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Inappropriate School Secretary

26 April
Duration: 4:51

The Headmistress had had enough. She decided that the school secretary had gone too far and was going to deal with her in her trademark fashion. For a seat of learning, where impressionable young people looked for guidance from the teaching staff, this lady broke all the rules from her sexy short skirts, sexy seamed stockings and sexy (almost non-existent) panties. Warnings had brought no improvement and this was not her first offence. “If you paid more attention to the pupils than straight seams” she berated the lady before bending her over her desk and taking a rattan cane to her ample bottom, bared of course. Well, her panties were a string, hidden between the cheeks of her behind and would offer no protection whatsoever. A dozen stinging strokes of the cane bit into her bottom before the Head went to find more offences.

It's What You Deserve

24 April
Duration: 6:49

Black’s name was always on the Headmistress’s blacklist (appropriately enough) and she thought it would be a miracle the day he wasn’t. She gave him a good dressing down then trousers down and over her knee for a really good spanking at which she is frighteningly harsh. “Get up and get over my desk” she demanded and proceeded to paddle his backside to the sounds of happy pupils going home for the weekend. He would stay in detention. His pathetic sounds of pain cut no ice with her and she announced that he would have to come back on Monday for a caning. She didn’t stop paddling him, though, oh, no. Finally, unable to stop herself, she picked up a cane and told him she would give him a little inkling of what he’d get on Monday, 6 on his trousers. “It’s what you deserve”.

Pleasure In His Pain

21 April
Duration: 6:28

He really shouldn’t have been so disrespectful to Headgirl Skyla and Headmistress Miss Hastings-Gore because now they were going to exact their revenge and relish every single moment, every single stroke. Lying on the horse, bottom bared, he was at their mercy. Skyla had a wooden-handled strap that really made its mark and the Headmistress took a whippy cane. Alternating from different sides the sound was amazing, the swish of the cane and the crack of the strap. Skyla tormented him with her magnificent, shapely bottom while Miss Hastings-Gore lashed his tortured arse with her cane. Skyla returned to the fray with some firmly applied slashes across his reddened backside that really made him gasp before they decided he’d had enough. He had lost count of the number of agonising strokes he’d received. What pleasure they derived from the pain they were inflicting.

Like Her On The Punishment Club

19 April
Duration: 10:17

Stephanie returned from work to find her partner on the sofa on his phone. She opened the mail to find a monthly bill for £128 for his phone, took it and checked its history. It comprised mainly porn sites. “Just a bit of fun” he claimed. Found frequent visits to “The Punishment Club” and noted it was blokes being belted and whipped by ladies. “You’ve got a belt on” she said, demanding it. She made him bend over and spanked and slippered him then took down his trousers and bared his arse. “Do I do it as well as her on the Punishment Club?” she asked “I’ll have to practice.” Took the carpet beater to him then really spanked him. Confiscated all his money but he tried to keep some so he got another furious spanking. “Just a laugh” he said. “Am I laughing?” she snapped.

My Beloved Canes

17 April
Duration: 10:19

Alone, Alan played with the canes on the blackboard. He flexed them and swished them and hit the top of the caning stool then hit her desk and split a cane end. Hearing the cracks and swishes Miss Hastings entered and asked what he was doing. “Did you try it here”, she asked and when he said he had he was bent over the stool and caned good and hard until the tip split further. Over the rail next, shorts tightly hugging his buns for more of the same before bending him over a desk to test them all. He assured her they were all working. “You will not touch my beloved canes” she said. She took a long, heavy and thoroughly nasty cane and, underpants down and over the stool lashed his backside unmercifully. “Shit!” he uttered involuntarily. That would cost his arse dear, but later....

Roses Grow On You

14 April
Duration: 7:07

Stephanie Hardcastle’s two lodgers were both frantically eating chocolates before she came home. It was cold and she was not in the best of moods so, when she found out that they had finished the whole box of HER chocolates she wasn’t very pleased at all. To add insult to injury they expected her to cook them a meal. “Gluttony is a sin” she announced as she put the greedy girl over her knee and spanked her glorious pert bottom firmly on her flimsy sheer panties.. The make of chocolates was very appropriate as she turned the girl’s bottom red. “Roses grow on you” said Stephanie. He had to get his backside spanked now, pausing only to lower his jeans. Stephanie told him firmly that he’d better get to the shops in time to buy more. She takes her chocolates very seriously

Shouldn't Have Bet His Butt
12 April
Duration: 11:08

Mr Bradshaw and Miss Quotes were teaching at the same school and had a bet as to who would get the most pupils through their exams. He was quite confident so made a spanking bet, thinking he would get her glorious pert bottom over his knee. Didn’t work out that way and he had to submit to her at the end of year teachers’ party. Spanked “until she was tired” she gleefully announced and proceeded to whip him with whip that bit like a snake. The strap then took his breath away with every single stroke. Getting him to lie on the horse gave her an even better swing and she strapped and caned him savagely. A bet’s a bet, after all. She frayed the split Malacca cane beyond hope. Eventually she gave him a kiss and stopped. Took some cleaning up.

Warm Ups Are A Sub's Best Friend

10 April
Duration: 10:24

A filmed one-to-one session which demonstrates the merits of a warm-up when the play gets hard. Our favourite caner has him lay on the horse for a judicial, she strides in and wastes no time in lashing the straight punishment cane across his cold buttocks, no warm-up. She really lays it on, allowing herself a wry smile as it bites into his bottom, raising the most impressive weals. He had underestimated her severity and after a few strokes she reverted to slippering, spanking and paddling him over his lurid stripes. Warming up she asked what sort of cane he ‘liked’, thin, whippy or fat and she selected two. He took a lot more punishment before his final hard 6 of the cane but the warm up made it possible to continue. It still hurt like Hell but the endorphins dull the pain. Warm-ups are a sub’s best friend.

Accidents Do Happen

Duration: 5:31

Alisha didn’t notice Miss Hardcastle’s glasses precariously balanced one of the front row of desks and accidentally knocked them onto the floor. When Miss entered the room she found them immediately, a leg broken off and suspected foul play. Alisha claimed she had not noticed them and that she hadn’t done it on purpose. In a surprisingly understanding moment Miss Hardcastle reassured her that accidents do happen and Alisha should be more careful. To drive this message home she made Alisha come to the front of the class and bend over a stool for a spanking on the premise that she would be fully focussed with a sore, red bottom. Which is precisely what she got. The spanking was fast, furious and hard, as was Miss Hardcastle’s custom. Alisha’s bottom was now very, very red. Miss set her some work before going to the optician.

You Need Schooling
5 April
Duration: 7:38

Lady Havergill’s groom had not attended to her horses and she was furious. Despite his lame and insincere apology and eagerness to do it straight away she made him bend over the bannister rail of the landing and lashed his backside with her crop getting a painful response to every stroke. She moved him to get a better swing and continued his thrashing even more vigorously. She had so much energy to expend as further riding was out of the question and she was putting all her effort into causing him pain. She took the schooling whip to his behind as she had been denied schooling a horse and she lashed him with it on his trousers, then on the bare. She would never do this to a horse. It whistled towards his arse, each cutting stroke agony, she couldn’t stop. God, did it hurt.

Sgt. Hardcastle's Interview Technique

3 April
Duration: 4:02

In a small community minor offences are often dealt with by their own so when this reprobate’s Aunty Barbara told her dear friend Police Sergeant Hardcastle how disrespectful the lad had been she soon found him and pulled him in to be ‘interviewed’. That involved having his jeans and underpants pulled down for a spanking from the best in the County Force. He made quite a fuss and complained it was stinging. “I’ll show you stinging” she replied, bent him over the desk and laid into his big bare arse with a whippy cane, applied vigorously. How he howled with every agonising stroke of that rod and each lash was getting harder. She would hand him over to Aunty Barbara for another sound beating. Aunty would hold his hand so he couldn’t run away no matter how much he roared and stamped his little feet.

Cheeky Little Bottom

31 March
Duration: 10:39

Ruby and Donald were sent to wait for the Headmistress to discipline them. They decided she was ‘all about punishment, obsessed with it’ in fact. In she came looking serious. At least they remembered to stand. She firmly reminded them that this was not detention but a punishment session. Donald was being flippant about his six times table so she decided to explain 6, a half dozen, with strokes across his bottom. Bare bottomed he had to bend over Ruby’s desk for six with the paddle, then six swings of the tawse. They had to change places then for Ruby to be paddled on her pert rear, then six with the tawse. Next she was over the caning stool, provocatively wiggling while Miss delivered six with the cane on her “cheeky little bottom”. Donald got his six on the bare before Miss was done.

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