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I Spank You, You Spank Me

19 January
Duration: 8:28

Gormless Leigh just can't resist Alex. Everytime she suggests something, his puppy-dog eyes light up and his resolve crumbles. When she suggests trying out a spanking on him, he's all too keen to comply. When she hints that if she spanks him on the bare, then he can do it to her, he thinks all his Christmases have come at onec. Unfortunately her mother hears this and insists on giving her a lesson in spanking, both giving it and making her receive it. A hand spanking on the bare for both Leigh and Alex, culminating in Leigh bent over with Alex bent over him, and mummy reddening Alex's pert cheeks in a particularly embarrassing tableau.

A Flyswat Really Stings

17 January
Duration: 5:53

Alex was in big trouble and her Mother decided to spank her before her Daddy found out what she had done. If she took it well she wouldn’t tell Daddy. Making Alex hold on tight to the back of a chair her Mother took a fly swat to her bottom, knickers down, not laid on hard but furiously fast. You would be amazed just how much that stings, you don’t need a belt or a cane. Alex was keen to apologise by now but Mother simply moved to the back of the girl’s thighs. Her pert little bottom was very, very red now but Mother had more in store, sitting and flyswatting the tender front of Alex’s thighs. A good hard dose of the hairbrush followed, head down, ass up over Mother’s knee then off to her room, clutching her tortured arse.

Chastened & Brought To Heel

15 January
Duration: 22:19

Roger had been passing notes about girls’ underwear and had taken a girl’s dinner money. The Headmistress made him wear girls’ clothing for added humiliation and have the school secretary and Headgirl witness his pitiful noises under the cane. She started with a spanking. A Hastings-Gore spanking is not to be taken lightly and when she speeded up he was panting and struggling. Seeing him squirm gave her great pleasure. A couple with the tawse had him snivelling, then a change of flimsy panties. Her gown came off as the intensity increased and the tawse had him yelping. Hand strapping followed and he really didn’t take that well. We had to confess where the money was so now it was time for the cane. His ‘audience’ arrived and she really ‘played to the gallery’ reducing him to a sorry wreck, chastened and brought to heel.

Breakages Must Be Paid For
12 January
Duration: 11:30

Aunt Judy was dusting and polishing her sideboard when she noticed one cup from her special coffee set was missing. She called her nephew, Peter, from upstairs and put it to him. “So where is it?” 1,2,3,4,5 he counted the cups but there were 6 saucers. He had to own up. “I’m sorry Aunty, I’m sorry I had an accident.” If he’d owned up straight away she would have been vexed for a while but to try to cover it up was against her principles and poor Peter’s bottom would soon pay the price. He had to kneel before her, hands offered up for a really painful hand tawsing which made him wince. “I’m going to make you sorry” she barked and did just that with a paddle and a strap on his bottom, shorts down. She slapped his legs and sent him upstairs

Alex Thrashed On Her First Day

10 January
Duration: 15:51

Talk about a warm welcome! Two teachers reported Alex for fighting on her first day at school. Miss Hastings read the teachers’ punishment slips and recommended punishments. Alex had to guess but Miss Hastings cruelly added Alex’s 6 to Miss Schofield’s 12, 18 strokes on hands and bottom. Selecting two tawses she began. “Shall we start with the hands?” she asked, as if the girl had any choice. Alex had to take a dozen hard strokes of the leather and was clearly feeling the burn by the time it was over. Then it was over the desk, skirt up for the second instalment. Her silly, sheer, sexy panties offered no protection to her pert bottom as Miss Hastings began to crack the strap. She barely managed to endure all 18. Then it was off to the punishment room for a caning.

I'll Make You Howl

8 January
Duration: 10:51

Miss Hardcastle entered her study with some new canes. She phoned for Alan to knock and enter. Miss Schofield had reported him for smoking and he would have to be dealt with. “A good six of the best with the cane a you’re going to feel it.” Bent over her desk she took her time to select a suitable cane that would make a big impression and without further delay lashed it furiously hard, six times in quick succession across his backside to cries of pain. He jumped up to rub. Big mistake. That earned him six more, this time trousers and underpants down. The stripes from the first six were lurid, darkening all the time. Selecting a cane that he dreaded that she called “an effective little tyke” she took up position. “I’ll make you howl” she promised and did just that.

Lady Havergill Thrashes Her Gardener Again
6 January
Duration: 4:32
Having soundly whipped her gardener in the garden of the Hall just this morning, Lady Havergill sent him to tidy up the undergrowth down by the bottom paddock. Some time later, when she went to see his good work she found absolutely nothing done. If he thought she wouldn’t whip him twice in one day he would be totally mistaken and she delighted in leaning him against a bough and laying her new sjambok against the seat of his corduroys. Time and time again. Hard with a follow through. Agonizing stroke after agonizing stroke in quick order. What marks he’d have tomorrow to remind him. He thought it was over when she let him get up but that was only while she fetched a couple of very green, very whippy, very brutal switches that she thrashed him with until she was satisfied. Then back to work.

Ooww? Good !

3 January
Duration: 10:00

Alex was very late home from school. She claimed to have been at a friend’s house and her phone battery was dying. Her Mother knew from her attitude that she was lying and made Alex confess to detention and detention the day before. She had signed the punishment slip in her Mother’s name to make matters worse. “Get over my knee” said Mother and spanked the girl on her skin tight jeans, hard. She was made to wriggle her pert bottom out of those before long and her Mother was horrified to find sexy, sheer, black panties that her Daughter had bought in the adult shop. She really laid into the girl’s rapidly reddening rear then, Alex making pained noises with every severe spank. Over the chair back she got a hard slippering, a loud “OOWW!” after each swat. “OOWW?” said Mother with satisfaction, “GOOD.”

Red Like A Jezebel

1 January
Duration: 4:13

After complaints about the slutty behaviour of the school secretary the Headmistress decided that the previous disciplinary caning had not got the message across so it was over the desk for more of the same. Dressed in white (and with marginally more appropriate panties this time) the Head raised her dress, remarking what a travesty it was that she was wearing virgin white. She thought it would be more fitting if she was “red like a jezebel” and determined that her bottom deserved to be. Selecting a junior and a senior crook-handled cane she set about reddening her bottom cheeks with alternate canes for each biting stripe. She decided on 3 more with each cane and wished she had opted for more. The secretary’s big round rump was certainly red now. “Shame about the little knickers” mused the Head as she left.

Alex Evans Has A Go

29 December
Duration: 10:46

Alex brought troublemaker Alan to the Headmistress because he was showing vouchers for alcoholic drinks in class. They were in his phone case which was confiscated forthwith. Young Evans was showing promise so Miss Hastings decided to let her help to put this boy in his place. Alan had to bend over the desk while the Headmistress demonstrated how to aim and swing a cane. She handed the cane to Alex and encouraged her to have a go. They were fairly tentative whacks but stung like crazy and he nearly got his fingers caned, rubbing. Alex’s hand/eye co-ordination was very promising but she would need more practice which she would get every day this week on Alan’s bottom in detention. Miss Hastings gave her another demonstration to the detriment of Alan’s formerly white underpants which were now distinctly crimson.

A Wet Birching For Alex

27 December
Duration: 6:01

The Headmistress dragged Alex to the punishment bench. There was no way out of this. A good old fashioned Victorian birching. It would be delivered over her thin, skin tight shorts which would be soaked with water. This, it gave the Headmistress great pleasure in explaining, would ensure the girl got every little bit of sting. She was secured, very tightly, to the caning bench then a large glass of icy cold water poured all over the seat of her shorts to ensure they were soaked through. Then the birching began. It was hard and very rapid to ensure the sting built up remorselessly to pain and through to agony. Thirty six strokes of agony. Her marked bottom was soon showing through her wet shorts and the marks became more pronounced with every savage whack. How she squealed. Forty eight next time.

Get Your Paws Off My Ass

23 December
Duration: 7:07

The school Christmas Party was in full swing. Miss Hastings was in her study on the phone when the Maintenance Officer barged in, drunk as a Lord, rum and coke in hand, singing tunelessly. He grabbed her bottom. “Get your paws off my ass!” she barked, furiously. She turned away and he slapped her shapely butt. That was enough. She sat and demanded he bare his arse then spanked it hard. So hard she bruised it, with only her hand. Wrapping one of her slender legs over his she leg-locked him and laid into his backside even harder. He said he was all for a bit of Christmas fun but…. “I’ll show you Christmas fun” she said as she spanked his now tender arse with a couple of rulers to the sound of his howls. She even threatened a replay.

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