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The Sound You Don't Want To Hear

26 May
Duration: 20:22

He had to get 70% in the detention test she set. There were three questions but he only got two right and that’s not 70%. He had to be beaten so she spanked and paddled him, then over the caning stool, pants down. It hurt a lot more (judging from his yelps) when his underpants came down. Another chance to answer questions was missed and she practiced her backhand with the 3-tail strap. Changing to forehand was MUCH more satisfactory and he didn’t half yelp. When she again lowered his underwear she remarked that his arse was ‘nice and pink’ and paddled and spanked him, surprised to learn that her hand hurt more. With great care she selected a cane and swished it loudly. “Now the sound you don’t want to hear” and applied it hard and often until he cried out in agony.

Panty Pincher Punished
24 May
Duration: 37:02

The Gym Mistress caught the handyman rummaging through lost property for girls’ panties. He was really for it. Stripped naked and with a pair of black panties over his head for humiliation she gave him several hard slaps to the face. She strapped his hands then found a flogger and whipped his back and bottom. A ruler and a leather crop kept the pain level then over her knee for a spanking he would have nightmares about. After a warming strapping she started with the cane. He had to endure 72 livid weals (in between other ‘toys’) and was pleading for it to stop by the end. Later that day he had to return for another beating. She slapped his thighs soundly before she put him over her knee for a long and very hard hand spanking. When she upped the tempo he was visibly in discomfort under her relentless hand. Her quick-fire spanks were as severe as he could endure and when he was allowed to rise he apologised for his behaviour.

Was That My Yoghurt ?

22 May
Duration: 5:15

Stephanie had gone to the gym first thing, leaving her idle partner to tidy up and hang the washing out. When she returned he was sitting in a very untidy kitchen, reading the Racing Post and eating a yoghurt. It was the last straw when she cleared all the dishes from the table and he handed her his mug. She sat on a kitchen chair and spanked his behind hard then bent him over the table for a good dose of her gymshoe. “Take your belt off” she snapped and cracked it venomously across his arse time and time and time again. Pants down it was back over her knee. “Was that MY yoghurt?” she snarled and then really spanked him before going to lie down, demanding he tidy up, hang the washing and make her a cup of tea.

The Magician's Assistant

19 May
Duration: 22:58

Alisha and Miss Hardcastle had a sub to beat. Alisha spanked his ass and the tops of his thighs. She was enjoying this visit and there was a lot more fun to come. On the horse they thoroughly tanned him with leather paddles and his legs got plenty too. That hurts more than on the backside and they knew it. Miss Hardcastle likened Alisha to a beautiful, sexy magician’s assistant on television. “You bitches” he said and paid dearly for it. The “F” word earned him serious pain. Alisha slippered him with a run up and, judging from the air sucked in through his teeth it was very effective. Naturally they concluded with a caning, taking turns to welt his backside. Alisha kindly cleaned him up, having done a great deal of the damage. She is a magnificent and very severe disciplinarian. Interesting magic.

Getting Her Money's Worth

17 May
Duration: 9:21

Bob was checking his horse racing bets on the TV and consistently losing (or his horse fell) when in came his long-suffering partner Stephanie. She was suspicious of how quickly he turned off the television and grilled him whether he had been gambling, “you know what I think of that.” Worse still, he had used her ‘emergency money’ from the jar, £20 he said but she checked his betting slips. He’d lost the lot but she vowed to get her satisfaction and spanked his big, idle backside over her knee, hard, fast and furious. It was really hurting. He’d have to repay her or take nightly thrashings and do all her chores for a week, starting by making her a cup of tea. With him out of the room the cheeky minx checked HER horse. It didn’t win but she’d backed it each way and hadn’t lost money on it.

The Schooling Whip For Alisha

15 May
Duration: 8:14

Alisha was reading a trashy magazine when her furious mother entered. Alisha hadn’t shut the gate properly, one of the horses escaped and here was Alisha reading a rag AND hadn’t done her homework. Foolishly she told her mother “you’re just in one of those moods” and found herself across mother’s knee feeling how hard she can spank. “What’s this doing here?” said mother, spotting a schooling whip that Alisha hadn’t put away. She hadn’t cleaned her boots or the tack either and took more bottom blistering spankings. She couldn’t find any saddle soap was her excuse but her mother found a substitute and on her return took the schooling whip to the seat of Alisha’s tight white jodhpurs. What a satisfying ‘swish’ it makes and a lovely ‘crack’ on bottom. Alisha had to finish her chores with a burning bottom, in tears.

Finnegan Caned Most Severely

12 May
Duration: 32:07

Miss Hardcastle was going to make Finnegan very, very sorry indeed. Slapping his legs with a ruler she was preparing him for something rather nasty. He hadn’t finished his lines “I’m a very naughty boy and must be caned most severely”. After a few modest swats with the ruler he was already struggling and his breathing became heavy when she spanked him. Totally unsympathetic she laid into him with her punishment plimsoll which made him scream and cry. When she found ladies panties in his satchel she took the tawse to his ‘grubby’ hands then took him to the gym where he got a real spanking over her knee. Up on the spanking bench she spanked and paddled him. Strapped down she lashed him with the tawse, making him whimper pathetically before taking two canes to him. The last stroke was a scorcher.

What A Bitch

10 May
Duration: 20:01

HARSH. SEVERE. SADISTIC. FUN. This session was all of these. She had him over the horse to warm his backside with her hard, experienced hand before tanning him with paddles of increasing severity, never forgetting to spank the back of his thighs. Clearly enjoying herself she allows herself some asides to the camera and her joyful smile seems at odds with the agony her hands are dispensing to his bottom. Sucking air through his teeth he held on tight. Straps and tawses cracked terrifyingly on his arse and the heavy plimsoll (her very, very favourite plimsoll) took his breath away. Buttocks now a painful-looking purple she decided they needed some stripes. Boy, did he get a caning. Flat on the horse she lashed him, pleased with herself and her handiwork. Asked if she was ever called a bitch she admitted “several times a day” but with a radiant smile.

A Suitably Sore Bottom

8 May
Duration: 8:26

Bags reported to Miss Hastings-Gore about the use of his mobile phone in school. “What did I say I was going to do to you” she demanded. “Cane me Miss” came his reply. She decreed he would have to hear the swish of the cane and the sound of it striking buttock. Selecting a cane she slashed it through the air, making the scariest of swishing noises. Over her desk he went then she spanked him with a heavy hardwood ruler. She delivered six with a swishy cane then told him “6 isn’t enough – shorts down” and despite his protests delivered 6 more on his underpants and then still 6 more. She pulled down his underpants and announced she would give him a final dozen and proceeded to stripe his arse. Finally, satisfied, she thought “that’s a suitably sore bottom” and let him pull up his shorts.

Phwoof !

5 May
Duration: 11:38

Miss Hastings caught Ruby and her boyfriend chatting, giggling and looking ‘gooey-eyed’ at one another in detention. Since Ruby joined the class his test marks had halved. They found the whole thing amusing so Ruby was straight over her desk, skirt up. When Miss noticed the grin on his face she made Ruby stretch across the teacher’s desk and get a good spanking on her skimpy, scanty panties in front of her boyfriend. What a silly grin that gave him! “Phwooof!” was all he could say, relishing Ruby’s bottom paddled and belted. Then it was his turn. Miss made Ruby bare his bottom and bend over Ruby’s own desk while Miss watched her spank him before putting him over the teacher’s desk, just like his girlfriend, for a good spanking, paddling and belting. His grin diminished with every crack of the belt. Back to boring detention then.

Maybe He'll Take It Seriously

3 May
Duration: 8:19

Miss Hardcastle was taking a music lesson but her pupil was not so passionate about the subject as her. She tried to explain, patiently and at length, the principles and notation of music for the recorder but he just made an appalling racket. Which didn’t improve and she was getting fed up with his performance. “I’ve had enough of this” she snapped, taking his instrument, “you just make a joke of everything” then bent him over the rail. He had to tap a rhythm on the tambourine while she spanked his bare bottom. “Stick it out” she demanded and slashed a leather paddle across his bottom hard. She found a heavier paddle. You can tell it hurts more from his reactions and it even sounds sorer. “Maybe you’ll take it seriously in future” she snarled as she left the music room.

The Real Thing

1 May
Duration: 27:26

At a Punishment Parade you’re assured of severe discipline. The reasons for the beatings may be fictional but there’s nothing imaginary about the strappings, whippings and canings that the participants take across their bared bottoms. Five mistresses were on hand to flog the miscreants in this session, under the watchful eye of Miss Hastings. Talking of eyes you won’t be able to take yours off her, turned out as beautifully as I have ever seen her. Black top hat atop her flowing mane of hair tumbling down to her shoulders, very unusual designer dress cinched in at the waist with a broad belt, magnificent long, slender legs on the sexiest sort of high heels. She certainly raises my heart rate with her broad stance, hunkered down into the stroke for maximum power she lashes her cane or strap with fearsome strength and accuracy. She’s the real thing.

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