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Just What He Wanted

20 July
Duration: 6:33

One of Miss Hardcastle’s legendary school parties was in full swing. Fun for all and very, very sore bottoms all round. She had put one of the naughty boys in her office, bare arsed across her desk and intended to have a whole lot of fun giving him a burning behind. Bad language was her excuse but it mattered not, she would simply tan his arse and relish every moment. She spanked him, slippered him, took a little stingy ruler to his bottom and slapped his legs. That always hurts. Found a heavy strap as if a favour to him. Well, it was in a way. The raucous party was in full swing outside her door as she remembered she hadn’t caned him. She didn’t hold back either, party or no. “Better leave a bit for the other teachers” she said as she prepared to spank him over her knee....

Striped By The Headgirl
17 July
Duration: 2:10
The Headmistress had sent a lazy slacker to the Headgirl, Alisha, for his appalling test results. Her intentions were clear by the way she was holding a thin, whippy cane. She told him that she had been instructed to deal with him ‘appropriately’ for his shortcomings in every subject except maths, not even making an effort in most of them. A lot of young men find the sight of a beautiful girl in school uniform with a cane quite arousing but Alisha had a fierce reputation for her cane stripes and he was very worried when she said she was going to cane him. “I don’t like the sound of that” he bleated. “You won’t like the feel of it either” she replied, unsympathetically, as she made him bend over, shorts tight across his buttocks. She lashed that cane across his thin shorts and threatened worse next time.

I Could Cane You All Day

14 July
Duration: 4:14

Peter Allen was in trouble again despite the thrashings she had given him. Sent to the gymnasium, naked from the waist down he awaited her arrival. She breezed in and announced she would give him what he deserved despite pleas or cries and had him touch his toes. Selecting a ‘nice’ whippy cane she slashed it across his brutally striped backside, intense pain burning through his body. “I could cane you all day” she announced with obvious relish for her task. On the last cut he moved. She asked him “what happens when you move?” and he told her she caned again which she did, more savagely than before. His arse was shredded, a welter of lurid cane weals concentrated in the sitting area, tightly grouped and parallel as befits her vast experience of severe and accurate application of the rod.

See You At The Club

12 July
Duration: 12:58

A customer complained to Stephanie and they wanted her man sacked. She assured them that she would deal with it. With that he entered without knocking and she said she couldn’t cover for him any more. He would have to go. He threatened to blackmail her. He’d seen her in a spanking club where she had quite a reputation for flaying the arses of any young man brave enough or foolish enough to submit to her and would expose her if he was sacked. “I’ve never seen you over a bench and whipped” she said, “think you’re up for it?” “Why not?” he replied. She always had a ‘toy’ handy and paddled his arse on his jeans, his underpants and on the bare. “I’m going on Saturday” she told him “and I expect to see you there.” His job depended on it.

Paying The Painter
10 July
Duration: 6:54

The Headmistress caught the painter rummaging in her filing cabinet. He hadn’t done much work but was very evasive answering her questions. “Do you know anything?” she demanded. “It’s home time” he replied. But it wasn’t. There were 6 minutes to go. He thought she was being picky but when she told him to remove his coat he began to be concerned. For his arse. She took his ladder and made him climb so he could bend over the top step. By way of showing him the error of his ways she gave him 6 fearsome blatts with a plimsoll but she still wasn’t satisfied. 6 with the heavy ruler still didn’t please her so she lashed him 12 times with his trouser belt. For maximum humiliation she spanked him violently on the bare bottom. There was more belting and spanking before she let her former pupil escape.

Finnegan Thrashed To Tears

7 July
Duration: 9:53

Miss Hastings met Finnegan in the gym and inspected his satchel for all the things he shouldn’t have but she wasn’t expecting to find black ladies panties and a condom. “Vile conduct will be punished most severely” she announced and reached for a broad leather strap. Finnegan dropped his shorts and lay over the caning bench. His arse bore the livid marks of an earlier caning so this was going to really hurt. He howled with every mighty swing of that strap. A training whip made a very satisfying ‘swish’ and crack on his big, round bottom and generated the most pitiful of screams from the poor boy but pity he did not get, just a good caning that made him howl even louder and dissolve into crying uncontrollably. Admiring his cuts and raised welts she threatened “a lot more of the same.”

A Little Agreement

5 July
Duration: 9:21

Stephanie’s boss seemed anxious to hide a spanking magazine, concealed in his desk diary. She didn’t think that his superior would be very amused, being a God-fearing man and he implored her to keep the matter quiet. “Shall we come to an agreement?” she asked. He suggested a pay rise but she was thinking more like a spanking. He misunderstood who would be bending over until she firmly put him right, explaining that she liked to dish it out, HARD. Threatening to go to his boss she forced him over his desk and spanked his bottom very enthusiastically before dropping his trousers and baring his arse. He had some spanking fantasy items round his office with which he daydreamed of spanking her with. She used them all on his backside and said the deal was she would spank him every week before leaving (with his magazine).

Count To 50

3 July
Duration: 8:37

The Headmistress opened a door to find Black, cowering. He was hiding and, when he explained, said he had forgotten his homework for Miss Soames. Now, Miss Soames believes in savage discipline and the Headmistress said she wouldn’t like to be in Black’s shoes. She found it very funny, though. Funny or not she would have to punish him for failure to submit homework and skipping class to hide. Black was sure Miss Soames would do that and the Head agreed but she had him stretch over the reception counter top and bare his backside. “Miss Soames teaches maths” she said, “can you count to fifty?” Taking a stiff leather paddle she set about her task with relish, the loud cracks resonating down the corridors. With his bottom on fire she knocked on Miss Soames’ classroom door and ushered him in to his grisly fate.

I'll Show You Anger

30 June
Duration: 8:00

Alisha was in her bedroom doing her homework when her Mother came in. Her Dad had been on the phone, reading the riot act about how she was not bringing their daughter up properly after Alisha’s latest letter from school. Already smarting, her Mother despaired to find her daughter’s uniform screwed up on the bed and the floor. She left to fetch Alisha’s Dad’s belt. Things went from bad to worse and Alisha very soon found herself over her Mother’s knee, her Mother nearly in tears with anger, Alisha in tears with the severity of the spanking she was getting. When Mother left the tearful girl, Alisha threw a book after her in rage. She got it then, really got it. Mother cracked that leather belt over her tight denims mercilessly. Crying audibly, Alisha crouched to rub her hot, burning little tortured bottom.

Controlled Aggression

28 June
Duration: 10:38

Miss Hastings-Gore rang the school bell to summon Alan to his fate. “Rugby” she told him, “is about controlled aggression, not fighting with boys from other schools.” She was disappointed and furious with him for letting her school down. He had to touch his toes and took a mighty slippering, the crack of the slipper echoing round the room. She beat him with the heavy ruler despite his howls and was going to tawse him but he got up, thinking it was over so she went straight to the cane and really laid it on, full-blooded strokes with a slashing follow through. Just when he thought he could take no more, she demanded he take his shorts down and carried on with an even more horrendous cane until the blood ran down his leg. ‘Controlled agression’ after all, was for the Rugby pitch, not her punishment sessions.

The Slipper Test

26 June
Duration: 6:34

Sent to wait in the gym he was soon up to mischief. He kicked the vaulting horse out of position and swung on the climbing ropes. Then she caught him and soon noticed the crooked horse. Fetching the high chair for him to bend over she told him “I won’t have it” and demanded he remove his nice clean new gymslippers which she proceeded to ‘break in’ across the seat of his trousers, firmly. Not convinced she made him bend over the horse and drop his trousers. The slippering made a much more satisfying sound on his underpants but they soon came down too and that was better again, though not for him. His slippers didn’t feel comfortable in her hand so she tested them against some old favourites. She tried his again and was getting used to them. They always work better on the bare.

A Thrashing From Alisha

24 June
Duration: 5:12

Miss Hardcastle saw great potential in Alisha as headgirl and was going to supervise her delivering a severe caning. Cane in hand, him bent over Miss Hardcastle’s desk, Alisha began. Miss approved, impressed by her wrist action. He was less enthusiastic, making pained noises. After the first six Alisha took his shorts down and delivered another half dozen, hard, encouraged by Miss Hardcastle to thrash him. He tried to get up but Alisha very sternly put a stop to that. She was clearly enjoying her authority, stealing satisfied glances at her mentor. Now it was time for six on the bare and he was again unable to stay down, although this time he asked permission for a rub. Pressed down into position Alisha continued her expertly executed thrashing, pausing before the final stroke, making him stick his bottom out and making it really count.

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