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A CP Experience

23 February
Duration: 10:26

Poor Leigh, chosen to be the recipient of a lesson in CP. Miss brings him to the front of the class and at the request of the female student teachers, deliver a hiding not to be forgotten. (Well let's face it, he's long overdue that and more, considering his behaviour.) His clothed bottom is paddled, strapped and caned to the satisfaction of those watching, then Miss asks for requests. He wriggles and writhes, then moans when the next step is to be completed on the bare. Gosh those girls are in for a treat unlike Leigh. Trousers and pants around his knees, he is sooo embarrassed but that only stirs the girls up. Tawse him! Strap him! Cane him! They are baying for his blood. At least six of each snapping across those bare bottom cheeks.

The Senior Cane For Alex

21 February
Duration: 5:55

Sent to the gym, Alex Evans stood before the dreaded caning bench to await her thrashing. “Take your skirt off” demanded Miss Hastings “you know why you’ve been sent to me.” She went on to tell the poor girl that she had graduated from the junior to the senior cane and she would take twelve strokes with grace and count every one or it would be taken again. Cripes! This was as severe as the senior boys got! She was instructed to kneel up on the caning bench and stretch across it to present her bottom and, furthermore, to call out the strokes clearly. Miss Hardcastle began. Hard, without mercy. That terrifying senior rod was cracked across her tender young shapely buttocks six times, her voice trembling as she counted. Her knickers came down for the final, ever harder six then she had to stay on display.

4 O'Clock - Be There!

19 February
Duration: 5:27

Alan reported to the Headmistress complaining bitterly about being made to wear shorts like a junior even though he was in the sixth form. Not only did he look ridiculous, she was going to spank his bottom like a junior to make him feel ridiculous. Setting her high spanking chair in the centre of her study he had to lower his shorts and bend over her knee, feet off the floor. Pulling down his underpants she proceeded to give him a good, old-fashioned bare-bottom spanking for which she has a formidable reputation. She certainly reddened his backside. When she stood him back up again something fell out of his pocket. Something that needed a good dose of the cane. “Oh, dear” she insincerely commiserated as she ordered him to detention at 4 o’clock. “Be there” she barked. The caning would be severe.

Bucking Bronco

16 February
Duration: 7:02

Once more Alex persuades the hapless Leigh to comply with her unorthodox ideas of how to spend an afternoon. She tells him she is taking horse-riding lessons and needs to practice and the weak-kneed Leigh complies. First she mounts him as he gives her a piggy-back round the room, enthusiastically kicking his sides. Then she decides it might tickle her fancy to have him crawl around on all-fours on the floor with her astride him whipping him with her mother's cane. Enter mother, not amused. After dressing the pair down, she decides it's time to break the "stallion" and makes Alex hold his head in place with her thighs, whilst she straddles him then spanks and canes his thrusting quarters before sending him up to her room and ordering Alex out to the stables to go and fetch her a crop.

He Should Have Run

14 February
Duration: 9:29

Whilst the boys were preparing for their cross country run, Miss Hastings burst into the changing rooms only to find slater still dressed in his full school uniform. He claimed to have a cold and was trying to excuse himself from doing cross-country. Ignoring his pathetic excuses, she demanded the idle boy strips down to nothing but his shorts. Slater stood shivering in the changing rooms looking rather anxious for her return. Hastings re-apperared minutes later clutching a size 10 plimsole. ‘Bend over and touch your toes’ she snapped at the boy before she got to work laying the plimsole hard across his lazy arse. Next it was pants down for a further pasting across his glowing red backside. “I’ll Make it like a furnace” she barked as slater winced with every thunderous whack.

Swearing At The Races

12 February
Duration: 6:23

At the horse races Mother has been embarrassed in front of her friends as well as Uncle Jimmy because Alex swore her head off whllst claiming to be encouraging the horse to win. She was asked to leave the Members' enclosure because she repeatedly shouted "Come on you c@@t" whilst drinking wine from the bottle. An experience that could not go unpunished. Back home, Mother gives her a lecture, then takes a bar of soap she's been soaking in water and gives Alex's mouth a good clean. With bar held in place, Alex is bent 45 degrees with her hands flat on the wall, so her bottom is nicely presented. Mother then sets about administering the martinet enthusiastically. There is no tariff Mother will wield it until she is either satisfied or worn out. Mother even stops for a short rest before taking down Alex's wet-look leggings and thrashing her on the bare before sending her to bed.

A Game Of Pocket Billiards

9 February
Duration: 8:13

Leigh was in lust with the student teacher, but then again, it's not hard to see why with such a gorgeous creature in front of you. Leigh was constantly undressing her with his eyes between searching for his cue in his trousers! Hopeless! Sadly for him she caught him mid-pocket, and dragged him by his ear to see Miss Hastings. Having endured sleazy looks all day the young teacher decided she would only be satisfied if Leigh had his dodgy hands rattled. A good rulering followed by six with the tawse,... still not satisfied, she insisted he had another six on the hands before having his bare backside well thrashed. Unfortunately for Leigh, there was no such thing as a free meal, or for that matter a cheap thrill! His backside was on fire after the second six, serves him right!

A Poor School Report

7 February
Duration: 13:44

Alex is idling in the kitchen before seeing to the horses. Mother calls her into the lounge. She has had a call from Westgate asking why she hadn't signed and returned Alex's school report from last term. Taking her life and health into her hands by braving Alex's dump of a room, Mother had found the report, which was due for signing several weeks ago, but due to the comments about her behaviour, she had failed to do so. Now Mother was in trouble with the school for being late in returning it. After summoning Alex, she lectures her then Alex goes over her knee for a very hard spanking, hand and brush alternating, until her bottom is a stunning crimson. Alex is then bent over the chair where she is given a two minute dose of the fly swat on each buttock and thigh. Mother leaves her with the comment that she's going to request Miss Hastings 'ups the ante' and gives her absolutely no quarter in the current term, and that she can go and tidy her room!

Hoist By Your Own Petard

5 February
Duration: 6:09

Alan had been sent to the gym in his PE kit for kicking a ball in the quad, which was out of bounds and breaking a window. In walked the Headmistress. He apologised and claimed it couldn’t be helped. Unimpressed, she made him take off his gym slippers and bend over the end of the vaulting horse. “Hoist by your own petard” she told him as she beat him with the right gym slipper, the one that had kicked the ball through the window. She was very pleased with the spanking qualities of the slipper and was delighted to know it was making his bottom throb. After three with each she made him bend over the side of the horse and carried on, deciding that the right slipper was the best before telling him he would have to pay for the window.

Alex Tries To Help

2 February
Duration: 10:07

Alex had dutifully reported Alan for smoking. Snitching he called it. The Headmistress confiscated his cigarettes and lighter and told him it was a caning offence and a caning on the bare at that. Pleading got him nowhere and the Head instructed Alex to fetch her a cane. Thinking she would do Alan a favour she selected a junior cane that only infuriated the Headmistress who strapped her hands for colluding with Alan, then spanked and belted her taut little bottom for good measure. When told to fetch the cane she should have chosen she picked a beauty. He’d feel this on all right. Blazer off, over the desk, shorts down, Alex had the honour of pulling down his underpants. She smirked, clearly delighted by his predicament and the awful pain the cane was about to bring. And bring pain it did.


31 January
Duration: 7:56

Mother and Alex had to finish the horses in the rain due mainly through Alex fooling about and not getting on with things. Just before she’d finished with the feed buckets, mother noticed that one of the wires seemed to be adrift. As she’d pressed the off button on the electric fence to ‘disarm’ it, she grabbed hold of the loose ends and felt a jolt of electricity shoot up her arm. Crying out, she turned her head to see Alex grinning from ear to ear laughing gleefully whilst finger outstretched on the ‘on’ button. Alex did her best to offer all sorts of lame excuses as to why she’d altered the switch but mother wasn’t having any of it. When mother got control of her bladder and her hair - she dragged Alex inside for a menacing hiding with the carpet beater and the bath brush. She was so angry that no tariff was set and she whacked them across Alex’s bottom, jodhpurs, knickers, then bare any number of times.

A Lazy, Bone-Idle Embarrassment

29 January
Duration: 17:16

Slater stupidly thought he could fool Miss Hastings into thinking he had completed the cross country run in record time. Unfortunately for him she knew he was a lazy, bone idle moron with a history of cheating. She was not at all pleased. She swung a large gym sole hard across the seat of his shorts before easing down his underwear and beating his shiftless bare backside with it. His cries and sniffles had no effect on her whatsoever. After forcing him to complete the run under her supervision she decided to use him as part of her own workout. “This gym lesson isn’t over yet” she announced. Bending the boy over, she selected an arsenal of paddles and straps and set about thrashing his bare arse whilst taking a run up with each whack! By the time she’d had her way with him the poor boys bottom was glowing.

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