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Livid Lines Across His Arse

11 December
Duration: 15:15

The Headmistress read a report from the Sixth Form Mistress, Miss Birchall, documenting the appalling behaviour of Peter Allen. She had him sent in and she berated him for smoking, drinking and missing detention. Miss Birchall was only sorry that she couldn’t personally thrash his bare buttocks. “Take your trousers off” demanded the Headmistress then he had to drop his underpants. He protested vociferously throughout but that only earned him an additional six strokes. “But I’m a sixth former” fell on deaf ears. Stretched over her desk he whimpered at the prospect of the thrashing he knew was coming. For the first six she took her time, each one raising a livid weal but for the additional six she lashed then on his backside in rapid succession. God, he felt them. He had to wear junior shorts and go back to class.

You're Going To Pay For That !

8 December
Duration: 9:55

Alex’s Mum was going to pack her off to Carlton College of Correction. Alex threw a tantrum saying she didn’t want to go and was ordered to go and fetch the tawse and the bath brush. “Fucking bitch” she snarled as she went to get the implements that would bring her such pain at her Mother’s hand. While she was out of the room her Mother prepared the wet carbolic soap to wash out her foul mouth. She would pay for her outburst and had the soap forced into her mouth. Mother gave her six of the strap and six with the bathbrush, bent over the table. Jeans and knickers down she repeated the punishments, Alex crying by now but still holding the soap in her mouth for fear of a re-start. Finally she could take out the foul tasting bar.

Lipstick On Your Bottom

6 December
Duration: 12:28

Alex was going to get a serious caning until Miss Hastings saw a change in attitude, three at a time, then the chance to apologise. She got slapped legs then the caning began, hard. After three she apologised but giggled. The next stroke took her breath away. This was severe. Soon her knickers came down and the cane bit into her pert young naked bottom, now very well striped and scorching hot. Miss Hardcastle left but only to get another cane and Alex was over again. “It’s not over yet” announced the Headmistress and flayed the poor girl’s arse with this more severe cane. The tears flowed, her voice cracked and she could hardly count. Alex was confused when the Head drew lipstick lines above and below the ‘crease’ and took a savage barrage of whippy cuts between them. What marks she left with!

As Painful As It Sounds

4 December
Duration: 12:50

Slater was late for games turnout, kept Miss waiting and was wearing someone else’s plimsolls. She was not at all pleased and he went over her knee to be reminded just how hard she can spank on his thin, shiny shorts. It was a long spanking, too, fast and definitely furious. Shorts down and how red he was but she continued. That was for being late. She thought it appropriate to slipper him for pilfering plimsolls. It was hard and he was feeling it. He was relieved to be sent to Matron for a weight check but he’d put on 3 pounds, not lost 3. He ‘needed encouragement’ she decided and put him over the horse. She savaged his idle, overweight backside with a heavy wooden paddle. What an impact sound! “I hope that’s as painful as it sounds” she said. It was.

A Proper Strapping

1 December
Duration: 10:07

Alex came into the library while the janitor was hoovering. He knew she was a flirty minx and kept poking her on the bottom with the hoover nozzle. She teased him, squealing and yelping which only encouraged him. The noise brought the Headmistress in to investigate and she was absolutely furious. Alex immediately made herself look busy at the bookcase (although she was holding her book upside down which rather gave the game away) while he hoovered like mad. When the Head was replacing the book Alex had the cheek to flash her knickers. “I’m going to give you a proper strapping” announced Miss Hastings as she bent them over two library tables and bared their bottoms. Alex got the strap first, hard on her firm, shapely bottom then it was his turn to be leathered. Alex got her slapped legs into the bargain.

A Nasty Little Number

29 November
Duration: 8:28

Alan was sent to wait for his detention and couldn’t resist defacing a painting on the wall, gappy teeth, nipples and the rest. He was so intent on his handiwork he failed to notice Miss Hastings enter the room and stand behind him. “Disgusting” she said and fetched a tawse and a leather paddle. She told him he had no idea how many he’d get but she wouldn’t keep him in the dark for long. Bent over a chair back she paddled him furiously hard then took great pleasure in the agony that the tawse caused him. “Nasty little number” she conceded but lashed it over his cane marks from earlier to his pathetic whimpers. He got another good dose on his underpants and some more with the paddle. Detention hadn’t even begun and she assured him the cane was ‘on its way.’

Please Cane My Partner

27 November
Duration: 14:20

Miss Hastings took a call from lady whose lecherous partner ogled 6th Form girls and had nearly crashed the car. She asked Miss Hastings to cane him on the bare, minimum 12 strokes. Miss Hastings could add strokes and maybe a good strapping. “Vicious?” she asked the caller. “Is there any other way?” came the reply. The pervert was sent to her study, had to remove his trousers and bend over. “A minimum of 12 strokes” she told the terrified man, “then it’s up to me.” First she strapped him ferociously with every ounce of her strength, then caned him with ‘baby cane’ although he wouldn’t agree as it whistled towards his arse. Then the ‘real McCoy’ a savage rod indeed when used so sadistically hard. She treated herself to an extra three burning, biting, blistering strokes before she let him go.

Alex's Ass Feels The Backfire

24 November
Duration: 10:02

Alex sneaked into the Headmistress’ study and used the telephone to report her Mother to Social Services for spanking her and leaving lurid marks. Later that day Miss Burcham went to Alex’s house to see for herself and get Alex’s story. Miss Burcham had received a very different account from Alex’s Mother and it was clear that Alex would get little sympathy here. The marks on her bottom didn’t impress the Lady from Social Services at all. “If you were mine I’d give you a really good hiding” she said, reached for a wooden paddle in her handbag and put the scheming girl over her knee. Alex had to concede that her scheme to get her Mother in trouble had backfired and now Alex’s bottom was paying a heavy price, with a good old-fashioned spanking to follow. “BITCH” she said when Miss Burcham left.

A Very Well-Spanked Bottom

22 November
Duration: 9:13

When Miss left the detention room Roger rifled through her paperwork looking for the imminent exam paper. She caught him red-handed and tested him on a couple of questions. He hadn’t a clue and got a clout round the head for it. She sat and put him across her lap and set about spanking his bottom then made him remove his trousers. “These too” he asked, in hope of some protection. “Oh, yes, definitely” she replied. What a crack her well-seasoned palm made on his bare cheeks. They soon turned very red and she admired the shades of pink and purple. “That’s a very well spanked bottom” she announced. Nevertheless, she bent him over and tanned him so hard with a strap that it flew out of her hand then broke a paddle on his lazy backside. He had better pass this exam.

Squeal Like A Pig

20 November
Duration: 9:32

When Stephanie entered the sitting room she was sickened by the sounds of her nephew slurping tea and eating crisps while talking, burping loudly. “My stomach is churning” she told him, then demanded he shut up and get over her knee. He had to lower his trousers and bare his arse and lay across her lovely, shapely, stockinged legs then she cracked her hard hand hard on his bare rump, repeatedly. He had the nerve to laugh so she got the slipper. That wasn’t so funny and was clearly hurting like mad. She showed him how to eat and drink politely then spotted her sandals and beat him furiously with the evil things. He had to show he could eat politely but, still not satisfied she laid into him with a heavy leather slipper. “I said I’d make you squeal like a pig” she said

Slow & Deliberate

17 November
Duration: 5:38

Melanie and Alex were in deep trouble and were sent to the gym for a caning. Melanie was first to bend over the horse for a skirt up thrashing and Miss Hastings didn’t hold back. It was too late for apologies. She lashed the cane hard and deliberately, in no rush to get it over with. “Slow and deliberate” she said with relish, “no need to rush things” and took time to appreciate the damage her new rod was causing. “Ah, lovely” she remarked. Then Alex had to bend over the horse for the cane. She didn’t half jump with each slash of the rattan, her firm young bottom bouncing delightfully. Now Melanie was subjected to the cane on the bare as Alex rubbed her throbbing bottom to the sound of severe cane strokes and intakes of breath. Slow and deliberate always works.

Janitor's Bottom Scorched

15 November
Duration: 10:38

The Headmistress called the janitor and berated him for slipshod work. Graffiti, broken toilets, canes not maintained, nor her beloved spanking high chair polished. That probably upset her most. She sat on the chair in her short, tight dress and high heels but he had no time to appreciate the glorious sight as he was over that delightful lap for a less than delightful spanking and she spanks HARD, With great deliberation she selected a tawse, a wickedly painful 3-tail and swung it sadistically, relishing the agony as his knees buckled and he cried out in pain. Underpants down the thrashing was even more intense. He had to stand up to rub the furnace that used to be his backside and was horrified to learn that there was one more 3-fingered stripe to be burned across his bottom cheeks. His work will improve after that.

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