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Painful Proof
23 January
Duration: 13:00

Mr Bradshaw ran a wholesale discipline supply company and valued Miss Hastings as a good and highly valued customer. When she burst into his office in a foul mood, clutching defective canes he suspected things could only get worse for him. Suggesting that she was caning too hard only made it worse. He assured her that he had changed his supplier and she wouldn’t break the new ones. “Anything I can do to keep your custom” he said, then quickly realised she meant to take him at his word. Selecting a broad 2-tail strap and a selection of canes she had him drop his trousers and bend over his desk. His, the Managing Director’s. Still, business is business and over he went. She laid into him hard with the strap, warming him for her intended severe caning then selected the first for thorough testing, finishing with the whangee. OUCH.

Shockingly Provocative

20 January
Duration: 7:02

If you find watching pretty girls getting their bottoms spanked exciting then you may need some tissues for this one. Skyla has the most delightful behind and really loves to get it spanked and spanked hard. Miss Hardcastle delights in tanning a really shapely ass and Skyla is certainly shapely. In her black patent high heels and black stockings on her long, slender, shapely legs, with her short, tight skirt wriggled up over her glorious hips to show her flimsy sheer black panties tight across her beautiful bottom she teased Miss who spanked her and strapped her firmly as Skyla counted and thanked her in her soft, very sexy, purring voice, delighting in each burning stroke. Lots of bending over and thrusting out her glorious bum. “What a little shocker” said Miss Hardcastle but, truth be told, she loves to spank this fantastic girl.

Salesman's Incentive Strapping
18 January
Duration: 9:03

“Have you got 5 minutes?” asked Slater as he entered his boss’s office. His boss who was a very elegant, well dressed, no-nonsense lady. “Stand there” she commanded and proceeded to criticise him for failing to make his sales targets and not putting in the hours. Both their bonuses were on the line and she would take most of the criticism. He seemed cock-sure it would be all right but she wasn’t getting him the sales leads. Complaining didn’t help her humour. “I’m going to make sure you are scared not to meet your targets” she said, firmly and produced a studded leather strap. It was that or his job so he had to take a serious forehand and backhand strapping, berated between every stroke and it was clearly getting through. “I think we’ll have a review after the next set of figures” she threatened.

Suspended Or Punished Now

16 January
Duration: 18:15

Alisha was before the head for locking a claustrophobic teacher in a cupboard in the chemistry lab. She phoned her Mother to find out if she wanted Alisha suspended or punished here and now. Her Mother thought that a short, sharp, extremely harsh shock would be best so Alisha found herself over the back of a chair, skirt raised while Miss Hastings selected a senior, crook-handled cane that made a terrifying swish as she took a practice swing. She applied it vigorously to the wayward girl’s backside. It hurt unbelievably but then it got worse when Miss pulled her knickers down, her last vestige of protection. After 4 savage strokes Alisha was yelping and clutching her increasingly striped bottom. Miss Hardcastle told her there was no-one to hear her cries and caned her long and hard. She was blubbing when she was dismissed.

A Savage Judicial

13 January
Duration: 16:12

‘Stripes’, an habitual offender, was committed for a Judicial for his disrespect. Miss Dubois took harsh action. “I’m going to double your caning, add the flogger and sjambok at my discretion”. Not a Lady you want to cross. Too late for Stripes. Secured to the flogging bench he got just that from Mistress Mandy then Miss Dubois, looking great in tight jodhpurs and boots, flogged him brutally, though Stripes was in no position to letch. He took a full-tilt prison strapping with extras added by the merciless Miss Dubois. Pity he was preoccupied as Miss Hastings gave him a horrendous sjambokking, her slender legs in tight, sexy leggings. Princess Ammy had the pleasure of opening the caning. How can a slight and beautiful lady look so damn good yet cane so savagely? Mistress Hastings assisted, so hard that they had him on the point of fainting.

The Venomous Old Strap

11 January
Duration: 8:47

Aunty’s nephew was an idle youth though she expected him to help about the house. Fast asleep in the armchair he hadn’t done the washing but strewn it all over the room. Aunty picked up and tidied, berating his laziness until she said “you couldn’t even be bothered to put your belt away.” He got a slapped face then she laid into him with his belt with all the strength she could muster. She made him drop his trousers and spanked some colour into his buttocks then resumed the savage slashes with the belt. Then she remembered the old hardwood-handled strap, a positively venomous biter of bottoms. From the off it had him squirming and yelping but on she went and he still had to take a tanning with the “naughty slipper” She said it would make his bottom feel on fire and that’s exactly what it did.

Spare Room Slippering
9 January
Duration: 8:09

The out-of-favour husband, denied his anniversary dinner with his furious wife, took himself to the spare room and opened a bottle of wine. Reading a book about a sexy model (illustrated) she walked in in a foul mood, having been accosted by a horrid man and having to walk home as there was no money left on the card due to his spending. She had eaten well, though, and intended to burn the energy by burning his backside. Spotting the ‘old slipper’ a truly nasty thing to be spanked with she had him bent over the dressing table, trousers down and swung the brute as hard as she could. His underpants soon came down for more. Walking home had hurt her feet so he offered a foot massage. “I’ll give you a bottom massage” she snarled and tanned his arse rapid fire. Spare room for a while then.

I Love You Mistress

7 January
Duration: 10:10

Miss Hardcastle’s Italian sub had made another pilgrimage to Wakefield to be thrashed by the Mistress he adored. Over the caning bench he made the strangest noises of fear and anticipation, knowing that she would be as brutal and unforgiving as the last time and that he would take formidable marks back to Italy. Starting with the prison strap she promised him 25 but as he was in too much pain to count and she was having too much sadistic fun she gave him 38, swinging the beast of a strap with every ounce of her strength. His pathetic noises were pitiful, he sobbed, but on she went until the sjambok had its terrifying turn. Less vocal now, warmed by the strap, she laid on that whip savagely. He had to be caned, of course, horrendously hard but still announced his love for her.

Janitor Punished Or Dismissed

4 January
Duration: 11:51

The Headmistress demanded the janitor attended her study to explain his lack of cleaning while other areas like the girls’ dorms got his full attention. Calling him slovenly and lazy she was on the point of dismissing him from the job unless he agreed to come in on Sunday to clean her room from top to bottom. She demanded he took a weekly punishment, a good spanking and a strapping. “There’s no time like the present” she announced, sat on a chair in the middle of her study and spanked the living daylights out of him. “That’s the first part” she told him then bent him over her desk, trousers down for a strapping that had him howling from the first biting stroke. Pausing for effect, she slipped his underpants down for more of the same then let him go. Until Sunday.

The Truth Hurts

1 January
Duration: 10:10

Alisha was in detention and the teacher left her to finish, telling her to tidy teacher’s desk. She proceeded to tidy the big front desk, stacking books and organising papers. In walked the Headmistress who demanded to know what she thought she was doing, rifling through teacher’s books and papers. Alisha explained but was cut short and accused of lying. When the Headmistress saw the forthcoming history test she was convinced that Alisha had been trying to cheat and would not let the poor girl utter a word. She took some implements from the drawer, sat down on a stool and spanked the innocent girl hard over her knee. What squeals Alisha made then it was over teacher’s desk, skirt up for a painful paddling and the 3-tail tawse. Alisha wrecked the tidy desktop. She didn’t care anymore. She told the truth and it hurt!

Like A Striking Cobra

28 December
Duration: 17:10

There’s more brutal and sadistic strapping and caning here than you could, well……. shake a stick at. In terms of highlights one would have to say that Princess Ammy is a fabulous caner, though not if it’s you on the receiving end. She has a unique action, well braced for power not unlike Mistress Hastings, then the cane stroke is like a striking cobra. Whoosh, whoosh, back and strike, so fast that the movement is audible, raising the pulse, making it not only brutally painful but very erotic. Poor old Black got roped into this shoot. “Don’t hold back Mistress Hastings” remarked Miss Dubois. And do you know what? She didn’t hold back, not one bit. The final offender was reduced to uncontrollable sobbing, yelping and crying with the initial strapping but had to take the most terrifying caning and there’s no turning back. What a devastated arse.

Christmas Spirit Generosity

23 December
Duration: 10:00

There was a knock on the Headmistress’s study door and in walked Slater wearing an outlandish, ridiculous Christmas outfit. “Term ends tomorrow and you have no permission” she told him. Miss Dubois entered to say she had two miscreants to be ‘dealt with’ and left them in the corridor. Miss Hastings-Gore asked for five minutes to make Slater’s bottom SO hot and Miss Dubois asked the Head to give Slater one from her. More like a few, she remarked. Stretching Slater across her desk she spanked him on his ridiculous Christmas shorts, then slipped them down to reveal yet ANOTHER layer. A red wooden paddle wasn’t to her liking but the old faithful gym slipper did the trick so she bared his arse. “Hardly even pink” she complained before reddening it with six mighty swats then three extras in the spirit of Christmas generosity.

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