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Get Yourself Together !

22 March
Duration: 8:24

Sometimes a thrashing is not punishment enough. Humiliation works a treat. For his sins this wretch was dressed in stockings and suspenders, skirt and skimpy panties. The paddle he had brought her was a junior one but she used it beyond belief. It was serious enough for him to bleat. The work she had set was appalling and she ripped it up. Now she would ‘rip up’ his backside. Ridiculous panties lowered she took the awful wooden-handled strap to his arse. He struggled and sobbed. Then, behind him he heard the ominous swish of a serious cane. He was soon in trouble, getting quite vocal with his agonised utterances but she carried on laying on the terrifying implement which was indeed ‘ripping up’ his backside. He could barely count through the pain. “Get yourself together” she told him before delivering the final strokes.

Did That Burn A Little ?

20 March
Duration: 6:40

One of the teachers had detained a naughty boy and made him sit on a stool in a dunce’s cap to await the wrath of the Headmistress. In she breezed, gown billowing behind her and reached for a tawse. She firmly told him she would strap his bare bottom and also his hands. She stood him up, hands outstretched and lashed the leather down on his palms. He winced with each crack of the strap. “Did that burn a little?” she asked and was pleased that it did. Hands on fire he had to take his trousers down and bend over the stool. She swung that tawse with a vengeance and had him breathing hard after only a couple of strokes but decided to go for the dozen. He was mighty glad when it was over, then back on the stool facing the wall.

Don't Keep Crossing Me

17 March
Duration: 6:46

Alisha found herself in front of Miss Hastings with four black marks already this week. She was always in trouble. Selecting a very, very stinging tawse with which to correct her behaviour Miss Hastings started by slapping the silly smile off Alisha’s face. “I mean business this time” she said to the girl, adding she would get stripes right across her bottom. Schoolbag down Alisha bent over a desk for a hard, bottom-reddening spanking which had her squirming uncomfortably. The 2-tail tawse bit into her tender, pert and now pink bottom and she couldn’t stay down, getting up to rub the tortured flesh after almost every stroke. For that she had to get up and face Miss Hastings to have her hands strapped for jumping up. “Don’t keep crossing me” advised Miss Hastings, “my patience and leniency is running rather short”. Patience and leniency? From Miss Hastings?

Mistress's Full Attention

15 March
Duration: 9:48

The History Mistress loudly expelled Black from her class to make himself useful in the library. He did very little and sat down only to be caught by the Headmistress. When she found out what had happened she decreed he needed something to stimulate him and took the biggest plimsoll you have ever seen to his lazy, insolent backside, bent over a library chair. She went to speak to his History teacher while he removed his trousers then returned and resumed tanning his arse. She broke a hairbrush but the plimsoll still worked. His underpants came down before long and the massive plimsoll was working its painful magic on his behind. “Lazy boys get Mistress’s full attention” she told him as she swung that gymshoe like never before. To humiliate him she rang the bell so the whole school could come and see him.

This Is Your Very Last Chance
13 March
Duration: 9:31

Mademoiselle Hastings had Slater back in her Adult French class but he clearly hadn’t done much work in the interim. She despaired. She tried counting. It was dreadful but better than last time. He had learned no vocabulary. She was cross. “You promised” she said. “Not acceptable, get up.” He was over the desk tout suite and she had good reason to swing the tawse just as hard as she could. 6 times. Then she thought of something that might wake him up a little better, bent him over the front desk and bared his idle backside. Taking a heavy black plimsoll she told him to count from 7 but the fool began at 1, in French, at least. After 2 strokes she began again and off they went, counting the savage swats up to 18. “This is your very last chance” she spat.

Speak Softly...

10 March
Duration: 26:40

“Speak softly and carry a big stick”. That’s what they say, isn’t it? Well, this visitor to our shores got a really warm welcome and Miss Hardcastle, looking gorgeous in skirt and heels had promised him a really, strong, hard caning. She spoke softly despite her brutal intentions and warmed him up with a variety of whips, straps and canes. He was no stranger to her abilities and the performance was almost pure affection. He was enjoying this, taking harsh discipline from a softly spoken, beautiful Mistress who was experienced in the delivery of exquisite pain. She even joked that such was her follow-through with the Campbell tawse she sometimes whipped her own bottom. A lovely bottom, he thought. Strapped securely to the caning bench she lashed cane after cane, gaining in severity, pausing only to clean him up. He took it all.

Poker Caned For Vandalism
8 March
Duration: 6:00

Her Ladyship told Poker to tidy up the flowerbeds but, being the idle loafer he was, he rotovated them, both the weeds, her Ladyship’s treasured flowers, the lot. She couldn’t believe what he had done and was reduced to tears by the wanton act of vandalism. Then her anger took over and she told him in a voice that he had come to fear that he was going to pay for it with his hide. She slapped his face hard and went to find a cane to beat him with. It was only a small one, all she could find, but it was whippy and stung like the devil when used hard, the only way she ever used a cane. She beat him brutally with it, every stroke stinging like mad then down came his pinstripes and she carried on lashing his backside until the anger passed.

Uniform Violations Punished

6 March
Duration: 7:39

Alisha knocked and entered Miss Hastings’ classroom. She had been sent to be dealt with for uniform violations. “Why doesn’t this surprise me” remarked Miss Hastings, noting that her hair was not tied back, nor her blouse fastened at the neck, just two of four violations. “What did I say last time if it happened again?” she asked the understandably apprehensive girl. “I’d be in trouble and you’d strap my hands” Alisha replied. Miss Hastings selected the two-tail tawse and announced that the wayward girl would receive two strokes for each violation, eight strokes, four on each hand. Alisha almost got into trouble for pulling back but endured the eight. “Bend over there” demanded Miss Hastings, putting Alisha over a desk, pulling up her skirt and taking a ruler to her flimsy knicker-covered bottom, cracking it hard to reinforce her displeasure. Alisha got the message.

I Don't Need A Reason

3 March
Duration: 15:28

Hudson was in detention. He wasn’t used to discipline but she was going to toughen him up. A paddling and a spanking bent over the spanking stool to open his account then she set him a test about European capitals with a very high pass rate to avoid a caning. She swished a couple of canes hard in gleeful anticipation of laying livid tracks across his bottom but was extremely frustrated to find he had passed. Undismayed, she announced that she didn’t need a reason to cane him and put him over the bench once again, giving him a firm 6 on his thin underpants. Unfamiliar with the bite of the cane it was really hard to take and his pained sounds were pitiful but then she delivered a dozen scorchers on the bare, encouraging him to take it well all the time.

Two 'Decent' Canes For Alan

1 March
Duration: 8:06

The Headmistress caught Alan lazing about reading a comic, feet up, when he should have been tidying the room, stacking chairs and washing up. He was sent, forthwith, to fetch a couple of ‘decent’ canes. He knew exactly what that meant. Senior canes that had a ferocious bite. Canes that would cut into the soft flesh of his buttocks and cause intense pain. The two he returned with seemed to satisfy her and he was soon stretched over the table, trousers taut across his bottom. She slashed a cane through the air and remarked what a delightful noise it made. After six scorchers he could hardly agree but he had a rapid fire six with the second cane to endure. She spanked him like a junior, each hard swat making his cane stripes burn. He still had to tidy the room.

This Is Better Than Chocolates

27 February
Duration: 10:26

Judy’s nephew went to her house to wish her a happy birthday. She’d had cards, chocolates, flowers, a meal and theatre tickets but nothing from him. He ‘couldn’t find anything’ he claimed. She toyed with her hairbrush and announced “there’s something I’d like, and it’s free. Will you give me what I want?” He couldn’t refuse an offer like that and agreed. She wanted to spank him like she used to years ago. “It’s an unusual request Aunty, but it’s your birthday.” It had been a long time but she remembered how. “Better than chocolates” she giddily remarked. Very soon his trousers came down and she beat a rhythm as she sang ‘Happy Birthday’. His underpants soon went south, too. “Well, it is my birthday” she explained “and I love spanking.” Delighted, she hugged him and sent him to open the champagne.

Pure Sexy Spanking Fun

24 February
Duration: 19:27

This clip is pure sexy spanking fun. A visit by Skyla and her partner is a joy for those who love to see an exceptionally gorgeous girl getting spanked, strapped and caned. And hard. She squeals and squirms but clearly likes to have her bottom warmed and Miss Hardcastle delights in doing just that. The two visitors get it individually and piggy-backed on one another, which gets him ‘pleased to see her’, rude boy! Lots of spanking, slippering, leg slapping and strapping for both of them but, not surprisingly, the cane comes out and they get a good dose of it. Skyla takes a hard caning with ease and wriggles that glorious arse wonderfully. No wonder he was so ‘pleased to see her’. Skyla and partner strap each other on the horse and neither holds back. Who takes it better, him on his big arse or her on her pert rear?

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