I’m going to give you a solid caning girl!” she declared. Bending Alex over she spanked the young girl on her already sore bottom. Selecting a nasty crook handled senior cane, she had Alex assume the position and present her bottom before whipping it hard across her pert little cheeks 18 times. “OWW” cried Alex. By the forth stroke Alex had learnt some manners and was counting and thanking for each stroke. There were livid lines forming from each strike. Miss meant business. “You’re like a little puppy yelping” mused Miss Hastings as she laid on the 12th stroke to the sit spot.

I Will Not Be Trifled With !

1 May
Duration: 9:54

Miss Hastings left Alan at his desk while she visited the library. He sneaked a comic into his schoolbook but she caught him immediately. “I’m going to strap you” she announced and cleared his desk for him to bend over. While she was berating him she found a packet of cigarettes and a lighter. That was much more serious. She first delivered a good, sound strapping over his underpants, for all the good they would be. It was hard and the cracks loud, his pained noises and insincere promises between gasps unheeded. Pausing, she fetched a senior cane and laid it on as only a non-smoker can do, with real gusto. “I will not be trifled with” she assured him, though he was getting the message. She took pleasure in his welts becoming apparent under his underpants. He was on report for the rest of term.

Good Ol' Uncle Jimmy

28 April
Duration: 10:05

Once again, Alex found herself on the wrong side of her mother's intorence and lack of patience. Alex had lied about where she had been the night before and told her mother she was going to the cinema. Unfortunately she had been sighted outside ‘The Crevice’ pub, underage drinking with her delinquent friends, by her dear Uncle Jimmy. Jimmy had visited his sister, concerned about his niece's behaviour. He insisted she should be dealt with accordingly and dropped a ‘present’ off to assist his sister…The Senior Cane! Mother lashed the cane across her daughter's pert little bottom six times before dragging her skimpy knickers down and laying another six livid strokes across her naughty cheeks. Giving her one more lash for ‘Good Luck’ she left Alex rubbing her sore striped bottom.

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